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Parasite [RSC Film Club 29]
This month we are celebrating the upcoming Academy Awards by watching a past winner.  The category we were picking from was Best Director, after having previously done Best Picture and Best Actor with The French Connection and Judgment at Nuremburg respectively, with the winning film being the most recent recipient of the award....
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Crew Challenge 233
Crew Challenge 233 – Zancudo Sports

A team time trial in sports cars around Fort Zancudo.
The usual set up for picking teams; sign up now, semi-random pairs will be drawn when we have enough, recent winners excluded are Banks & Zmurko CC230, Me & Banks CC229, Banks & Spin CC227.
Zancudo Circuit - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/ZVN5X9L9okKAMc78uTdpyg
Usual rules....
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Whacked Out Wednesdays (GTA & RDR)
Whacked Out Wednesdays!!! Join the wildest playlist every week! Dress your wildest!!!
This playlist is open for any crew member to host a one off playlist or event in GTA, RDR2 or any other game enough crew members may be playing, at the scheduled time. If you would like to try hosting or have done it before but can't commit to a regular playlist, simply let DJ know what your would like to do and which date and we can slot you into the upcoming schedule


Whacked Out Wednesdays (GTA & RDR)
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The Favourites (Muscle Part 2)
The Favourites (Muscle Part 2)

Come and join us on Wednesday 14th of April at 20:00 UK Time for The Favorites! Just turn up to the parking lot underneath the Peckerwood sign opposite Los Santos City Hall on Occupation Avenue in Alta, Vinewood in your favorite eligible Muscle car you sign up with.

We will determine who has the best Muscle Car before we start a playlist to determine the winner of The Favourites!

We will race all Muscle cars against each other where people will vote before each race which they'd like to drive in. To not have things like people having to race Slamvans against Yosemites I have omitted the fastest and slowest in the class. They are divided into two groups since the class is so big and has such a wide variety of pace to come to the following list of eligible cars. This is the slower of the two groups.

Cars which are eligible and have not been taken are:

Buccaneer Custom


Gauntlet Classic



Faction Custom

Peyote Gasser



Virgo Classic Custom

Manana Custom

Faction Custom Donk


Moonbeam Custom




Lost Slamvan

Chino Custom


Virgo Classic


Voodoo Custom





Pick whichever you think people should get a taste of or should suffer in! But beware.. You're going to have to drive your own car in the first and final race.

Don't worry if you don't own any of the eligible Muscle cars, we can spawn them in for you where needed.

Post below with the vehicle you plan to bring along to get involved! No duplicates if possible.

Verstappen (Will pick last)

Dave (Chino Custom)
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GT Sport Racing
Monday night Racing on GT Sport at 19:00 UTC (20:00 UK time).
Join a friendly group of GTS racers for a mixture of one off nights in different cars or classes and ongoing tournaments on GT Sport.

For more details see the GTRC Crew section whic is open for all to join: www.rockstarsocialclub.net/crews/6-gtrc-gran-turismo-racing-club or message @Mythaga 

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Monday Motor Mayhem Mischief and Merriment
Monday Motor Mayhem, Mischief, and Merriment (M5)
A racing and driving focused weekly playlist that is in the evening EU time.
May have the occasional combat or adversary job, but again vehicle focused. 
While it may bear some striking similarities to TNT, and may even feature some of the same events, it most decidedly isn't TNT. It doesn't happen on Thursday.
A chance to enjoy the whole range of vehicles in the game, not just the best 5% of them.
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XDBX vs FEAR (april 11th)
We are going up against FEAR again!
Players: 15 vs 15
When: April 11th, a Sunday in the SRL slot.
Jobs: 11
We are trying a new way to decide on jobs.
1. Each crew pick 11 jobs according the list below.

2. The other crew then rank the 11 jobs the other crew picked, best to worst.

3. Then for each of the 11 jobtypes we use the job that has the highest ranking. For example if they ranked our LTS low and we ranked their LTS higher, we use their LTS.
2 TDM - different feel/weapons
1 Capture
2 King of the hill (shooting)
1 Sports race
1 Off road/rally race
1 Muscle race
1 Stunt race (Supers?)
1 Dirty Hotring race
Rsvp will be up shortly.
Please leave suggestions on jobs!


