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How long have you been playing GTAO?
As the title says, And, if you had to start all over again would you?
I've been playing since 2 weeks after launch. I would not start over, can't imagine being a total noob in this game at the point it is in. Back then the biggest threats were Lazers and Rhinos and you didn't have to have a ton of businesses. I get ticked at my in game phone going off for the couple things I don't own, I would throw my controller at it if I had no businesses and it ran every 2 minutes.

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How do you deal with the griefers and trolls??
I have 3 basic methods of dealling with them..


If I am better than they are I keep killing them over and over and over till they leave the lobby.

If they are better than me, I am a camping king and can sit all day until the shot comes to my favor. When they get tired of getting killed by a camper and ride off I let them ride away then follow them, kill them and camp again. Rinse and repeat till they leave the lobby.

If I have my crew in posse we will kill them and anyone even close to the area till they all leave the lobby.

Note that 1 time in a posse of 5 we attacked someone over and over and he/she kick our rears from one end of St. Denis to the other....we deserved it.
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GTAO Crew and Event Pictures
WIf you want to share pics of what your Crew gets up to when they get together in free roam, meet ups or events you can share them here.

I'll kick of with some pics of VANS when they get together for a Futo Nght...

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GTRC Monday Night Racing (GT Sport PS4)
Monday Nights 20:00 UTC PS4

Come and join us on Monday Nights for some fun and friendly racing on Gran Turismo Sport. We run themed nights and on going championships open for all. Livery creation for events is also encouraged so come and show your artistic flair too.

We have a range of hosts from different groups and crews including Mythaga, ajh_1990, Squirrel_Army and PaulieWantsBlood who each run slightly different styled events.

This week we will be racing Japanese cars and using Myth's Tyre Handicap System to level the playing field.

Just post below if you are interested in getting involved!

See you there 🙂

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