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Land Races


Alleys and *ssholes - This is the epitome of why you hate Dodge's tracks. DavidCore89 can make lap without scratching his car, can you? Direct all hate mail to Dodgeservice@domesticbatterygta. com



Street Racer (formerly Midnight Club) - When the sun goes down, LS takes on a new persona. With Nitro for blood, racers from all over the state bring thier rods looking to throw down. From Asea's to Zentorno's, when the sun comes up, I promise, the street will still be smoking. -- Domestic Battery


Gone in 60 Seconds - We all remember Eleanor blasting through South Beach, right? Here's your chance. The docks, the bridge, the city streets in between. All you are missing is the -GO BABY GO- button. Go get your -Unicorn- in Victory Lane. -Domestic Battery


The Mighty Bush Gp - A Super Car GP starting in Richman, out to Zancudo, and back down the Pacific Coast. Sponsored by The Mighty Bush. -- Domestic Battery (Designed specifically for the XDBX Formula 1 Championship)




Bayview Thunder (formerly Paleto Bay Pro Tour) - Rip up the streets of Paleto Bay on this Extreme Circuit. - Domestic Battery




Sharts and Cars - Lap race around Sandy Shores. This tour should only take a few minutes. -- Domestic Battery




Vinewood Road Rally - Road Rally through Vinewood Hills. - Domestic Battery




LTD Hill Climb - Hill climb lap race around the river and dam...DAMN! Brought to you by Domestic Battery



Fender-Banging - Its all about finding the right spot, and the right speed. Hit the perfect combo, and she'll finish 1st.




Marlowe Valley Whining - Charity event for all the yuppies in LS that have too many dollars, and not enough sense.




Don't Dodge It, Van It - City wide race open to classes SUV's, and below. But made for Vans! Are you VAN enough?




Rockfordring (formerly Formula Gauntlet) - A track for Super car Formula Racing.




Lampoon's LS Vacation - The Griswold's are at it again. This time they've borrowed cousin Eddie's -Ar Vee-. But guess what? The -chitter's full-. Get to the coast and dump it ASAP!




Cypress Shuffle - Race around, through , and under the Warehouses in Cypress




Ridge Ranger - Its time for shift change, but you fought to make your last set of rounds. Get in your Granger, and make it quick.




Buccaneer Way - Buccaneers on Buccaneer Way. A quick spin around the docks. Bucc off!




Braking Wind - Off Road race through the Wind Farm. Sultans in the Sports Class, and Sports Classic and below available.




Over Under - Taking bets on who makes it through this mess in one piece.




DeathRace - All prisoners on Death Row get a chance to die early for the Warden's entertainment. Win and you fulfill your sentence, or die trying.




Up N Atom .62 - Race around the Procopio Beach Roundabout.




Base Runner - Lap Race around Fort Zancudo.




Tornado! - It was Pandelerium! I thought we'd be killed or even worse! I looked out the window in time to see the chicken coop fly right over our roof! All could think was, Caroline still has my casserole dish!




Dizzy Dance - If you turn left long enough, you will end up back where you started. If you keep going, you'll end up dizzy.




Hawick Havok - Hawick and Downtown Vinewood are a residential haven of LS. Until XDBX shows up to set the streets on fire.




The Big 3 - Everyone in America knows who the BIG 3 are. GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Here is an inner city race using only cars from the Big 3.




Deutsch Scheiße - German manufacturers have a smug arrogance about thier cars. Lets see if they can hold up.




Going Down - Point to point race from the top to the bottom of Davis Quarry. Open to all classes but Super. Best with Custom Sultans. Try to not fall of the edge.




Rimm Job - Interstate Chaos for all classes. Clover Leafs and Swtitchbacks, gonna have ride the rim. FOR A GREAT FINISH MAKE IT A RIMM JOB!




Lucky 7's - Sections of this track have been featured in several XDBX Creations. Now put it all together and rip off alap at Lucky 7s.




A.D.D. - Looking at the map for the closest... ooh Cloverleaf!




