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Fun Down Under - Cancelled
FDU & Endurance Extravaganza - Cancelled



Death At Sea -- 4-16 Players
Available in Semi-Auto and Full-Auto versions.
On a structure at sea, with lots of cover and alternate paths to all areas. The mini-map will almost always have enemies visible, but with nothing but a blue background there's no way to know exactly where they are.
Published 01 November 2015 - Last Updated 9 November 2015


Death At Sea 2 -- 2-30 Players
Available in Semi-Auto and Full-Auto versions.
TDM on a structure at sea with lots of cover. The mini-map will almost always have enemies visible, but with nothing but a blue background there's no way to know exactly where they are. This version is larger, with up to 30 players, and 2-4 teams. It also has two versions just like the original.
Published 16 September 2019 - Last Updated .


Midnight Oil -- 2-30 Players
2_0 (1).jpg

This a Last Man Standing deathmatch in the style of a Battle Royale. After a period of time the play area will begin to shrink until it is so small that nobody can hide and a single winner must be decided.
Published 11 November 2023 - Last Updated .


Picture Perfect -- 2-30 Players

Two teams starting with SMGs at opposite ends of the street. Assault SMGs, Assault Shotguns, and a single Special Carbine pickup. Plenty of cover from props and houses. No roof access (hopefully).
Published 26 June 2017 - Last Updated .


Shotgun / Pistol Prison -- 2-12 Players
Available in Pistol and Shotgun versions.
A circular arena filled with either shotguns or pistols, with plenty of cover around the outside and open space in the middle. There are better weapons in the middle as well as a single grenade pickup.
Published 18 December 2016 - Last Updated 15 February 2017


The Pit -- 2-8 Players
A weapon-free melee DM in a circular pit, under 'Shotgun / Pistol Prison' arena. (Starts with Jerry Can)
Published 18 December 2016 - Last Updated _




Demolition Bowl -- 2-16 Players

Everyone starts with a Marksman Pistol, 3 bullets, and a choice vehicles (Sandking, Dune Buggie, Buccaneer, Issi, and Banshee) to enter the arena with. Once you enter, you'll have no way to get a new vehicle, so survival is just as important as destroying the opposition. Although it's possible to shoot the enemy from the starting platforms, it's not recommended since it's long range and you only have 3 bullets.
Published 20 January 2017 - Last Updated 21 February 2017


Glory Holes -- 2-30 Players
Each team starts in a structure with grenade launchers. Players shoot grenades at the opposition structure, aiming for the holes where the players fire from. The structures are floating so there's no way to get away from them. Tip: aim above the holes, there's a video guide in the job thread.

Published 20 October 2015 - Last Updated 20 February 2021


Sniper Bridge -- 2-30 Players
One team tries to run across the bridge while the other team uses heavy sniper rifles to take the runners out. There are gas tanks, gas cylinders, and explosive barrels along the bridge, and plenty of cover.

Published 26 October 2019 - Last Updated 28 October 2019


The Rhinos Broke Free 2.0 -- 2-30 Players

A recreation of the original by ErnYoung, created to rebalance the teams and increase from 16 to 30 players. Some sticky bombs and proximity mines have been added near the road, as well as a few AA turrets for the defending team. I've also reducing the health of the tanks to take only 2 hits, and increased the health of the Barracks trucks so they can take 2-3 hits (Barracks hit count is untested).
Published 13 March 2021 - Last Updated 12 September 2021



Drop Zone - Canals - 2-30 Players
King of the hill mode setup like the R* adversary mode, Drop Zone. Start with a SMG on a platform with planes that can be used to get a parachute but not be removed. SMG, Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Heavy Sniper, Combat MG, Grenade Launcher, and Grenade pickups. Some props added for cover around the target zone.
Published 21 March 2020 - Last Updated 18 April 2021


King of the Highway - 2-30 Players
Using only Assult Rifles, each works to claim the area in the middle of a busy highway while also having a two-star wanted level.
Published 14 October 2023 - Last Updated 11 November 2023


King of the Pyramid - 2-30 Players
Using only melee weapons, climb the pyramid to claim the package (C) on top which is worth 2 points, and hold the two points (A & B) worth 1 point each.
Published 19 June 2021 - Last Updated 15 August 2021




Across The Pond - 30 Players
A fun race using long and wide bridges to get across the Alamo Sea. There are some crossovers and overlaps to keep the race interesting without causing chaos. Includes pit lane.
Published 14 March 2016 - Last Updated 22 March 2020


Across The Pond, Again - 30 Players
A fun race using long and wide bridges to get across the Alamo Sea. The bridges meet at one end, leading to a head on section down the middle of Sandy Shores. Includes pit lane.
Published 12 January 2017 - Last Updated 22 March 2020


Celltowa Circuit - 30 Players
High speeds and wide roads with plenty of straights for contact and slipstream, and just enough corners to keep it interesting.
Published 03 April 2016 - Last Updated 22 March 2020


East Vinewood Nights - 30 Players
Raining and night conditions make this a challenging race for most racers.
Published 21 July 2015 - Last Updated 22 March 2020


East Vinewood Nights 2 - 30 Players

Raining and night conditions on an even more challenging track. Man-made chicane on final straight.
Published 20 September 2015 - Last Updated 18 July 2016


