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East Vinewood Nights 1


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Max. Players: 30
Default Laps: 2
Customs: Allowed
Average Lap Time: 2m:00s
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Raining
Traffic: Off
Published: 21 July 2015
Last Updated: 22 March 2020


It's race night in East Vinewood and the racers are ready to hit the track despite the heavy rain that's sure to cause some carnage.


A challenging race with many corners, inclines, and bumps. Created to be a challenge for even the best racers, as the rain can make cornering feel more like a straight line into something solid. This race is set to non-contact and recommended to not be changed unless all those racing know how to handle rain.


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Ok,here we go with my first impressions.

English not being my first language might make things sound rude or harsh, never my intention.


The settings. I like the rain and night combo, I can not handle it well but I like it. Maybe consider setting it to non-contact as default.

I ran it with my Jester and also with my Elegy.

The starting grid. I started with a cone on my bumper, it don’t effect anything but still. Maybe make the grid smaller and fit them all in the side, I had to start turning slightly to the right not to hit the divider.


The use of props. I imagine they are both to protect against sidewalk surfers and poles. I suggest using them only when you really need and be consistent if possible. At cp 10 and 11, the corner is limited by a barrier, but not the light pole. In the middle of cp 11 and 12 there is some props to prevent cutting on the left side, but the pole right there is not protected. A suggestion might be to look if the tirelines (yellow) and the blue barriers are needed?


On first lap I smashed into the concrete barrier on the right side right after cp4, and cp5 felt a bit unnatural first lap around, probably only since I almost cut it too close and almost hit that barrier as well.


As cp 16 is not visable until right before you hit it, I say move it up some (earlier).


There are a few CP/corners where you don’t see the actual corner until you are very close, but you see the cp. Maybe look if the cp placement in relation to the corner is consistent.

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The starting grid puts you into the bollards and the left side has to turn fairly sharp to get away from the barrier.

Because you have blocked off the curb after CP 5, I would recommend another CP after it to indicate that it is a sharp turn. As it is now, it points straight through the barrier that you have there and with the rain, it almost garauntees you will hit it.

I think CP 19 and 20 can be pulled in closer to the corner as well. Because they are a bit further out, it make me take a poor line and with the rain it catches you out. I would also recommend removing those tire lines on the side walk, at least at that place as it is easy to run wide and you will almost always get caught on it.

Personally, I dislike the tire lines altogether now since you get caught on them and need to respawn. They tend to be more of a pain that makes things frustrating instead of helping you.

The barrier at CP 10 i think, the one on the corner in front of the light pole. I think it can be brought closer down the road, but not in front of the light post. The barriers don't need to be on the apex and where it is, it isn't very visible . If it's closer to the light pole, people will be able to see it easily and shouldn't crash into it because clearly the barrier is behind it.

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Have updated this with most problems hopefully fixed, but theres a section that i need to protect poles on down the right side. I wont point out where just because Id like to know if its something people will encounter without being aware of it.

Reason for leaving that section isnt to test if its encountered, but because I ran out of time before PL lol.

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I gave this a run the other night & apart from the issues already pointed out by Lann & Scotty, enjoyed it. I think non-contact is probably the way to go with the rain and the first couple of turns being relatively tight. I'll check out the revised edition this arvo & add notes if there are any issues....I look forward to seeing it in a playlist soon. :)

Please note: The views & opinions in this post come from a complete noob (me) in terms of the creator & a sucky racer, but I likes what I likes.  :D

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Ran quite a few laps of this by myself tonight.  

It's quite fun and addictive trying to squeeze out a good lap with the car sliding all over the place.  :)


The changes you've made in the past all work well now.  Didn't notice any CP or prop issues at all.

Just wish it was called "East Vinewood Days" so I could see where the hell I'm going.  :D

Good job, Skorpion.

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  • 3 years later...

Updated to include new vehicles. Also changed all the props.

I've removed all the concrete barriers from poles and curbs, and have replaced them with stunt props around the entire track for both pole and curb protection as well as visual enhancement.

One of the corners that previously was a single-lane narrow section due to a grass divider has now been made wider with stunt track as well.


Since this has been changed so much, I'd appreciate any feedback and will make further changes if needed.

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