The Paperclip - Short track dirt racing




Scouring the Projects II - Scouring the Projects became a legendary track in XDBX. This sequel is a tribute to that Legend. Failure is necessary.




stcejorP eht gniruocS - So I hear you know Scouring like the back of your hand... Do you?




Mind Your Manors - Short, several lap race around some high end housing.




DisObey - Lap race around Central and South LS. For Coupes.




Dodging Junk - Racing through Rockford Hills. Don't hit the junk laying around.




Pro Laps - GTA - Blow the competition away




Gymkhana_7 - Welcome to Ken Block's playground.




Scouring The Projects III - Here we go again!




Happy Festivus - ...for the rest of us!




Dodge's Vetting - Back in my day, Vetting was done in the passenger seat of Hatch's Cheetah. Just be glad you didn't have to do what I had to do to get into this Crew. Happy Birthday XDBX! - Cheetahs Only!




Sprunk Run - Welcome to the 1st Annual Sprunk Run




Turnin' Tricks - b*tch better have my money. Fo' sho'.




Punk *ss Rich Kids - The little Flat Hatted brats, with their skinny jeans, just got their license. So of course Mommy - Daddy bought them a car. Little punks wanted a Tuner Sports Compact. Watching too much Paul Walker. Lets show 'em how to drive. Fire up your Fart Can, and make the shift into 11th gear.




Fortune 5.00 - Dock race for high speed and punishing turns.




Dock Octopu$$y - This is a mess. Its like Diet Caffeine Free Disasterpiece. GTA Weapons Available.




Biftastic - A .62 mile race for Biftas, and a few others.




Oh Come On - Are you serious?




Port Nite - Fast racing around LS Port.




Die Jester Die - If hate this car as much as I do, this should be fun. Similar to Death Adder.




Up N Atom Off-Road - Take a sunrise stroll through the hills




Super Rednek - High end cars, Backwoods Hillbillies? What could go wrong? -Hey y'all, watch this!-




Criss Cross Crash - GTA Race for high end cars. RIP




Dodge's Port Performance - My version of a great Race created by Zorvaine




Scouring the Projects IV - Scour them some more.




Ridge Racer (formerly Ridge Runner) - Racing through the hills.




L.S. Extreme Racer - Shoutokou Battle Series by Genki. Classic racing. Slipstream, Catchup are ON.




Blazing the Trails - Blazers, Sanchez, Sultans, Muscles, and SUVs tackle the trails in Paleto Bay.




The Hole - Stressful race. Until you hit The Hole. For Custom Sultans. All Classes Available.




Maibatsu Monstrosity - Why drive a small car? Are you a small person? The new SUV Maibatsu Monstrosity guzzles gas and is equipped for crossing arctic tundra! Driving one will make you feel good! Mine's Bigger!




Heading to the Hills - P2P over Mt Chiliad. Open to most Classes.




Shady Tree Rally - The Shady Tree Family Farm presents the Shady Tree Rally




12 Hours of La Mesa - Urban GP style race in La Mesa. Designed to last 12 in game hours with Custom Sports cars. Open to all Classes.




Scouring the Projects V - 5 times? Seriously? After this one, you'll be begging to get out of the ghetto.




Bristol's Auto X - Bristol'sFuel Storage seems like a terribble place to host a race. Sounds fun!




Nutsaki GP - Nutsaki Restaurant proundly presents, The Nutsaki GP. An urban race in Del Perro guaranteed to cause Scrotal Tension. Sack up!




Circuit of LSIA - High speed circuit around the LSIA turnoffs.




Crap Shoot GP - A GP race set to honor the new Casino under construction. All proceeds go to Lady Luck Casino.




Pleasure Pier Raceway - An urban style GP race. Has GTA available, but only for conducting pit stops. NO WEAPONS!




Dirt Poor - Dirt poor Rally racing. In it for the pride, not the prize! Has HEALTH for endurance racing. 




Blaine County Road Rally - Things around Blaine County move a little slower. Unless of course you belong to XDBX.