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Post in Lann’s Paint Shop
Weekly update

Frozen Berry (hex from here)

Here shown on a Vapid Dominator.

Join the crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/
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Two Brothers Playlist (GTA & RDR)
HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY XDBX!!! 2 Brothers Playlist!! The most popular playlist in the universe!
Special Rules for Event/s: No BPH, No Lester, Have Fun
Description of Event/s: A mix of every type of job out there, Both R* & Crew created along with random jobs from RSC.

Two Brothers Playlist (GTA & RDR)

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Fire & Fury
Combat event repeated every Thursday at 21:00 GMT (21:00 UTC (20:00 UTC daylight saving time))
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The Ingenious, Themeless, Seamless, Playlist. Wednesday 7th April. 8pm
Come join us this Wednesday 7th for The Ingenious Themeless Seamless Playlist.

Or if we want to give it a shorter name it would be great if someone came with an acronym.

There will be a variety of races scavenged and scraped deep from the bowels of my bookmarks, There'll be some tried and tested favourites and there'll be some I've briefly played with randoms over the last few years and hit L1 to bookmark, sometimes by accident.

Amongst some classic race tracks old and new there willl also be.....

A mountain tme trial in Monster Trucks

A Tomb Raideresque platform game  in Pantos

Almost certainly American Grand Park

A weird recreation of Pearll Harbour which I stumbled across with some Italians and really enjoyed.

Some Go Karts.

Other stuff I'll dig out between now and then.

A reasonably average Wednesday nights entertainment is guaranteed so sign up below!




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S U N D A Y   R A C I N G   L E A G U E
Every Sunday at 20:00 UTC, hosted by zmurko.
Racing calendar:
25th: MCTC
1st: No SRL because of a H2H already scheduled.
8th: "Mega Multicrew Multiclass Endurance Extravaganza Event"
15th: MMSC 1/6
22nd: MMSC 2/6
29th: MMSC 3/6...

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RSC Film Club
This month's genre will come from the Oscar Award categories...see the thread for more details!!!!
RSC Film Club is a chance to watch and discuss films, maybe your favourites, maybe something you’ve never heard of before, with all your favourite crew mates.

We will be watching one film per month, hopefully giving everyone a chance to watch the film and to have a decent discussion about it before moving on to the next one.
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Let's bring back TGIF. Well kind of ...
It shall be called:
T(he) G(r)I(nd) F(riday).
A lot of us, probably most, don't really play this game daily for hours, like we used to, yet we still need those millions to buy the next car for Sunday racing or all the new clothing with the next update ...

Let's open a beer (or two, or three, ... who's counting anyway 😒), sit back on a Friday night

Have you got another shipment of Coke/Meth to distribute, but you don't really feel like flying Dodos for 25-30 minutes around the map by yourself?

Have you accidentally completed a car collection that you want to get rid of?

Have you grinded solo collecting crates during the week and filled a warehouse perhaps?

Do you just want to try some non-solo missions that are perhaps even double $ this week?

Everything goes, as long as it makes good money, can't be done solo (or is much easier/faster with a group) and is just easier, faster or even pays more with more players in the lobby.


Well, Friday night, duh. It starts as soon as one of us opens an empty public lobby and announces it in the shoutbox. Everyone else just joins on that player or asks for an invite in the shoutbox. It ends in the early morning hours Pacific times, when 2 Bros pass out from too much beer/whiskey. But generally, let's aim for the majority of sales/jobs to happen during the 20:00-22:00 UTC window...
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Post in Lann’s Paint Shop
Weekly update

Easter yellow

Here applied after gold on a Dinka Blista.

Join the crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/

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Future updates
Looking forward to what these updates might be. Missions, cars, adv modes, complete dlc’s?
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Crew Challenge 232 – Smokey
Crew Challenge 232 – Smokey
A solo time trial in police cars at night. Do 2 lap race, not fastest lap. That should be the default settings.

