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Shotgun / Pistol Prison


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Max. Players: 2-12
Number of Teams: 2-4
Default Time: 5m:00s
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Clear
Weapons: Forced & Pick-Up
Published: 18 December 2016
Last Update: 15 February 2017


Paint the walls with the blood and guts of your victims.


A circular arena filled with either shotguns or pistols, with plenty of cover around the outside and open space in the middle. There are better weapons in the middle as well as a single grenade pickup.


Bookmark Job - Shotgun Prison (Double-Barrel & Sawed-Off Shotguns)
Bookmark Job - Pistol Prison (Pistol & Pistol .50)



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I've made some changes to these jobs to have more cover on the outside sections, but left the middle mostly open. I've also lowered the player limit to 12 so respawns are a little further apart, hopefully this will help with the problem of spawning in a crowded area. The default time has also been reduced to 5 minutes.

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