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    We would like to send out a invitation. Each Sunday at 20:00 UTC will determine the RSC Champion for a specific class/tier, we use in game scores. It is obvious just for fun, and you will likely race a different car in each race. Slipstream and catch-up might be used, depending the track and the host's preference. Preparing Each week we will race a specific class + tier. Each week you will pick and bring one of the listed cars. You will bring that specific car to every race. You will be the only one who brings that specific car.* When you sign up (in this thread) you will claim what car you will bring. If you have a car on the list that you expect few other people to have, please bring it! If you can not bring one of the listed ”Custom” cars, you may bring one of the ”Stock” cars (by simply selecting it before the race starts). But this car does also need to be claimed once you sign up. If you join last minute you will be asked to bring one of the custom cars that has not yet been ”taken”, or one of the ”Stock” vehicles not yet taken. *If you have no other option, you may bring a car already brought by someone else. You will prepare and have the car fully customized (all performance and amour upgrade). Except the stock ones obviously. Raceday You will select the same car in every race. But you will only race your car in the first race. At the start of following races we will park the cars to the side (GTA Mode). For the next races you will pick one of the other cars. The driver who finished last in the previous race will start to grab a car and line up at the front of the grid, followed by the one who finished second to last, and so on. So the winner of the previous race will get whatever car is left and start at the end. You may only race the same car once (as long as its possible due to other players picks). Once we all have a car and are parked on the grid we will go on a given time. You may not pass anyone until after the first corner/bottleneck, simply to ease things as we race contact. Do not respawn unless you have no other option in order to keep racing. First Sunday details below. Kindly, @djw180, @The_Lady_A, @omarcomin71, @Crawford1872, @Smurf, @Beez, @TheBoyBry and @Lann
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    Great concept! I've noticed broughy grouping same class cars in tiers, which makes it interesting for racing less used cars. Good job on turning it into a racing event. 👍 Kind of tempting to splurge on a PSN subscription and dust off my GTA character. Unless he's been locked up and all the real estate and cars seized during my absence. He'd deserve it, that's for sure. 😂 How many new cars have been released since I've last played, you reckon? That would be over the last 2 (3?) years. I think🤔
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    Guess I need to grab a car before they're all gone. I think I should still have Sultan, Kuruma, Omnis and Tropos. Feel free to grab 3 of then, just leave me one of the above available. I should know more tomorrow, when I'll sort out my PS plus and be able to check on my character(s). Btw, I might need instructions on how to drive a car in GTA? 😳
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    That’s a pun worthy of Dave, shame on you @Aslad , I expected better.
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    In case there’s any doubt, this is not a film to watch with the family. Send the kids to bed. Maybe your partners too if they are a bit sensitive, there are scenes of graphic violence and worst of all multiple instances of music by Phil Collins.
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    Especially for @Con Kaiserburg, this morning:
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    Morning all. Chubb is a happy bunny this morning as he is officially part of a team creating a Fortnite Map for a charity. Not quite made it big time but it is a step in the right direction.
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    Never even heard of them... you young uns and your damn hip rock music!
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    The composer Enio Moriconni had died (aged 91) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53305397 He was probably most famous for the scores spaghetti westerns. I remember him most for the Untouchables, The Mission and Cinema Parridisso. I can't imagine those films without his amazing scores. They really were as integral to the film as the actors and the plot. Truly one of the all time greats of cinema.
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    I shall join this event and I will bring my Verlierer Comet Retro along !
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    I wish I could write reviews like you guys. Had a rare occasion of the wife not being here today so after my usual Sunday ebaying and the grand pr*ck I fancies a couple of films. Started with Rush, the story of the niki lauda & James hunt rivalry, very good film. Its almost as if the rivalry was written for a film, one care free playboy not giving a f*ck, and a regimented Austrian, focused and driven to be the best of the best. A solid 8/10 Moved onto hot fuzz with the boy, not as funny as I remember to be honest. Still got the best ever line though. "he's got one thing you haven't got" "a great big bushy beard". Slipped down to 6/10 And just finished with sausage party. Funny AF, Very clever jokes all the way through. For my childish sense of humour 9/10
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    The wheel has spoken for August's film club genre You have until Monday to nominate a film set during the medieval period, as nominated by @Squirrel and @djw180. I'll start by nominating a Japanese medieval film that has been remade several times, Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.
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    Pun in the title: Check. Affordable Car: Check Hide and seek factor: Check Random questions: Check Awkward grid system only the host fully understands: Check Congratulations, you have passéd the VANS 5 point event test. I’m in.
