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Van Society Midweek Motorsport

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Van Society Midweek Motorsport

Every Wednesday at 20:00 GMT the Van Society holds a motorsport based event for its members and guests. The night usually begins with a meet up in free roam before moving on to a playlist of jobs and races.

Our events may include contact racing, performance testing, free roam games, themed race nights and championships. See below for details of our regular events…

Van Society Race Nights

Themed race nights featuring a specific class, manufacturer, vehicle, location or whatever else we can come up with. We race these nights with contact on and organised grids.

Mystery Car

Find the hidden car in free roam with some clues and hints from the host. Once the car is discovered we all purchase the car and take it to Los Santos Customs before launching playlist of races in the Mystery Car.

Top Gear Class War

Find the best in class as we test vehicles on speed, handling, braking, acceleration, value, style and more with each player in a different car from the same class. We finish the night with a few races usually swapping cars with each other so we each get to race very car on the night.

Top Gear Reasonably Priced Car

We pick a Reasonably Priced car to purchase in advance and race for the evening. The car will always cost under $100,000.

Top Gear Challenge

Take a vehicle (or 3) and put them through a series of challenges and races suited to that vehicle in free roam and in user created jobs. Dress to impress and make sure your car matches too.

Free Roam Events

We also occasionally abandon the races and spend the evening in free roam with Off Road, Impromptu Racing and Fugitive nights.

Get Involved

We run a mixture of public and private events here on RSC, if you are interested in getting involved just post below.

If you do not have access to our crew area on RockstarSocialClub.net you can check out our up coming and previous events on our website VanSociety.net.

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If you want to get involved & join our events make a post in our public recruitment thread


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