Pißwasser Duel - The Pißwasser Duel marks the beginning of the XDBX Race Season in LS




24 Hours of Scouring - Urban GP race for all classes. Set in location of the famous Scouring Series. Default to 22 laps will take 24 game hours. 48 minutes real time. Traffic comes together and departs at different speeds. GTA settings have a Pit Lane for HEALTH ONLY 




Alleys and Azzholes Duex - Come get some more




Morning Wood - First things first. Go rub one out 




Power Up - Off Roading in the city




24 Hours of Jetsam - 24 Hour race at the Jetsam Teminal. GTA has health only for Pitstops.




Circuit de Piswasser - We're here again in beautiful Sandy Shores at the Circuit de Piswasser. Grab a luke warm Piswasser, sit back, and watch these drivers tackle the hot, slick, sandy streets and dirt roads. HEALTH ONLY in GTA.




Cypress Flat Out - High speed course in Cypress Flats. Mind your Binders!




Railroaded - Wreckin Racin on the railroad




Crastenburgring - Cleverly nicknamed, The Gray Hell, due to its not so luscious urban background. This track bears no resemblence to any other track known world wide for being the bar by which all racetracks are measured. Its just a funny name.




Crastenburg Auto-X - Auto-X at the Crastenburg Hotel




Poppy House Auto-X - Neverfails, go to a car show at the Poppy House, and a race broke out.




Micro Machines - Track designed for little cars. But open to all. Good for Contact.




The Shredder (formerly Rockford 4) - Lots of traffic coming together here.




F.O.D. - Means Foreign Object Damage. Don't get any on you! CONTACT ON




Scouring the Projects VI - This time we Scour without a car.




City Slickers - Hatch just turned 40. Unhappy being a Midwestern Yuppie, he and some friends decide to head out West..




Suburban Hell - Lost in Suburbia. Race your way out.




The Chute - High speed Chute, lap Mirror Park, then high speed Chute. Lather, Rinse, Repeat




Four Palms GP - F1 GP track across LS




Richman Auto Cross - Quick reflexes and top notch car will put you -on top- here




Zancudo Rally Cross - Rally Cross lap race around Zancudo




Blown Fuse - Fusilade race. Don't blow it. 




Tread On Me - Very high speed race with multiple driving lanes. Lots of road to leave your footprint.




Los Santos Tours - Sit back and enjoy the wondrous and beautiful sights of Los Santos. 




Route 68 Super Lap - Super Lap around the Senora Desert. 




Terminal Trial GP - Really high paced track with some serious braking points.




Greased Lightning - 3/4Ile drag race in the viaduct. 



Alleys and Azzholes Tres - Hold onto your Azzhole!




Muscle Car Melee II - Route is a little different and backwards. 




Rebellion - Rebels racing across the countryside. 




Hoard House Pimps - Pimps in Virgo's, Makin they rounds. 



Woody's Auto Trial - Circuit Race in central L.S. sponsored by Woody's Auto. -Bring your wife, We'll d|cker-



Burning Bridges - Crossing most of the bridge from Mirror Park, to the Dockyard. **2 LAPS WILL TAKE 10 MINUTES IN SPORTS CARS**



Archipelago GP - Dueling straights and hairpins, highlight this Urban Style GP racetrack. GTA setting allows for HEALTH packs to be used at The Archipelago Hotel. 21 Laps will last 24 in game hours, or about 48 minutes IRL.




Land Racing Series


NAMCAR Tracks by Dodge




Dodge's Rally Stages





Sea Races


Aquaholics - This is Scouring, on the water. Using the infernal motorcycles without wheels. GTA settings must be used.



Air Races


Buzz the Towers - -Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full.-




Shoot the Gap - Tricky speed control and a quick stick are necessary to complete a circuit here.




Pushing Tin - Moving the big Liners around can be a chore. Watch out for the buildings.




High G, Low Angel - Exactly what the title says. High G force, Low altitude.




