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Demolition Bowl


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Max. Players: 16
Number of Teams: 2
Default Rounds: 1
Maximum Round Time: 7m:00s
Time of Day: Noon
Weather: Clear
Weapons: Forced
Published: 20 January 2017
Last Update: 21 February 2017


You've been given a marksman pistol, 3 bullets, and a choice of vehicles. Now get in there and kill someone!


Everyone starts with a Marksman Pistol, 3 bullets, and a choice vehicles (Sandking, Dune Buggie, Buccaneer, Issi, and Banshee) to enter the arena with. Once you enter, you'll have no way to get a new vehicle, so survival is just as important as destroying the opposition. Although it's possible to shoot the enemy from the starting platforms, it's not recommended since it's long range and you only have 3 bullets.


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This was included in FDU and it seems I overlooked two things during creation. The first is that the marksman pistol is incredibly accurate at long range, so I've changed the floor of the arena to no longer be flat. I've also lowered the platform. The second is the video below, which shouldn't be so easy to do by accident now.


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