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  • Welcome to RockstarSocialClub.Net

    RockstarSocialClub.Net is built by the crews of Rockstar Games for the crews of Rockstar Games!!!

    This website serves as a platform for crews needing a home they can call their own without the burden of building and maintaining their own website or being relagated to just a few threads on forums operated by folks whom either do not game or recognize the needs of crews.
    Here at RockstarSocialClub.Net we know the needs of active crews and knowing that we provide your crew with the ability to have their own private forums. These forums can be used however the crew decides with its own moderation staff. This level of communication ability can take an average crew and turn it into a great one. Facebook groups and Discord type stuff are fine for communication, but then what you were discussing quickly become lost with time where as forum based crew can tap disuccsion content quite easily.
    Plus, as we gain active crews on the website you will be able to interact with other crews in the public areas. With this you can learn many game tips and setup crew battles more efficiently among other things.
    Perhaps your crew operates a website without a forum? If so we can bridge that gap, you can use your private forums here and if your website software is compatible we can feed the articles from your site into the forums here.


  • RSC Film Club

    Welcome to the RSC Film Club A chance to watch and discuss films, maybe your favourites, maybe something you’ve never heard of before, with all your favourite crew mates. We will be watching one film per month, hopefully giving everyone a chance to watch the film and to have a decent discussion about it before moving on to the next one.   How do we choose what to watch?  There will be a different theme/genre every month to keep things fresh, which will be announced in this th

    Film Club 1173

    What did you do today?

    Other than work I got all the bugs fixed on this website today

    Miscellaneous 1890

    Monday Motor Mayhem Mischief and Merriment

    Event Title: Monday Motor Mayhem, Mischief, and Merriment (M5) Event Author: Lann Calendar: Crew Events Calender   Monday Motor Mayhem, Mischief, and Merriment (M5) 21:00 UTC (9PM UTC)   A racing and driving focused weekly playlist that is in the evening EU time. May have the occasional combat or adversary job, but again vehicle focused.  While it may bear some striking similarities to TNT, and may even feature some of the same events, it most decidedly isn't

    Events 512

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    I am a huge movie/ cinema fan. I scrolled through this forum of "off topic" and didn't find anything about movies. So I thought I would start my own. I thought this might be a great way to share amazing movies with each other or to divert others from wasting their time with a terrible film. It is also a great way to get a look into each crew members psyche buy which films they are a fan of.    Rate the movie with a total of 5 - being the best movie you have ever seen in your lifetime, to a 1 -

    Arts and Entertainment 1125

    Two Brothers Playlist (GTA & RDR)

    Event Host: Omarcomin71 & Pete_95973 Game: GTA Online Event Start Date: September 3rd 2016 Event Start Time: Saturday, 8:00pm GMT/UTC (Saturday, 4:00pm EDT / Saturday, 9:00pm BDT / Sunday, 6:00am AEST) Reoccurring: Weekly Special Rules for Event/s: No BPH, No Lester, Have Fun Description of Event/s: A mix of every type of job out there, Both R* & Crew created along with random jobs from RSC.  

    Events 919

    Lann’s Paint Shop

    Welcome to my Paint Shop! It will be simple. A new crew color added each week and a open crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop

    Grand Theft Auto V/Online 123
  • Video Comments

    • Skorpion
      Skorpion -
      I post this because it makes me laugh so much that someone gets so sour for losing a GAME lol The very last thing said by Senpai just makes it.
    • Smurf
      Smurf -
      It reminds me of The Flintstones. Yabba Dabba Do! 
    • LimeGreenLegend
      LimeGreenLegend -
      spray and pray 😄 
    • RammsteinDUDE
      RammsteinDUDE -
      "Skorp was chasing me with a needle" he said. I really f*cking believed you! 🤣. Right before you grabbed me I doubted your story and thought you might actually killed skorp as I hadn't see him for a while. I was too late lol. And I just realized you pressured fox into choking me not once but twice although I was innocent.  Moral of the story, dont trust @LimeGreenLegend. Especially when he's bragging about being a goody boy 🤣  
    • Beez
      Beez -
      I was eaten by a giant Venus flytrap on that level. Then I turned into a Roomba that can fly and shoot forks at people’s ankles. 😄
    • TheFox2000unit
      TheFox2000unit -
      @LimeGreenLegend ?  More like LIES-Green-Legend!     "Hey, Ramm. I'm just joking, buddy. It's just a joke.....".   🤣🤣🤣
    • Skorpion
      Skorpion -
      You've proven to be the master of that  😄