The circuit is The Sandy Smokey Circuit


non-contact if racing with others

time for a 2 lap race

night time

any choice of starting vehicle, you won't use it, you start in a police cruiser


Starts now

ends 19:00 UK time 5th April

please post times within 48 hours of the end
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Is this an Off-Road?
Is this an Off-Road?
Come and join us on Wednesday 31st of March at 20:00 UK Time for is this Off-Road! Just turn up to the Windfarm west of the Palmer-Taylor Power station in any of the eligible Off-Roads.
Ever noticed there's a few Off-Road vehicles available in the Off-Roads class that aren't actually in Off-Road? Probably not but that doesn't matter... Here's the eligible vehicles!

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JDM Non-Contact Championship (SRL)
JDM Tiered Non-Contact Championship
4 weeks championship starting on 7th of March at 21:00 UTC, hosted by @zmurko
Part of Sunday Racing League, but with a separate thread just for this championship
3 tiered non-contact racing championship using Japanese cars.
A Super tier, a fast Sports tier and a slow Sports tier.
6 races every week, all set to non-contact, 8-10mins long, 2 for each tier.
We'll be mostly racing on tracks we normally don't use for contact racing, due to them not offering much overtaking opportunities (too fast).


3 cars:
- a Japanese Super car, S80RR recommended (RE-7B also eligible)
- a fast Japanese Sports car with a livery, Elegy Retro Custom or Jester Racecar recommended
- a Dinka Jester Classic


1st place, 10 points
2nd place, 8 points
3rd, 6
4th, 5
5th, 4
6th, 3
7th, 2
8th, 1
fastest lap, 1 point

There will be a winner in the general combined standings and a winner in each tier as well.


Everyone drives inside the host and we start on 20s.

Weekly playlist will be published every Monday night / Tuesday morning. Each playlist will take around 1h15min. I'll have a lobby open around 15mins before the PL as usual.

Everyone is welcome to join, so invite your friends, colleagues, family, the more the merrier. If we get more than 12 or more racers, I'll expand the scoring system as well.

See you all this Sunday for the first week of the championship!
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Post in Lann’s Paint Shop
Weekly update

Zeus Bronze Metallic

Here with a salmon pearl (hex from here).

Join the crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/

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The PR2NCE Patriot Stretch
Come and join us on Wednesday 24th of March at 20:00 UK Time for PR2NCE! Just turn up to the parking lot south of ULSA (Los Santos University) in a Patriot Stretch.

We will determine who has the Stretches before we start a playlist to determine who is Tony's biggest fan!

Don't worry if you don't own the Patriot Stretch, we can spawn one in for you....
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Post in Lann’s Paint Shop
Weekly update

Red, here shown on a Vapid Clique with a orange pearl. The pearl really changes this color.

Hex from here.

Join the crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/

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We are going up against FEAR again!
Players: 15 vs 15
When: April 11th, a Sunday in the SRL slot.
Jobs: 11
We will play:
2 TDM - different feel/weapons...

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Testing Tuesday with DAMN
When: Every Tuesday starting around 8-9pm UTC (9-10 UK). Most weeks pre-lobby at 8:30pm UTC and start at 9pm UTC (10pm UK)
Host:  @ajbns87 of DAMN (or someone else) PSN; ajbns87
What: A mix of new jobs (in freeaim).
We are welcome to join!


Discussion thread:

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Crew Challenge 231 – Life on Mars?
Crew Challenge 231 – Life on Mars?
The Perseverance Rover is currently investigating, so to tie in we have a team time trial in muscle cars on an appropriately named track.😉

The usual set up for picking teams; sign up now, semi-random pairs will be drawn when we have enough, recent winners excluded are Me & Banks CC229, Banks & Spin CC227, Proto & Banks CC224 (anyone else see a pattern there?)

The track is  David Bowie Speedway East

Usual rules

Fastest lap

Any weather / time of day

Any number of laps / attempts

Non-contact if racing with others

No run ups

Custom Muscles

Teammates use different vehicles












Starts now

Ends Mar 22nd, 19:00 GMT

Please post entries within 48 hours of the end.

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