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Sons Of Chaos [SoC]

Marx Maddox

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SOCIAL CLUB : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/socc_mc/wall


"We Stand United In Our Cause To Reclaim Liberty City, From The Scurge Of Society.
Through Respect, Brotherhood and Loyalty. We Raise Our Hand To One Nation.
As The New Order Of Things To Come. 
Together, We Will Destroy The Betrayers Of Lady Justice.
And Restore Her, To Her Rightful Place.
Atop The Thrown. Of Liberty"

- CiTi-ZEN (2010)



- Genesis I || II  Exodus - (Description: Public Blurb)

In 2010, The Sons of Chaos MC would make it's debut in Grand Theft Auto IV : Online Multiplayer. 
Sebouzer, CiTi-ZEN, RedCrow, BarryWhiteJr, Conzo, MrPain, Zeus, Rocketman, Danger, amongst others ran the cold dark streets of Liberty City.
With the only intention of bringing liberty through chaos to the land that lay beneath their steel.

In just under Nine years of its original Inception. The Sons Of Chaos re-emerged, after being removed from activity for  nearly Five years.
Arriving on the opposite coast of which they were once born.
The San Andreas charter upraises with the same principles in mind.

The son of Barry White Jr,  "Cutty Christmas"
created the synopsis to bring back his fathers beloved club.

Restabilising the club In foreign land to which it had once known,
meant finding the right sons to fit the cut and fill the shoes of the San Andreas Charter.

He approached "The Lost King" himself, "TheWordIsMarc" 
to be the man behind the gavel so that he. Cutty Christmas. Could be the man behind the trigger.

Next he approached the "Billy the Kid" of the group, "Posh"
to be patched and ready whenever he could be called upon. 

The finding of "TheWordIsMarc"  "Posh" was no easy feat.
From 2013, Cutty had spent Six years grinding his way through. Watching brothers and sisters
fall to the cause which he gave his life to.
In order to bring back his fathers beloved club.

[Complete Chapter - Exodus - Available Soon]


The chairs are open and the patches are sown. But do you have what it takes to be.
A Son of Chaos?

- Current Charters & Status - 

[Current Status: ???]

[Established : 2010]
All Of The Original
20%ers Assumed Deceased


[Current Status - Active | Recruiting]
[Established : 2019]

[Please Contact :- TheWordIsMarc / LK-Cutty] 

President - TheWordIsMarc
Vice President - N/A

Sgt In Arms - Cutty Christmas [Son Of 20%er]
Secretary - N/A
Treasurer - N/A
Enforcer - N/A
Road Captain - N/A 


The Sons of Chaos MC [SoC] is looking for members who embrace the biker culture. We provide the opportunity to get involved in "Role-Play" & "Play as a Player" activities.
Have your spoke on your character and give us their story as you make your way through the world as a member of the Sons of Chaos! 

- ["Feet In The Dirt" Video / Breakdown] - 
[Coming Soon]


The Unfortunate Sons 

- Announcement -
[Coming Soon]

[More Updates & Announcements To Come - Stay Tuned!]




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Been riding with them for years, always been active and very great friends. We always talk on discord and schedule days ahead of time to play, being a part of the webisodes is very cool to see.

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[PS4] SONS OF CHAOS MC 89203143-4247-428-E-8818-64-BA96216-CAF.

The Sons of Chaos MC are now recruiting!

Please use the document attached to find information regarding our club and the link to our Social Club page. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to message me @Ghostavelli_ or @Cutty for more information.

Sons of Chaos MC Information Document

Sons of Chaos MC Rockstar Social Club Page

If you would like to apply to hangaround for Sons of Chaos MC simply message me @Ghostavelli_ or @Cutty.Thank you. 




Sons of Chaos MC Vice President

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