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    Just got featured on a Creative website... https://www.fortnitecreativehq.com/
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    https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/61639/GTA-Online-and-Red-Dead-Online-Updates-Coming-Soon?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=gtaordo-updates-07242020&utm_content=newswire summer update followed by a major update to heists, in a new location....... get grinding that money gents
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    morning all yes sorry for last night leg needs choping off very hard to do anything and be sat or laid down in a position i dont feel pain i dont sleep no more i just have naps now and then stuck in limboland waiting for my hospital appointment thx for making me feel missed cheers guys
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    Most people, upon finishing this film, will be asking themselves whether or not any of what had just transpired happened at all, but to me the real question is who is Patrick Bateman? Neither of these questions has a definitive answer, but you are given enough information to come to your own conclusions, and they're all right. He can be seen at the surface level of what we are shown, a homicidal psychopath who would be at home in a slasher movie, but if you look a little deeper there is much more to be found. Based on the book by Bret Easton Ellis and directed by Mary Harron, American Psycho follows Patrick Bateman, wall street trader, as he slowly loses grip on reality, falling deeper into a world of violent s*x and thoughtless murder in both the high society and the seedy underbelly of 80's New York. Played by Christian Bale in the role that bought a lot of attention his way, Bateman is almost a cartoon character. In some scenes the way he gurns and contorts his body reminded me of Jim Carrey. This is why the film works for me, and especially why I think that having a female director here was the best option. In the hands of a male filmmaker I can almost imagine the kind of film we would have seen; gratuitous s*x scenes that turn into torture p*rn just for the shock value, Bateman shown as an anti-hero rather than the pathetic mess that he is. This is a problem a few films from that era suffer from, turning the antagonist into the hero, whether intentional or not, to be worshipped by a generation of angry young men as someone to look up to, to aspire to be. Edward Norton's charcter in American History X and Brad Pitt in Fight Club are two examples that come to mind. Instead we get a black comedy. A satire on 80's comsumerism and the “greed is good” mentality. Sure, Bateman has a great body and an incredible skincare routine, but he is also shown to be a weak willed, jealous, petty, scared little boy who breaks down in tears when it all gets too much for him. I wouldn't be surprised if instead of calling his lawyer at the end of the movie he called up his mummy crying for help. His body, his attitude, his clothing are all a front hiding himself from the world, not because he is a monster but because he is boring. I'm not saying the film is boring, but the character of Bateman is. He dresses the same as everyone else, goes to the same clubs, the same restaurants (if he can get reservations), dates women who look the same as the women his friends are dating, says all the right things because that's what people do. Chiding one of his colleagues for making an anti-semitic remark is one of my favourite examples of this. Bateman doesn't care about Jewish people, but the image of seeming to care is all he cares about. Even when he talks about music it sounds like he is just regurgitating the opinion of someone else, a review he read. There is absolutley no substance to this man. No real personality. He and all of his friends are so alike that there are constant examples of mistaken identity throughout. Even his lawyer doesn't know who he is. Even the fantastic design of the film shows this. Bateman's apartment is a minimilist white box, a totally blank canvass with no signs of real personality. The motif of mirrors is also strong in this film. Bateman sees himself reflected in a framed poster for Les Miserables, in the mirror behind a bar, and, most tellingly, as an indistinct blur in the steel menu of one of the interchangeable restaurants he visits. This can be read in several ways, obviously as a reflection on society, but I like to see it as a portal to another world. In this film the Bateman in the mirror is the Bateman in the real Bateman's head. Mirror Bateman is the one who tortures and kills with reckless abandon because that's what real Bateman wants to do, but can't. In the same way that trolls on the internet will say the most awful things thanks to anonymity, Bateman can imagine these awful things when he looks at his reflection because they're happening in the mirror universe. Near the start of the film we see him at a club ordering a drink. He says to the bartender “you're an ugly b*tch. I'd like to stab you to death and play with your blood” but he is looking in a mirror when he says this, making me think that he didn't say it at all. Bateman is the personification of toxic masculinity, one which Harron shines a sardonic, unflattering, mocking light on. This, to me, is why Patrick Bateman doesn't exist. And if he does exist then he is everyone in the film. Bateman is not a person, but rather the personification of faceless corporate America who thinks that they can treat people however they want as brazenly as they want and never have to face any consequences. Bateman makes a full confession at the end of the movie, but it goes nowhere. No one cares because he makes lots of money, and in the end he just sits down at a table with his friends who all look and sound like him and life goes on. Before rewatching this I had memories that it was much more graphic than it is, perhaps my memories of the book were getting mixed up in my head, and I was pleasently surprised at how restrained it is. The s*x scenes, which in the book read like they were written by a h*rny teenager (my favourite bits when I was