The Hard Deck - This is no fictional minimum altitude that you cant fly under. Out here, the deck really is hard




DM's and TDM's


In Harmony - All hell is breaking loose at a gas station on RT 68




La Fuente Blanca - Horsing around at the Ranch




Richards Majestic Studio TDM - Mercenaries are storming the studio to steal the final cut of 'Midnight Club'. Undermind thier production before they can make away with the spoils.




Majestic Weazels - The snooty folks that live in Weazel Plaza have had enough of it. Richards Majestic's high and mighty populus isn't backing down. And I'm not sure which is higher, the body count, or the credit scores.



Container Yourself - Start at the bow, start at the stern. When its all said and done, you'll be in an urn




Section 8 - Finding Government Housing has been very difficult lately. With all the worthless free-loaders popping up lately, housing is scarce. But a house for rent just became available. The team that suvives, gets the humble abode.



Warehouse War - 1...2...3...4...I declare a Warehouse War!




Tie Dyed Trenches - Amongst all the Pot Smoke and Peace Signs, what this really came down to was Doomsday Prepping. He who preps best, wins.




St. Fiacre Bloodbath - Firefighters vs Doctors vs Police. There will be blood.




Get Some! - The authorities have come at the request of Maze Bank to evict these residents who have been foreclosed on. Famous last words were -Over my Dead Body!-




Union Suppository - Too many teams are scouting the tunnels for a Union Depository job. One will get it, the rest, BOHICA!




Blaine County Beefcake - A shootout to determine who runs Blaine County.




Block Party - The block party got a little out of hand. It was going well until Hatch pulled out an Assault Rifle.




Baby Dodge's Bridge - Baby Dodge left some -BOOM BOOM- in the middle of the bridge. Get to it first.




Chumash Standoff - This deal just went south. Kill or be killed.




Got Gas? - This guy at the Gas Company made a really bad -Yo Momma- joke. Where I come from, people die for less than that.




Stone Cold - These guys are mixing more than cement. Put these guys on ice, throw the bodies in the back of the trucks.




Being Neighborly - The idiot across the street refuses to park that rust-bucket out of sight. According to the Neighborhood Association Agreement, this infraction is punishable by death. So get to it!




Roger That - Damn kids are using Roger's Scrap Yard to sling Dope. Move in and shut em down.




Port Authority - Death over control of the Port of Los Santos.




Under Siege - Vesspucci Island is under Martial Law! Show em how big of a mistake that was.




Venetian Pool Party - You're cordially invited to the pool party on the sun deck. Promises to be a bang.



Wax Haven - They're looking for some -extras- for the wax museum. Don't get waxed 




Town Meeting - The residents in this fine small town have come together to discuss Current Events, and mutual issues. But the Shumate Family got ahold of some special provisions from TPI. So now things get settled the usual way. 




Los Santos Gas Company - Gas is natural. But this is Natural Gas. Hell of a front for a Meth Lab.




Battle E - The Battle Effectiveness Award recognizes sustained superior performance in an operational environment




Bloody Docks - The bloody arses on the dock wont hand over me car in that orange container. Lets paint the Bloody Docks RED.




Troop Movement - Large scale TDM. Utilize your equipment to place troops for strategic advantages. Long range weapons are used to obliterate you enemy. Set to FORCED WITH PICKUPS. Will also work well with OWNED WEAPONS.




Detained - Los Santos has played by its own rules since it was founded in 1781. The Sherriff's Dept holds a Deathmatch outside the Courthouse everyday to see which convicts go to prison, and which ones go to the morgue. Where are you going?




Hit n Run - TDM on the mezzanine of the Total Bankers building. Above the Hit n Run Coffee Shop.




Survival TDM's - This will be the thread used for all of my Survival based TDM's. All Jobs will be made in the same manner as Survivals. They are designed to be Owned Weapons with Pickups.






Gone in 62 Seconds - Teams load into Titans, and fly to the drop zones. Jump out of the planes and skydive to the cars wating to be BOOSTED. Deliver the cars to Simeon




NOOSEnce Heist - GTA Capture: Collect the armored trucks from NOOSE, and deliver them to your dock. You might want to work in pairs or more.




