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Daily Challenges


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What's your opinion on these?

I quite like them in principle, it's giving me something to do and getting me to try a few things I don't normally do and even learn a bit more about the game. I have entered some free roam events for the first time. Not that impressed with them but worth trying (too many other players just going round getting kills rather than trying to do whatever the objective is). Also I never knew you could sell herbs to a doctor until I got a challenge to sell herbs.

Some aren't very challenging though. Like the above selling herbs / feathers / meat / pelts is simple. The easiest I have done is join a gun rush. That is literally all I had do, join it, not finish it. In fact I got kicked or disconnected from the lobby, didn't even start it and yet it still counted as completing the challenge.

Others are too challenging for me, like having to win a free roam event, it's highly unlikely I am ever going to manage that. Some are annoying, kill 5 players with a weapon I do not own. I don't see it being worth buying that just for these and I don't really want to do that in free roam anyway (unless I'm attacked and have to defend myself). If it can be done from a showdown then that's fine, but with the current system of course if you just join a showdown you've no idea if it's going to have the weapon you want available. 

I quite like the hunting specific animal / gathering specific herb. But they can take a lot of time and if I was just doing this for the gold and XP then it probably wouldn't be worth it. In the time it takes me to find the specific animals / plants and gather the right amount I probably could have earned more money just hunting / fishing anything and got more XP from a stranger mission.

I have only completed all 7 once and did not notice any bonus for doing them all. Anyone know if there are bonuses for completing them all, completing all for a week etc? 

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I enjoy trying to get as many done as I can, for the most part it is easy XP. I have not done all 7 in a day yet so can not comment on the bonus for all. I do like the fact they are widely spread from super easy to super tough.

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