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    This website serves as a platform for crews needing a home they can call their own without the burden of building and maintaining their own website or being relagated to just a few threads on forums operated by folks whom either do not game or recognize the needs of crews.
    Here at RockstarSocialClub.Net we know the needs of active crews and knowing that we provide your crew with the ability to have their own private forums. These forums can be used however the crew decides with its own moderation staff. This level of communication ability can take an average crew and turn it into a great one. Facebook groups and Discord type stuff are fine for communication, but then what you were discussing quickly become lost with time where as forum based crew can tap disuccsion content quite easily.
    Plus, as we gain active crews on the website you will be able to interact with other crews in the public areas. With this you can learn many game tips and setup crew battles more efficiently among other things.
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  • Hi

    Looking for a crew to race with, (even though I own very few cars and I'm not very good at racing) as for a while now it seems that the only public racing I can find only consists of non-contact or deliberate flat out into-the-side-of-you contact "racing". 🤣

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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Anyone had any type of exposure to this? The company I work for ships in escalators from China in sealed shipping containers, we have gotten the first 2 of many that were delayed due to the virus. They say they are save, but I had a mask on...  

    Food, Health, and Fitness 753

    What was the most recent thing you bought?

    A pack of smokes and a Mt. Dew for me

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    Future updates

    Looking forward to what these updates might be. Missions, cars, adv modes, complete dlc’s?

    Grand Theft Auto V/Online 112

    GTA World Team Champs 2021 (racing)

    This is a racing only event. We have racers in the active crews here on RSC. This will likely be very competitive, and fun. I cant help thinking of all the racers from SRL and the possibility to get a ”RSC” team with a cross crew RSC-team.  Do you guys think there would be any interest?  @SkyeDave@TheFox2000unit @zmurko(trying to tag different crews to see about interest)    

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    Whacked Out Wednesdays (GTA & RDR)

    Event Title: Whacked Out Wednesdays (GTA & RDR) Calendar: Public Events Calendar Event Host: @djw180 Game: GTA & RDR2  Platform: PS4 Event Start Time: Wednesday, 9:00pm GMT/UTC (Wednesday, 4:00pm EDT / Wednesday, 9:00pm BDT / Thursday, 6:00am AEST) Reoccurring: Weekly - The 2nd post will be kept updated with the schedule for the next few weeks. This playlist is open for any crew member to host a one off playlist or event in GTA, RDR2 or any other game enough

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  • Video Comments

    • Lann
      Lann -
      So happy i got to see this, i noticed the notifications in game but did not realize you guys made it to those weapons. 
    • Con
      Con -
      f*cking brilliant man. 
    • pete_95973
      pete_95973 -
      I need to learn how to use the editor properly.  This is so cool.
    • Schumi6581
      Schumi6581 -
      Wow! So cool!   Who's the redhead that keeps dying in the middle of the screen? Oh wait...😑😆
    • RammsteinDUDE
      RammsteinDUDE -
    • Lann
      Lann -
      I recorded the last minutes, turned on the recording as the action got intense. Once you have it recorded you can edit in the editor. Good fun.
    • Banketelli
      Banketelli -
      Terrific! Do you record in-game throughout the events? If that's even possible? Many years since I messed with it.