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    Last saturday at Two Bros we played a King of the hill called LS’s finest neighbourhood. We were 3 teams fighting over 3 bags amongst sundecks and swimmingpools. I recorded it and put this together. If i seem immortal its because the recording ends once i die.  Featuring: @Beez, @Dead-Demon, @DavidCore89,  @Dodge, @D-Rocks@LimeGreenLegend, @omarcomin71, @pete_95973, @PretendWereDead, @Protocawl, @Smurf, and a random in a red mask.   The job:  https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/EUW88WfbQEiZSbiaehGDkA
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    You know what they say, pets usually look like their owners. I can definitely see the resemblance: 😂
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    Once you give him a name he's yours for keeps. And have a picture of my dog 'helping' in the garden for the lols
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    Hello thought i would start this post as i have now got too much time on my hands Ive recently been watching a few gtarp videos on youtube and has got me hooked and looks fun but also looks complicated and as a normally quite gamer am a bit hesitant to jump in and make myself look like a tool So i thought why not set up a server and check it out on my own to get a feel of it and practuce playing gta with mouse and keyboard i now have a server up and running with a few scripts odded and thought if there where anybody interested on joining the server try a few jobs be a cop/ems/drug dealer/ups/and more it wont be any serious rp not at start anyway any intrest is welcome but obviously keep in mind its not gtaonline The things we could do as crews in the future could be epic imagine a crew vs crew meet up for an illigal car meet and get rushed by the cops and if u grt caught u got to jail or crash and burn and up at the hospital this is just 1 example let mr know your thoughts and good day too you all
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    Anyone else seen the tech demo for Unreal Engine 5 running on a PS5? It looks incredible.
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    Here's our keeshond ( is this the right way to post pictures 😅... ) (Paste the link ending with ”.jpg”)
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    Seeing as lockdown is likely to be continuing for some time yet I’ve just purchased this little beauty. Just short of 12,000 pieces and should keep me entertained for a while. Next challenge is finding somewhere to put it. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-23556/onecase/isd-monarch/#info
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    19:00 Kids: - we want to build the trampoline to surprise the youngest on his bday tomorrow. 20:00 Lann: -you need help? Kids: -No! 22:00 Lann: -GTA time.. Kids: -we need help! 23:30 Damn trampoline done.
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    good morning gents had a great surprise this morning through the post thx @JuniorChubb ur a legend and @doubleg213 1 happy bunny here
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    Don’t play any shooting games with it, you’ll never hit a thing.
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    Air @Dodge...how high was that man ejected in the air? I dunno but the fans are saying he was up there looking like a pelican. 
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    80s Animated movies featuring transforming robots.
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    Well, 3 years of it all sat in the understairs cupboard and me now being on furlough has finally given me plenty of time to give this a go.I spent a while cleaning all the dirt and muck off with a scraper and wire brush. Then used a table saw to cut everything to size and it’s all held together with dowel joints. It’s a good size at 173cm x 73cm and weighs an absolute ton!I’ve got a chunky black wooden base for it to sit on. I've sanded it down to get the remaining dirt and old varnish off to reveal the wood grain. I mainly did it by hand as I didn't want to lose too much character from the surfaces.I've used a bit of linseed oil I had in the garage on a scrap piece and its gone very dark.Would danish oil give the same result or would it be lighter?I'm thinking waxing it would give a lighter finish.It started off as an L shaped floor duct cover.A bit of cleaning.Dowel joints, PVA and some clamping.Assembly and sanding.
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    Finished up some work with a new path and less lawn to mow. And fired up the grill for the first time this year.
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    Tonights PL will include all the other crews races from the upcoming H2H vs RCRH with some of whatever R* has on double money this week.
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    There's been this big fat fly buzzing around my house all day, does that count? I've named him Eric.
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    Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone who attended my event over the last 2 years, but I feel now is the time to cancel it for good. I don't really play GTA as often as I once did, so I have been thinking about doing this for a while. Attendance has been low over the past few months to the point where I'm cancelling the event more often than not; I thought lockdown would entice more people to attend, but apparently not. And with attendance during the summer months lower than usual, there is no point wasting my own time and the time of the 1 or 2 other people that RSVP (which I always feel guilty about). Hope you understand, and once again thank you to everyone who showed up over the last 2 years (especially the regulars) 🙂
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    Just ordered new home internet. 1000Mbit/s for 25 Euros a month🤪
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    Yaaay! Infuriating loss of traction ahoy! Because there was some confusion before the first event: We run this in GTA mode and faff around at the start swapping cars, so if you don't have any of the cars it's really not a problem. Even those with the cars were swapping round and it let us have all kinds of fun with the starting grid too. So there are no entry requirements.
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    Things got so bad, Rev had to tell Omar to top using foul language. Lessons Learned: Never bring a Blazer to a Monster Truck Fight. When GTA gives you a Blazer, make lemonade...cause you probably aren't winning the race. Do take note and listen to the blood-lust at the start of the race....savages I tell you.
