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The Great Escape


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Max. Players: 30
Default Laps: Point to Point
Average Time: -m:--s
Time of Day: Morning
Weather: Clear
Traffic: Off
Wanted Levels: On
Published: 15 August 2015
Last Updated: 07 March 2016


There's a private jet waiting in a hanger at Sandy Shores Air Field, and it'll be ready to take off soon. Escape Fort Zancudo and fight your way to the hanger so you can get one of the few seats on the jet. Anybody that misses the jet (DNFs) will have no escape from the torture they'll face back at Fort Zancudo when they're caught.


Starting at Hanger A1 of Fort Zancudo Air Base, racers make their way around military shipping containers being loaded/unloaded with fragile contents, including armed missiles (explosive barrels added for explosion on impact), before jumping the fence and fleeing to the nearby Sandy Shores Airfield. Racers will find themselves faced with heavy resistance from SAPD and forced to take to the dirt.

Take on any resistance with rockets along the track, so you can safely get to the airfield.


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This race is epic fun and could easily be considered a new favorite.  I noticed nothing that needs to be changed--it works perfectly just as it is and plays out extremely well for a GTA race.  It is similar in style to another personal favorite (Escape the Police from Scotty), but it has its own unique flow and feel.  I also think locking it to the Guardian adds a nice element as that is one vehicle that is seldom used and it just really works well here overall with the whole concept.


Nice one, Skorpion--this is definitely one I will play again and again.

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Thanks LN :) It makes me happy to know the job was enjoyed, and to get such positive feedback :)

Ive been thinking since the playlist that the Guardian worked really well. I was a little unsure about it at first, but Ive been thinking I might leave it locked to the Guardian now.

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Unfortunately I got disconnected for this race during Hatch's PL, but it looked like a lot of fun.

I was able to spectate most of the race, and TBH, is was almost as much fun to watch than actually take part.  :lol:


With most people getting their tyres shot out at some point, it was chaotic, but in a good way.

Nice touch by placing the health pick-ups in the gas station too.  It was still a long race after that point, so most people still had to drive a damaged car at some stage.


Like LN said, this race is similar in concept to Scotty's Escape The Police, but locking it to the Guardian would give it it's own feel.  

Being such a chaotic race, it will probably play out differently each time anyway, so every run would be a unique experience to some degree.


I wasn't able to spectate the very start of the race, so I don't know if the big ramp out of the base caused a problem for anyone.  It wouldn't be hard to fix if you needed to though.

Did the explosives at the first chicane catch a few people out?  They were a lot of fun to test with you prior to publishing, so I hope they played a part in the race.


Looking forward to playing this with a large group.  :)


Here's a snippet of the explosive testing.  


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This was a lot of fun. I know some people had an issue getting enough speed to jump out of the Base. It looked like it takes a full speed run in a Guardian to make the jump. 


I made it without issue. And the race was a lot of fun. 


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Thanks guys :) Ive updated the OP and this is staying locked to the Guardian. Im happy people enjoyed it and that the Guardian worked so well.

The explosives were hit :D I hung back from the crowd on that in hope it'd happen lol. I believe the person that triggered them ended up winning too.

I added another row of ramps to the jump before the playlist. It takes a clean run down the straight to clear it in the Guardian, so a few people had trouble clearing it due to bumping. Hatch and I collided mid-air and landed between the fences, but clear it easily after respawn. In fact, Hatch and I battled it out for the entire race lol.

Im really happy that it was fun chaos, and not frustrating chaos :) Thank you all for the feedback :)

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Finally got to play this with a good sized lobby.  It was great fun, Skorpion. 


I was glad to see the explosives come into play at the start of the race.  Heard a few WTF's from a few players that ran into them.  :lol:

The Guardian is a great choice of vehicle for this type of race.  It's large enough and heavy enough to plough through some police roadblocks, but not too quick, so you can't just drive around and easily get away from the police. 


The big ramp out of the base was fun, especially as there was a collision at the base of it.  Although some of us had to re-spawn and take a 2nd run at it, it didn't feel frustrating at all, probably because it provided some great comedy moments.  :lol:


Being a long race, it never felt like you were constantly getting blown up by enemy rockets, although they were always a threat.

It turned out to be a good combination of a GTA race and a standard race.  Well done.  :)

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