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Rockford GP


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Max. Players: 30
Default Laps: 3
Average Lap Time: 1m:50s
Time of Day: Afternoon
Weather: Current
Traffic: Off
Published: 02 June 2015
Last Updated: 16 June 2015


The streets surrounding Rockford Hills are far from a smooth drive. Take your low-gliding super car to these streets in a high speed race, but stay focused because one wrong move is all it takes.


This race is all about speed, both on straights and corners. Most corners can be taken fast, but there are a few that may require slowing down to maintain control. There are a few dips and bumps that can make cornering a challenge in those areas, and being in super cars can turn some of the bumps into car launchers if they direct the racer off the ideal line.


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This is a really nice track Skorpion. 


It's fast & challenging.  There are several corners that bite hard if you don't respect them.

The chicane works well.  It's not too tight & awkward, but it still slows you down & makes you pay attention to it.


CP placement is excellent.  Vulnerable poles have been protected.  Excellent job.

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Excellent first attempt at creating something. It's built as such that one could easily mistake this for someone who's been making stuff for quite a while.


There's some Cps that need fixing (pull closer to corners or build props out further) as well as some that need removing because they pop up far too quickly before a turn leaving you no time to react. There's also some solid concrete barriers that you seemed to have missed and should be stripped, slight inconsistency. Other than those minor and easily correctable issues, this is a great track. Well done.

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: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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This is an awesome track, probably one of my favourites purely because of the high speed crashes you can have if you're not careful! 


Its such a simple track but looks are deceiving. With all the bumps in the road, you need to take it easy or you will lose it in a fairly big way since you're going so fast. It will be interesting to see how the Osiris compares to the Zentorno. 

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