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Droppin' Up Sandkings


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Max. Players: 30
Locked to Sandkings
Default Laps: 2
Average Lap Time: 2m:30s
Time of Day: Morning
Weather: Clear
Traffic: Off
Published: 23 July 2015
Last Updated: 22 November 2015


This track is a mix of road - off road. The off road sections can be challenging if you approach incorrectly.


Each loop starting with a drop and ending with the climb back up. Both loops have different challenges, but are easy in the Sandking.

*Modified on 14 November 2015 to be a Sandking race.


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After running this a few times and finding that it just didnt work, I decided to upgrade it.

-No longer locked to the Patriot, and is now a Sandking race.

-Ive made a few changes to checkpoints, but have kept the layout the same.

-Ive added some props to help guide some corners better, and to create a small climb wall.

There's nothing that I believe to be overly challenging, but would like any feedback.

Ive also moved this to the 'Work in Progress' forum.

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I forgot to comment on this when I ran it a couple of weeks ago.


I really think that changing it to a Sandking race was the best move.  It has a much better flow and the Sandking works really well here and is suited for the track.  Good CP placement, it's a nice challenge but not extreme, and overall I really enjoyed this race.


Nice work, Skorpion.  I honestly can't think of anything that would need to be changed, but I'll run it again soon for a refresher.

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