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Vinewood Bikes


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Max. Players: 30
Locked to Motocycles
Default Laps: 3
Average Lap Time: 2m:30s
Time of Day: Morning
Weather: Clear
Traffic: Off
Published: 21 June 2015
Last Updated: 26 June 2015


Hit the winding roads of Vinewood with two wheels and great speed. One wheel you say? Not impossible, but good luck.


This track is designed to give life to motorcycle races. Narrow, winding roads make it hard to do wheelies and turns it into a proper motorcycle race. There are some sharp corners, gentle corners, and a lot of winding sections for speed.


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Awesome job! Everything looks good on it and it is my favourite motorcycle race by far. I hate wheeling constantly and this track takes that away and focuses on proper racing. The akuma will be a very good choice against the Bati 801 which is a rare scenario. Great work.

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Yeah, I agree with Scotty.  It's a great track with a few tricky corners to keep you on your toes.


There are 3 or 4 corners that will probably catch some people out on their first lap, but by the second lap they shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If those corners do become an issue for too many players, you could always place a series of "beach flag" props behind the barriers to give a greater visual alert.


Normally I like the challenge of the narrow Vinewood Hills streets but don't really enjoy racing through them in cars, but it was challenging AND fun on a motorcycle.

The Akuma & Bati both have a chance to use their strengths on this track, so it should come down to the quickest rider, not just the quickest bike.  :)


Love the camera angle at the finish line too.  I cracked up when Lady G went flying over the barriers at the end.   :lol:

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