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S U N D A Y   R A C I N G   L E A G U E

Every Sunday at 20:00 UTC, hosted by zmurko.

Look for event details for each week in next post.


Racing calendar:


25th: MCTC


1st: No SRL because of a H2H already scheduled.

8th: "Mega Multicrew Multiclass Endurance Extravaganza Event"

15th: MMSC 1/6

22nd: MMSC 2/6

29th: MMSC 3/6


6th: MMSC 4/6

13th: MMSC 5/6

20th: MMSC 6/6

27th: reserved for a potential snow event

January 2021 and onwards to be revealed later. Rally, GT, One-make, Manufacturers championships, Country themed PL, relay racing and more ...

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Jacob's Ladder [RSC Film Club 22]
It's October, so it's time for a horror film, and for the second month in a row we're watching @djw180's pick, the 1990 psychological horror Jacob's Ladder.  
Directed by Adrian Lyne, who also bought us Flashdance, Jacob's Ladder stars Tim Robbins as a Vietnam veteran who is haunted by the horrors of war as he tries to adjust to civilian life.  This is a hallucinatory nightmare world of PTSD that Roger Ebert called a "thoroughly painful and depressing experience" and one that was "powerfully written, directed and acted."  The supporting cast includes Elizabeth Peña, Danny Aiello, Jason Alexander and, in smaller roles, Kyle Gass from Tenacious D and Macaulay Culkin.  Although it was not a huge hit when it was released, it has since become a cult classic and has influenced the likes of the Silent Hill videogame franchise and films like The Sixth Sense.  Another Film Club film that I have yet to experience but am looking forward to doing so.

according to this, you're already dead.
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Manufacturers Super Cup 2020.  This Wednesday October 21st.
Xero Gas Motorsport presents……
The Manufacturers Super Cup 2020.
This October 21st sees the Manufacturers Super Cup return to San Andreas for nine races over three classes.
To qualify to compete a manufacturer must produce a car in all of the three classes, Supers, Sports and Sports Classics. The 6 main manufacturers entering this year will be Benefactor, Grotti, Ocelot, Dewbauchee, Annis and Lampadati. Competitors pick a manufacturer and can only race cars from that manufacturer all night. 
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Testing Tuesday with DAMN
When: Every Tuesday starting around 8-9pm UTC (9-10 UK). Most weeks pre-lobby at 8:30pm UTC and start at 9pm UTC (10pm UK)
Host:  @ajbns87 of DAMN (or someone else) PSN; ajbns87
What: A mix of new jobs (in freeaim).
We are welcome to join!


Discussion thread:

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Monday Motor Mayhem Mischief and Merriment
Monday Motor Mayhem, Mischief, and Merriment (M5)
A racing and driving focused weekly playlist that is in the evening EU time.
May have the occasional combat or adversary job, but again vehicle focused. 
While it may bear some striking similarities to TNT, and may even feature some of the same events, it most decidedly isn't TNT. It doesn't happen on Thursday.
A chance to enjoy the whole range of vehicles in the game, not just the best 5% of them.
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Crew Challenge 221 - Sharon Stone
Crew Challenge 221 - Sharon Stone
A 2 player team time trial, in custom sports. Teammates must use different vehicles please. As usual sign up now and we'll draw semi-random teams later. Recent winning pairs will be excluded, (Skorp & Lann CC219, Ally & Me CC217, Ally & Lann CC 215)
The track is Sharonstone Circuit (I assume the name was just beacuse it sounds a bit like Silverstone)
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Sunday Racing - RSC Tier Championship
RSC Sunday Racing League
We would like to send out a invitation.
Each Sunday...
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Two Brothers Playlist (GTA & RDR)
2 Brothers Playlist!! The most popular playlist in the universe!
Special Rules for Event/s: No BPH, No Lester, Have Fun
Description of Event/s: A mix of every type of job out there, Both R* & Crew created along with random jobs from RSC.

Two Brothers Playlist (GTA & RDR)

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Let's bring back TGIF. Well kind of ...
It shall be called:
T(he) G(r)I(nd) F(riday).
A lot of us, probably most, don't really play this game daily for hours, like we used to, yet we still need those millions to buy the next car for Sunday racing or all the new clothing with the next update ...

Let's open a beer (or two, or three, ... who's counting anyway 😒), sit back on a Friday night and make some money together.

Did yor bunker fill up during weekly playlist?

Have you got another shipment of Coke/Meth to distribute, but you don't really feel like flying Dodos for 25-30 minutes around the map by yourself?

Have you accidentally completed a car collection that you want to get rid of?

