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Domestic Battery (XDBX)

A Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online Crew

Founded January 28th, 2014


Our History

Originally formed to be a crew for couples only the name Domestic Battery was derived as a joke between JustHatched and his wife BustyRose as we liked to beat the snot out of each other in Grand Theft Auto Online (though never in real life). After quickly deciding to grow the crew we would need to change our policy and allow anyone in, we were able to connect with some good people who helped put alot of work into growing and developing the crew.

We began to hold weekly playlists in those early days on PS3 and over time we were holding daily events across the major North American and European timezones. We would soon grow once GTAO was released on PS4 and grew to a couple hundred members but over time as GTAO started to show it's age we have reduced to just under 100 members (all active with the crew). Now with the release of Red Dead Online we continue to see some growth and some excitement for a new game while still playing GTAO  We continue to hold daily events for primarily for North American and European timezones for both RDRO and GTAO.

We are an all around crew, we specialize in having fun.
We operate our own site for crew communication at http://www.domesticbatterygaming.com as well as use the many outlets available for recruitment and communication.
We are one of the most (if not the most) active crews in GTAO and RDRO.


The Purpose Of This Crew Area For XDBX

In an effort to have as much communication as possible for our crew, this area will be used for idle chatter among crew members, the posting of future crew events and announce contests and their winners. Also to allow us to better communicate with other crews as needed. This area also serves as a backup for when our website is down for maintenance.  




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