fifteen), are played for laughs here, Bateman flexing and posing in the mirror rather than paying any attention to the women he's with. The same goes for a lot of the violence in the film. The murder of Paul Allen (Jared Leto) is again played for laughs, with Bale really hamming it up in this scene as he monologues about Huey Lewis and the News before planting an axe through his head, “hey Paul!” The supporting cast, including Willem Dafoe and Reece Witherspoon, are all solid, but this is really the Christian Bale show. I think he's in every scene of the film, and he really carries it effortlessly. Whether he's goofing it up or glowering with brooding intensity he really gives it his all and shows the commitment to his roles that would go on to define his career. Harron's direction is fantastic, subverting expectations in the most satisfying way right from the opening titles where we see what we think is blood, but it turns out to be a sauce for one of the fancy dishes that Bateman would order at Dorsia. I love the way she shoots scenes like the famous business card scene as if they were the real horror, all uncomfortable close-ups of sweating brows and heightened sound design adding a threatening “swish” whenever a new card is presented. Someone should tell Bret Easton Ellis that women can direct more than romantic comedies (something he actually said after this film was released) but that speaks more to his obvious misogyny than his expertise as a film critic. Overall, this is a surprisingly subtle look at the mind of a psychopath. Not one who has actually killed anyone (in my opinion) but someone who is still a danger, someone who views not just women, but everyone, as commodities to be bought and sold like so many stocks. The soundtrack perfectly matches the tone and themes of the films, being full of surface level pop music with little to no depth. The score is fantastic, ranging from brooding menace to light and fluffy with ease. To me this is one of the rare occasions where the film is better than the book and that is all down to Harron and her writing partner, Guinevere Turner. They have taken a tricky work to adapt and have found the perfect mixture of shock and comedy, toning down the gratuitous murder fantasies and turning up the sardonic commentary on greed and vanity 8/10
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    Do you guys take requests? If so, the crew challenge would be sweet! Its a track by @Crawford1872, where @djw180 will allow us to race the electric sports and supers (stock, no customs needed). I know names like @The_Lady_A, @Jjss924, @Con, @Spinnaker1981 and @Skorpion are signed up and maybe @ 2B as well.. Another job that might not suck is this TDM called Vespucci Suits, been wanting to run it with a proper group.. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/dsFi_Ep2lUqJJxxeaYmwXw
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    And nowhere near enough corner honking
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    I was trying to come up with something intelligent and meaningful to say about grids and clean racing and how difficult it is to find the balance and etc. But we all know I was just going to use it as an excuse to slag off Dave a bit.....sooooo @SkyeDave , your puns are terrible! Have that!
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    Updated. Added the "Open Wheel" class to the list, made some small changes to Sports, Super & SUV classes and corrected the wording here and there.
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    Yes! Last race was good. Qualifying today was cracking too. Looking forward to the race tomorrow. Although it’s the same circuit it’s our @Mark Verstappen who must be in charge of the grid because it’s totally different to last time. I’m fact maybe that’s why qualifying was delayed by an hour today. It wasn’t the rain it was Stap sorting out the Grid but Leclerc was afk, Bottas had gone for a beer, Latifi was rolling a spliff, Albon has picked the wrong car by mistake and Ricciardo was mucking about with an atomiser so it took ages to get going.
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    New tournament season, new cars and new tracks! Also the tweet pretty much confirms a new season pass, so they clearly plan to continue support for this game. Notes: http://community.bugbeargames.com/threads/tournament-update-banger-bash.14189/
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    Hey @JuniorChubb. Remember when you called me out on hip-replacement instead of hip-op and we all had a good laugh at my expense? Well I thought it was a bit picky at the time but rather than rise to it I just hit the 'OK' button. Of course although I was clicking the 'OK' button I was hearing Liam Neeson in my head, muttering about a special set of skills and vowing to catch you when you next slipped up. Lucky I didn't need to wait too long and that is why I can now ask.... Chubb? Why have you missed @Trashbags off the sign up list? Especially after his tremendous Bugsy Malone gif. Which you even 'liked' no less. Could you not think of a vehicle beginning with T and so you just left him out of it? I'll give you a word beginning with T: Tosser. And I 'm not referring to Trashbags.
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    It's wednesday, I've gone out for the day, it's pissing down and I have no coat.
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    Dave you blew it... less hip-hop and more hip-op.
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    Everything about this post is awsome, from the hiphop GTA knowledge to the chubb bashing. All round entertainment for the whole family
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    Little known fact. Run The Jewels actually own a Custom Faction and made an attempt at getting on the artwork on the GTA loading screen by staging a scene using said Faction, some loft insulation and a shotgun. When it wasn't approved they just used it as a single cover instead for Yankee and The Brave.. Picture proof below if you don't believe me. See, I'm down with the kids. Not like @JuniorChubb he's less hip-hop and more hip-replacement.