Have you grinded solo collecting crates during the week and filled a warehouse perhaps?

Do you just want to try some non-solo missions that are perhaps even double $ this week?

Everything goes, as long as it makes good money, can't be done solo (or is much easier/faster with a group) and is just easier, faster or even pays more with more players in the lobby.


Well, Friday night, duh. It starts as soon as one of us opens an empty public lobby and announces it in the shoutbox. Everyone else just joins on that player or asks for an invite in the shoutbox. It ends in the early morning hours Pacific times, when 2 Bros pass out from too much beer/whiskey. But generally, let's aim for the majority of sales/jobs to happen during the 20:00-22:00 UTC window for euro folks and ??-?? for US folks.

Let's make it a reoccuring weekly thing.


Crew and well behaved friends welcome.


I can volunteer to be an unofficial host (if needed), but it's mostly a freeroam lobby event, come and go as you please type of event.


During the week, drop your name down if you plan to attend, write down what will you need help with and when do you plan to join, so that we can go through the business side of the things first, by grouping ourselves into groups of 3-4 depending on the tasks. Once we're done with the sales, we can move on to double $ jobs or whatever.


Anything else I'm forgetting?

Thoughts, comments, suggestions, interested? ...
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Post in Lann’s Paint Shop
Weekly update

Cadillac White Diamond (hex by Jusa93)


Join the crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/

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Fall Guys Friday
Every Friday 20:00 GMT
Come and joins us for some fun with FALL GUY FRIDAYS!!!
This will be a casual event that players can drop in and out of, just post below if you are interested so I can make sure you are on my friends list. If you are reading this and considering joining in, just sign up and come along.

If you are a noob, great, so am I. If you are a pro, great, I could use some advice!

Due to Fortnite being cross platform this event is open to PS4, XBOX, Switch and PC players.

The night will be split into 3 parts...

1. Creative Warm up

We will kick off in Creative on a custom map. This will be a warm up session we use whilst people arrive, just jump in and start killing people or just chill out in the Safe Zone.

2. Creative Maps

Created a new Island you want us to try? Maybe you have found a great new Island Code we can try out? Once we are all in we will play about on some new maps.

3. Battle Royale

We will end the night with some Battle Royale, either splitting into Squads or Duos or maybe some Zone wars.


*This event has no affiliation with other Fortnite Friday or Firday Night Fortnite competitions, it is just RSC members getting together for some fun & practice in Fortnite on a Friday.
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Whacked Out Wednesdays (GTA & RDR)
Whacked Out Wednesdays!!! Join the wildest playlist every week! Dress your wildest!!!
This playlist is open for any crew member to host a one off playlist or event in GTA, RDR2 or any other game enough crew members may be playing, at the scheduled time. If you would like to try hosting or have done it before but can't commit to a regular playlist, simply let DJ know what your would like to do and which date and we can slot you into the upcoming schedule


Whacked Out Wednesdays (GTA & RDR)
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Rigged Random Car Extravaganza Pt4
Come and join us on Wednesday 14th October at 8 PM British time for Part 4 of the Rigged Random Car Extravaganza. After a meet up in free roam we will launch into a playlist of races where you will only know what car we will be racing each race when we get to the race lobbies.....
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GT Sport Racing
Monday night Racing on GT Sport at 19:00 UTC (20:00 UK time).
Join a friendly group of GTS racers for a mixture of one off nights in different cars or classes and ongoing tournaments on GT Sport.

For more details see the GTRC Crew section whic is open for all to join: www.rockstarsocialclub.net/crews/6-gtrc-gran-turismo-racing-club or message @Mythaga 

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Post in Lann’s Paint Shop
Weekly update

Prugna Metallizzato

Here shown on a Turismo Classic, with a Straw Brown pearl.

Join the crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/

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Xero Gas Presents the 90s Sports Car Cup. October 7th
Videos are up!!!! Come check out the racing!! Thank You Everyone that joined!!
This Wednesday October 7th Xero Gas Motorsport invites you to relive the heady days of the decade we all remember so fondly  with the 90s Sports Car Cup here in Los Santos.  We'll be putting the Jester Classic, the Sentinel Classic and the Comet Retro Custom through their paces over a playlist of 9 contact races on PS4. 

Competitors must race each car three times but can do so in whichever order they choose.  This should make for a varied grid of naturally aspirated, boxer and turbocharged rear wheel drive a*se out action that makes us question why  we ever thought contact racing was a good idea.

Its beneficial if you own all three cars but not completely necessary as we will set the races to GTA mode so the more skint among us can borrow a car every now and then.  Please let us know when signing up if you'll need to borrow an occasional car.

