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Max. Players: 30
Default Laps: 2
Average Lap Time: 3m:10s
Time of Day: Afternoon
Weather: Clear
Traffic: Off
Published: 04 August 2015
Last Updated: 18 July 2015


Race from LSIA to the docks and back. Watch out for those tight corners and two-way streets, or you could find yourself racing to the hospital instead.


Starting at LSIA and going indirectly to the docks before heading directly back to LSIA. There are many tight corners, and several corners with bumps or inclines that make them challenging. There's a single section of 'straight' for high speeds on the return to LSIA, but it's shared with oncoming racers. The track is designed for contact, though recommended non-contact if not a small group.


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This a nice track, Skorpion.  :)


It's quite tricky in a few places, so you really need to pay attention.

Any race that uses props to create man-made chicanes or alternative routes is going to catch a few people out, but if they're done properly, everything will be ok.

When we ran it at night-time, I got caught out a few times, but as soon as we switched to noon, the course worked really well & all the props were clearly visible.


Will be great to try it out with a larger lobby to see how things go with contact on.  

Several sections of track are shared by racers going in either direction, so it could get a bit messy, but should be fun regardless.  :lol:

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