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    Good fun, thanks @The_Lady_A & @Crawford1872  for hosting.
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    I'll play ball. Since I actually have a Locust, I'll take that one.
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    Haha that movie could have been OK with any theme well done 😄
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    Cheers @Eser1985, great night last night! Some really awesome new tracks only shame it did took a bit to get used to 😅 But great job, good fun! 👍 Had to check out our famous new streamer channel today but a live Minecraft session does not tickle my boxes 😅 But very awesome what you are doing mate and I do like the new-ish quite present Trashbags very much! I had some grudge against Twitch for banning the greatest streamer of all streamers but I have no doubt our great Mr. Trashbags is going fill up that hole nicely now 😜😎💪 Tbh I am a dirty lurker but I'll have a look at a subscription and app download 😅
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    @LimeGreenLegend sums up the film perfectly. I certainly can’t tell it any better. I don’t think Bateman exists at all. There’s no clue in either the book or the film other than a line in the opening monologue. Bateman is clearly a representation of corporate consumerism. An example showing that people caring about how they are perceived is far more important than who they actually are as a person. An alternative view is that those who have the power will inevitably get away with even the most heinous of crimes due to their influence. Bateman is an example of everything wrong with American business and the stockbroker culture in that time period. Wolf of Wall Street also covered that same era of excess. The level of detail described in the book is recreated perfectly in the film, from his skincare routines to his taste in music. You feel like you’re back in the 80s. The book takes his fantasies to a darker level, possibly some of the most disturbing collection of words I’ve ever read. Mary Harron managed to take a graphic depiction of violence and excess and turn it into a film that can be viewed by a large audience. Would a male director be able to do the same especially when it comes to recreating the violent scenes against women? I don’t think it would be the same film, it would have ended up being more like a horror and you wouldn’t get the same sense of doubt about the reality of the film. Now I need to go return some videotapes.
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    Three documentaries about three very different subjects. Mifune: The Last Samurai dir. Steven Okazaki/2015/1h20m Mifune: The Last Samurai is a documentary from Steven Okazaki about the life and career of Japanese cinema's greatest and most famous actor, Toshiro Mifune. It covers his childhood in China, and his service in the Japanese Imperial Army during WW2 where one of his tasks was to give one final shot of sake to kamikaze pilots before they flew off. He would tell them to not think about the emporer as they were about to die, but to think of their mothers. It details the accidental start to his acting career, where one of his friends sent his photo to a studio, and, in what takes up most of the film, his collaborations with legendary director Akira Kurosawa that lasted from 1948's Drunken Angel to 1965's Red Beard, with the two making 14 more films between including stone-cold classics like Rashomon, Yojimbo and Seven Samurai. Even though he kept working for another 20 plus years after Red Beard, the film hardly covers any of that. This is a very surface level documentary, so don't expect any amazing revelations about the man. In fact, this sometimes feels more like a dvd extra rather than a film in it's own right. This is presented as a standard documentary, with archive footage of Mifune intercut with talking head interviews with his family, people he worked with, and famous fans like Steven Spielberg, who directed him in the comedy 1941, and Martin Scorsese, who draws parallels between the often strained relationship between Mifune and Kurosawa with his own relationship with De Niro. The film is narrated by Keanu Reeves, who sounds half asleep and uninterested throughout. Honestly, this film conveys none of the raw animalistic energy that Mifune bought to his roles and the sheer talent of the man. Kurosawa was famously a perfectionist who exerted total control over every aspect of his films, except for Mifune. He allowed Mifune to improvise and play on the set, bringing his own incredible persoanlity to the fore of every film he was in. If you've never heard of Toshiro Mifune, nor seen any of his films, then this might be a good starter to learn about one of the greatest actors of all time, but honestly, you'd be better off just watching him in his greatest films. If you've never seen Rashomon or Throne of Blood then watch those, and you'll get more of a grasp on who this man was than this film could ever tell you. The film also neglects to mention a lot of his films like I Live in Fear where he doesn't play a samurai or a warrior, which ignores a huge chunk of his career. It is still entertaining to hear about this great actor and to see a lot of photographs and footage from his personal life, but there's a feeling that this could have been much more. 6/10 ================================================================= Athlete A dir. Bonni Cohen, Jon Shenk/2020/1h44m Athlete A, from Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, is a documentary about the s*xual abuse of young girls at the hands of Dr. Larry Nassar while he worked for the USA Gymnastic organisation, and the cover up that several senior members of the organisation engaged in to protect the image of the sport. It covers the history of the sport, and how important the Olympic games are to the organisation. It shows how the USA team bought over coaches from Eastern Europe who not only bought prestige but also incredibly controlling and demanding training schedules. This