Pictured:  Comet Retros and Sentinel Classics battling it out at LSIA in 1993. This was the year the Jesters were disqualified for not embracing britpop.

All entries must be sporting racing liveries on the night for historical accuracy (in a fictional universe).  

Kerb boosting and brake boosting are frowned upon.  If you take someone out be polite and wait for them.  Nobody really cares who wins after all, just so long as it's not that guy in the pink and chrome car with neons.

We'll meet at the Xero Gas Warehouse near LSIA in an invite only session.  Add psn  'SKYEDAVE' to make sure you get your invite and to make me feel popular.

The rules of all 90s house parties still apply to this day:  Don't bring the police and don't be a bellend.

The playlist should take about 90 minutes.

Comment below to sign up.  Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.

All are welcome so long as you race clean and don't dominate the chat.

1. @SkyeDave

2. @mulder 



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Fire & Fury
Combat event repeated every Thursday at 21:00 GMT (21:00 UTC (20:00 UTC daylight saving time))
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Crew Challenge 220 - Gangs of Los Santos
Crew Challenge 220 – Gangs of Los Santos
A solo challenge. Do any gang attack. Most kills, with bonuses for special kills, wins. You lose points for dieing. Fastest time as tie breaker, and there's a good chance of a tie, so videos are required.
Any gang attack
Must be done solo
Only hand held weapons allowed
No using vehicles
Save a video ending after the final number of kills and special kills has been shown.

Timing will start from when the "gang attack" message appears and finish when "gang attack PASSED" appears
hours of the end........
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RSC Film Club
HORROR MOVIE NOMINATIONS NEEDED!!!! This month the genre is automatically HORROR!!!
So join us and submit a film! its free and its fun.
A chance to watch and discuss films, maybe your favourites, maybe something you’ve never heard of before, with all your favourite crew mates.

We will be watching one film per month, hopefully giving everyone a chance to watch the film and to have a decent discussion about it before moving on to the next one.
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Post in Lann’s Paint Shop
Weekly update

Cool Blue (hex by kurvenflo)

Here shown on a Tampa.

Join the crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/

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7 years ago
An evening of old school GTA celebrating 7 years (and 1 day) of GTA Online.
A mixed playlist of original R* jobs with settings from 2013.

Limited to 16 players. Or even 8 if there's just a few of us.

No verified jobs, no adversary jobs, no custom jobs, ...

Catchup, slipstream turned on with only cars available at the time (remember Entity?) ... probably best if we go with stock cars too.

We'll do our best to recreate a true October 2013 GTA experience.

I'll list the cars you'll be able to pick, once I have the playlist ready.

Who's in?

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The Iron Giant [RSC Film Club 21]
The winning film for this month's category of animated sci-fi, nominated by @Fido_le_muet, is Brad Bird's directorial debut, The Iron Giant, as chosen by @djw180.
Based on the children's book by poet laureate Ted Hughes, but transposing the action to America, this film poses the question what if a gun had a conscience?  The film, as expected for a Bird movie, has gorgeous animation and real heart and is truly a film for all the family.  It has a great cast, including Harry Connick. Jr, Jennifer Aniston and, as the giant, Vin Diesel.  I've not seen this since close to release, so am excited to revisit what I remember to be a fantastic film.

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Wednesday Night Madness
Adversary Modes with cars, more of a chill laid back evening with silly races and games, and I put it to the Event Planning thread... forgetting to tag Chubb. So it's a little late, but since there's no need for specific vehicles or costumes or anything like that, I figured it would be a good thing to throw up late and let people come. 

Plan is for a Playlist of Adversary Modes and occasional R* made Races to spice it up. Kickoff at 8, the events will depend on how many turn up, but hopefully it's all a good bit of fun for all. 

I'm sorry I don't have more than that, it's not a great design, I just wanted to do something other than standard racing for a bit.

Post below if you'd like to get in!
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Post in Lann’s Paint Shop
Weekly update

Cool Blue (hex by JoonasPRKL)

Here shown on a Schlagen GT. (Applied after Brushed Black Steel, with a Diamond blue pearl.)

Join the crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/

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Crew Challenge 219 - Seoul On Fire
Crew Challenge 219 - Seoul On Fire
Time to see how the newer compacts compare to the Brioso. A 2 player team time trial, in custom compacts. Teammates must use different vehicles please. As usual sign up now and we'll draw semi-random teams later. Recent winning pairs will be excluded, (Ally & Me CC217, Ally & Lann CC 215, Spinn & Dodge CC 213)......
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