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Off The Radar: Industrial


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Max. Players: 30
Jets (Besra Only), Planes (Mallard), Helicopters (Buzzard Only)
Default Laps: 3
Est. Lap Time: 1:30 - 2m
Time of Day: Morning
Weather: Clear
Traffic: Off
Published: 8 June 2017
Last Updated: 26 June 2017


Remain calm and focused, and above all stay low.


Race over the industrial area of East Los Santos ducking and dodging bridges, buildings, and power poles.

All checkpoints have been spawn tested in all vehicles with no issues.




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After a bit of feedback I've made a few changes to make a few spots a little easier and a few spots a little harder. All new check points have been spawn tested, and I've also added the Mallard for planes.

Map and demo video have been updated in OP.

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Honestly don't worry about it, I think it was just me being a crap pilot, it was on the slalom section so not much you can do anyway to keep the track the same

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