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The Rhinos Broke Free 2.0


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Max. Players: 30
Number of Teams: 2
Default Rounds: 3
Maximum Round Time: 10m:00s
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Thunder
Weapons: Forced & Pickups
Published: 13 March 2021
Last Update: 12 September 2021


Bazookas defend against an armored assault. - Recreation of original by ErnYoung.


A recreation of the original by ErnYoung, created to rebalance the teams and increase from 16 to 30 players. Some sticky bombs and proximity mines have been added near the road, as well as a few AA turrets for the defending team. I've also reducing the health of the tanks to take only 2 hits, and increased the health of the Barracks trucks so they can take 2-3 hits (Barracks hit count is untested).


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I've removed all Homing Launchers and replaced them with RPGs. I've also removed some of the Proximity Mines (from 5 to 2) as they respawn too fast and allow the defending team to litter the road with them, potentially killing the attackers without even needing to shoot a rocket.

Should be evenly balanced now, but any further feedback is much appreciated.

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