East Vinewood Nights 3 - 30 Players

A combination of the tracks used in the previous races, still in raining and night conditions. The man-made chicane is exactly the same as the previous race.
Published 14 October 2015 - Last Updated 18 July 2016


Go Karting A Mile - 30 Players
Technical track locked to Bifta and Vagrant built on stant props.
Published 1 January 2020 - Last Updated 6 November 2021


Lago Zancudo Speedway -- 30 Players
Figure 8 track with slightly banked bends, and an wide crossover. Includes pit lane and a tower for spectating from.
Published 14 February 2017 - Last Updated 1 March 2017


Legion Circuit - 30 Players

Designed to be fast and wide to allow clean contact racing. There are plenty of straight sections to make a clean pass with or without slipstream, and a mix of different corners. Includes pit lane.
Published 9 March 2017 - Last Updated 22 March 2020


Mirror Park Circuit - 30 Players

Short race around and through Mirror Park.
Published 8 June 2017 - Last Updated 22 March 2020


Penris Circuit - 30 Players
Technical track around the Downtown area with wide and long straights, using stunt props to level off some rough sections of track. Includes pit lane.
Published 24 September 2015 - Last Updated 22 March 2020


Port To Port -- 30 Players
A winding track starting at LSIA, going towards Merryweather and heading back to LSIA, overlapping the track in opposite direction.

Published 04 August 2015 - Last Updated 18 July 2015


Rockford Crossing - 30 Players
A land race around Rockford Plaza with frequent crossing and head on sections, and rocket pick-ups throughout.

Published 16 April 2016 - Last Updated 22 March 2020


Rockford GP -- 30 Players

A basic race with some fast corners, locked to supers. There is a man-made chicane heading towards the final corner.
Published 02 June 2015 - Last Updated 16 June 2015


Rockford GP (Reverse) -- 30 Players
A recreation of the original Rockford GP, in reverse.
Published 01 March 2016 - Last Updated _


Sandy Enduro -- 30 Players

Very long straights and sudden, tight corners. The track overlaps and crosses over around some of the corners. Includes pit lane.
Published 21 July 2015 - Last Updated 7 March 2016


Up Your Alley -- 30 Players
A recreation of the tuner race by R* that allows 1 to 30 players. Note that one of the shortcuts from the original isn't in this due to a solid fence that can't be removed.
Published 23 July 2021 - Last Updated 15 August 2021


Wealthview GP -- 30 Players
Challenging corners, bumpy roads, winding narrow streets, and fast cars.
Published 15 September 2015 - Last Updated 25 March 2020




Droppin' Up Sandkings -- 30 Players
Locked to Sandkings.
This track is a basic mix of road - off road. The off road sections can be challenging if you approach incorrectly.

Published 23 July 2015 - Last Updated 22 November 2015


San Chianski Sunrise -- 30 Players

Off road racing isn't always about speed, but is always about control. This a challenging but easy to follow race, recommended for larger off-road vehicles. Includes solid fencing to "catch" cars over-shooting in some sections.
Published 10 November 2015 - Last Updated 20 November 2016




Rockford Corners -- 30 Players
A very short track with frequent and tight corners.

Published 10 August 2015 - Last Updated 5 January 2017


Vinewood Bikes -- 30 Players
A high speed motorcycle race through Vinewood Hills, where two wheels are needed.
Published 21 June 2015 - Last Updated 26 June 2015




Down The Other Drain - 30 Players
Similar to Rockstar's "Down The Drain". Several crossovers, overlaps, and head on sections. Designed for Bifta's.
Published 10 March 2016 - Last Updated 31 August 2019


Rockford Crossing (GTA) - 30 Players
A land race on elevated stunt track pieces based on the original Rockford Crossing (above). This version is mostly flat so rockets work better.
Published 25 September 2016 - Last Updated 22 March 2020


The *ss Puncher 2.0 -- 30 Players
This race is meant to be a fun contact race filled with *ss punching carnage. For added fun, avoid respawning! See thread for available vehicles.
Published 12 January 2017 - Last Updated 8 June 2017


The Great Escape -- 30 Players
A long point-to-point race in Guardians starting in Fort Zancudo traveling along a mixture of on and off road sections ending at Sandy Shores Air Field.
Published 15 August 2015 - Last Updated 7 March 2016


Traffic Jam -- 30 Players
Over-laps, cross-overs, heavy traffic, rockets, and a track that requires focus. You will encounter a traffic jam.
Published 13 August 2015 - Last Updated 15 August 2015


Tug-Huh-War -- 30 Players
A maze filled with rockets in a slow Air Tug. Usually a chaotic GTA race.
Published 19 September 2015 - Last Updated 26 September 2015




Off The Radar: Industrial - 30 Players

Race over the industrial area of East Los Santos ducking and dodging bridges, buildings, and power poles. Locked to Buzzard and Besra.
Published 8 June 2017 - Last Updated 26 June 2017


Off The Radar: Senora - 30 Players

Race over the Grand Senora Desert dodging power poles, and circling the prison.
Published 20 June 2017 - Last Updated _


Wiwang Whirlies - 30 Players
A basic air race that goes between and around the towers of Los Santos. Locked to the Buzzard.
Published 03 April 2016 - Last Updated _




Marina Madness - 30 Players
Tight corners and fast boats in the Vespucci Canals. What could go wrong?
Published 18 January 2016 - Last Updated 1 February 2016




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