MW Raid - MW has snuck a deivery into Sandy Shores. Wehave a specific list of equipment to procure. Another faction is rumored to be headed that way aswell. Dont let them take whats ours.




Blackhawk Down - We've got a Blackhawk down, we've got a Blackhawk down.- Rangers fly in on Mini Birds to collect the downed Blackhawk before the Skinnies do. Use whatever force is necessary to secure the Bird! -IRENE-




Iron Eagle - A Friendly has been shot down. We have secured some P-996's from the Air Force using some very questionable tactics. If they wont go in and get them, then we will. Our guys are sitting as bait in enemy vehicles. Get to Sandy Shores and drive out in enemy vehicles. Get our boys to the Extraction Point. Be careful, there will be opposition.




Down the Drain - The Ballas and the Lost are making a trnsaction in the tunnels. Break it up and steal the loot.




Lost in the Ghetto - The Lost here to liberate some high end snoze candy from the Ballers




Pardon Me - The Warden is feeling generous today. In the Courtyard you will find a case with Pardons for you entire Cell Block. Collect the most and your Block goes free. Watch out for the guards. They don't like this. 




Raid: Liquid Gold - Oil is big business in El Burro Heights. Keep the other team from drilling by stealing their bits.




Hatfield's and McCoy's - A 100 year old family dispute is still going on today. Raid the other family's house.


Last Team Standing:


Humane Society - This facility has been contracted to perform Stem Cell research. Get in there and shut it down. 




Battle for Cattle - The farmers have taken the term -friendly competition- too far. By the time this is over, there won't be anything left to farm.




Ride of the Valkyrie - Chopper battle requiring teamwork



Dodge vs Hatch - Every Pre Playlist Dodge and Hatch have a psuedo 1on1 fight until the PL starts. Now its your turn. Join Team Dodge or Hatch, and go kill em.






Making a Topic like this was originally Rev's idea. I like it. For the members who have many creations for this crew, this is an easy way to track them all.

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Yea, its not on my list either. I thought I hadnt published it yet, but then it showed up on RSC. So I thought maybe I did finish it. I dunno. LOL. I'll look at it.


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BMX Melee has now been renamed MuscleCar Melee.

New van track for RV's only. Also open to Sedans, Motorcylces, Offroads, SUVs, Muscles, and Sultans. Called Lampoon's LS Vacation.

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Saturday Night Thunder: whole new experience as a GTA race with Wanted Levels on. It. Was. Epic.


(yes there's no Rockets etc but that doesn't matter).


Pretty much 10 of us with 3 star wanted levels dodging burning piles of metal and explosives.

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: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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Saturday Night Thunder: whole new experience as a GTA race with Wanted Levels on. It. Was. Epic.


(yes there's no Rockets etc but that doesn't matter).


Pretty much 10 of us with 3 star wanted levels dodging burning piles of metal and explosives.

Be rerunning that in the Saturday PL, probably in Sedans this time.

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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Saturday Night Thunder: whole new experience as a GTA race with Wanted Levels on. It. Was. Epic.


(yes there's no Rockets etc but that doesn't matter).


Pretty much 10 of us with 3 star wanted levels dodging burning piles of metal and explosives.


It is disappointing how few people like GTA races. I feel like the game offers far better roads and possibilities for GTA races than it does "speed" races. Get the cops involved and it becomes like a GTA-Twisted-Metal

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I agree, Saturday Night Thunder GTA style was incredibly fun on a whole different level.  I admit that when I first started playing, I wasn't really into GTA races as a whole, but now I find myself looking forward to them when they are hosted.  As G37 said, the wanted levels added a great effect as well.


It would be awesome with the added weapons, but throwing sticky bombs and grenades at each other was a lot of fun as well.  We all probably spent more than we made from finishing the race, but it was worth it.  A damned good time!

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I think adding rocket would take away from the experience IMO. Lots more fun with just our weapons

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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