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Just a quick survey before I go ahead with a 6 week championship in a week or two:

A) Do you already own or have access to a free ($0) Sprunk Buffalo (it's free to returning players, $535k otherwise)?

B) Do you own a custom Hotring Sabre?

C) Do you own one of the rally cars: GB200, Tropos Rallye, Omnis, Comet Safari?

D) Do you own a Savestra or a Retinue, if not would you be willing to buy one? ($990k or $615k)

E) Do you own one of these sports cars: Jester Racecar, Massacro Racecar, Schlagen GT, 8F Drafter?

Thank you!


In other news, only 4 days until the multiclass endurance extravaganza!

Happy Jennifer Aniston GIF

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I think I have one for each of those questions.

Recently spent over $15M on new cars as I was often having to run a stock car in crew and community PL's. Near doubled my collection :classic_smile:

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Hey @AlexHat29, @Joyrider1, @Noelly @Wilkibob.  @Warriors-Ten @CatManDoza, @badingaaa @Eser1985 oe anyone else  Now I know this looks incredibly complicated and may have put you off but it's essentially just a case of picking two cars, one for each race and @zmurko will take care of the rest.  If any of you fancy a couple of races on Sunday night then give us a shout.  There's a few cars free and I'd like to offer up wither of my or @mulders car choices too as we can change if it'd make anyone more likely to come along. (Mulder doesn't know this but he willl soon)

I'll even promise to talk less than usual.


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Great. Only GT1 in Retro race is a little thin now, so next one to join gets placed there (Comet Retro, Sentinel Classic, Jester Classic or Rapid GT Classic).

@DavidCore89 Dont worry about it, I'm sure 80% of participants don't either. :classic_laugh: It's pretty simple in practice, just complicated to explain I guess.

@Lann you're in the Impaler now. (I tested the Savestra and it's a little OP in the class, guess the roads really suit her), but the Impaler is a lot more "fun" to drive. :classic_laugh:

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