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    @omarcomin71 reaction was so hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing off-mic because of him and almost woke the wife up in the process.  
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    Just passed 1000 deaths in Wales. As from Monday, people can exercise outside more than once a day, garden centres and libraries opening. I think it's too soon, there isn't enough drop in the numbers IMO. England could have even more relaxed lockdown rules. Gonna use my own judgement rather than the crazy money over health logic.
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    This is gonna be "Fun"
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    74 more than @Dodge if my maths is correct 🤓
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    Wreckfest Platinum Total of 75 platinums
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    Been mega busy and/or not really feeling like interacting with the world so not done anything with Max Manus. I'd like to nominate fantasy, if anyone is wondering what that category nomination means, it's basically an excuse for me to the nominate Pan's Labyrinth as my film choice. As an aside, does anyone else call going out of the house to see a film in a building that specialises in doing so as "the pictures" or am I just an old f*ck?
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    @CatManDoza so glad you got your lightbox now, cheap as chips too. Don't forget to get into some image editing too. Maybe not for eBay but for BCD vids and thumbnails etc. That little diorama you set up looks sick, I hope you don't mind but I had to do this...
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    Bought a new iPad today. Nothing fancy like a Pro series because the base models do what I need. Previous one served me well for 4+ years but I dropped it last year and broke 1/3 of the screen. It got worse with the next two drops, lol. Bought a good case and screen protector this time. Now I can play Crossy Road without fear of cuts.
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    Trash will just fill it with Bailey’s 😂
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    Following on from an exam which can only be described as brutal that I was working on from 1100 on Thursday till about 0030 on Friday morning and then got back onto again at 0600 till about 0930 on Friday I did pretty much nowt other than some COD (I still hate it), some BF1 (I still love it) for the remainder of Friday and yesterday. I've also been doing some groundwork for some Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2 and Dirt Rally/Dirt Rally 2.0/Dirt liveries on PC. Plus continuing my loft sorting as well which I am doing a bit faster now as I want to start getting some of my old stuff onto ebay and to make sure the stuff I want to keep hold of is sorted out properly. The attached pictures are an old toy 1:12 scale wired remote control car. The eagle eyed amongst you may notice it was made in the GDR, or East Germany as it was more commonly known. It shall be on ebay this evening. Was pretty cool though considering I think it was probably made in the late 70s. Videos aren't mine,.
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    If @Schumi6581 & @Lann look like they make it this week we'll run part 2 of our "touring car" event tomorrow (think it was you guys that originally tried but couldn't make part 1) Th same 5 cars as last time (sub-event OP is a few up in this thread) PLUS the addition of the Schlagen GT to the roster. It's on a similar pace to the others and I want an excuse to turn my own into a racecar for a wee while Hope to see you there 🙂
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    Lol no, had a 500 do 2 grands worth of damage to my car and then p*ss off. I have a deep hatred of them now lol. Although I'd take an abarth 500.....
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    I’ve just got my free GTA copy for the PC. Also got a £10 voucher thrown in too so double bonus.
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    You don’t stop playing when you get old, you get old when you stop playing.
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    First you have to ask yourself, is watching this entire video worth it? The answer is YES, but only if you wanna see me absolutely abuse Dodge the entire race, Hear the wound lickin' @9:50, and Enjoy me having a career day in a GTA race.
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    🤑Finaly something i can aford to do
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    Lann’s pic is the 1st step of DC’s link. and it worked! thanks guys. I was getting really frustrated by it.
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    The yearly fishingtrip just started.
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    Weekly update! Red clay #702824AA, here shown on a Imorgon with a bronze pearl. Join crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/
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    My donation from Catman has arrived. Old Fords, an M1 and an early Quattro
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    I get to host another Two Bros playlist!
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    Okay here’s my quick and short review. I have yet to read any others as not to skew my opinion. Blue Ruin Review I’ve seen a quite a few revenge movies but this one stands alone. Very unique script! It’s not long after the movie starts that you realize the main character is depressed and down on his luck. When it’s brought to his attention that his parents killer has been freed it becomes clear why. I like the fact this man seeks revenge without any reason to think he would succeed. A regular guy with nothing to lose. As far as filmmaking goes I appreciate the fact they didn’t treat the audience as stupid. They didn’t point out the characters relationships with dialogue they make it obvious with what’s going on. (I hope that made since) Acting was great and the filmmaking was great which makes me want to look up what else the actors, director and producers have done. My only argument as far as a revenge movie goes, is that I didn’t see what happened to create the injustice. Normally the audience witnesses the injustice and therefore are angry and seek vengeance as well. I didn’t feel the anger or the pain that Dwight was feeling that I might have if I saw his parents killed. Overall thumbs up 👍 and a great selection!
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