shows how a culture of silence emerged in the sport because they were getting results and how this allowed Nassar to get away with the disgusting things he did. This is framed through the investigation of journalists at The Indianapolis Star, who bought these abuses to public attention, resulting in Nassar receiving a 300 year prison sentence. This is a hard watch because of the subject, and how graphic some of the interviews get. Footage of Nassar giving intimate massages to young children, knowing that they were being abused at the time, is something that is hard to forget. But this is also an inspiring film. Seeing the strength of the survivors of his abuse is really powerful. These were children whose safety was in the hands of one of the biggest sports organisations in the country. One that has won dozens of Olympic medals. One that has millions of dollars at their hands to hire lawyers to discredit these girls. Seeing the reporters at The Star receive calls from literally hundreds of survivors of abuse at the hands of US Gymnastics, emboldened by the reports being made public and knowing that people will believe them, is both heartbreaking and hopeful, because for every piece of sh*t like Nassar there are hundreds of good people willing to stand up for what is right. As for the actual film, this is a really well made documentary. Again, like Mifune, this is made up of the standard format of talking heads intercut with archive footage, police interviews, and dramatic reenactments. This also gives a lot of time to the investigation of the journalists at The Star which reminded me of the film Spotlight, which covers a similar subject and is based on a true story, but presented as a narrative film. Not comfortable viewing, but a well made film about a subject that needs to be exposed. 8.5/10 ================================================================= Mr. Toilet: The World's #2 Man dir. Lily Zepeda/2019/1h29m Mr. Toilet: The World's #2 Man is a documentary focused on Jack Sim, a Singaporean businessman who quit his job over 20 years ago because he wanted to make a difference in the world, give something back to society. That something turned out to be clean, safe sanitation for the entire world. He founded the World Toilet Organisation and for the last few years has been working to bring clean toilets to the poorest parts of India, which is a harder fight than he anticipated because it requires a total social and cultural change. The film also shows his family life, and while he does come across as a loving husband and father, he is away from home a lot, his obsession becoming obvious as you watch the film. This man only thinks about toilets. The best thing about this film is Sim himself. He is a charming, charismatic, eccentric force of personality, and that is why he is a success. You can't help but love this man as you watch him walking a parade dressed as a giant toilet, doing what he can to bring attention to this cause. You may have heard of the UN's official world toilet day and wondered why they have such a thing. It's because of Jack and his desire to bring toilets to the entire world. This is a fascinating watch, mainly for Sim, as you sometimes can't tell if his obsession is healthy or not. We see him clashing with other members of the WTO over his grand ideas, which he seems to get at the rate of a million a minute. This is different from the other docs as we actually follow the subject around, and honestly, I could have watched a three hour film about this man. This is well made and surprisingly endearing for a film I went into with low expectations. It made me give a sh*t. 8/10
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    not gonna lie my ar*e been on fire lately dog was even disapointed last night
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    Where did you find my home video. Good morn to all, spent all morning in the green mowing, hacking and digging. Bloody knackered now, but plenty of potatoes planted for the autumn
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    Yes, thanks @Challenger001, many lols were had and I even got to kill Dave a few times. 👍
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    Spaced is on Netflix now. Any Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright fans should definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it.
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    After last season’s disaster I was cautious about posting in this thread. No need for caution now. I can’t believe we’ve done it. Best manager in the world, best fans in the world, best team in the world.
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    Unfortunately all modern cars have suspension links that are made of materials which looks like they could be some form of metal but which display the load bearing characteristics of chocolate. I know of a very reputable company who can design and supply something which is very capable of standing up to the perils of the modern road environment as a very reasonable rate* This above advertisement is nothing to do with the fact I've renewed the motor trade / motor sport insurance today and require a large cash injection. *Disclaimer, reasonable rate may only be reasonable if you're a Saudi prince, recent lottery winner or cocaine dealer.
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    Afternoon all, I am now a Run the Jewels fan! Not got a clue what they are on about but they remind me of early 90’s Hip-Hop, when I was in my prime!
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    Mission Impossible: Fallout I like the franchise, even if I always watch the movie several years after they're released 😄 I kinda got spoiled before hand about Superman Henry Cavill's role in this but I found out that it wasn't that much of a big reveal as it is quickly dealt with (smart). Cruise is a bit over the top as always but it kinda works I guess. It's always entertaining and the plot is good. I'd give it a 7.5/10
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