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F*** it! I'm abandoning the multiclass aspect of tomorrow's SRL. I've given up on making a working PL.

We'll just do Sports Classics all night. Sorry if anyone already had to buy a car, I promise you'll get to use it soon enough.

You don't have to own any specific cars, but it helps if you have a good selection of custom Sports Classics. If you don't, don't worry, one will be provided for you.

Here's a playlist:


We'll use a wide variety of Sports Classics through the evening, mostly having just 2 going against each other in a single race.

Turismo Classic vs Cheetah

Infernus Classic vs Stirling GT vs Retinue Mk II

A one make Rapid GT Classic race

sw*nger vs Torero

Savestra vs Retinue

Casco vs Monroe

We'll still be using a reverse starting grid order:

- whoever finishes last, starts the next race on pole position, second to last starts 2nd, ... winner starts in last position.- I'll be calling out names from pole to last position and everyone forms a single file line (to reduce pile ups in the first corner)

- I'll call out a starting time, after which the person on pole position can start the race at anytime. Do not start moving before the car in front of you starts moving as well. Let's call this a rolling start of some kind. Hopefully this will allow for a much cleaner start of the races.


I've updated the OP as well.


P.S. Depending on the time left when we're done with the PL, we might run one more race with the multiclass aspect and at least try the method. Maybe put an Itali GTO against an RE-7B or Turismo Classic vs Bestia GTS or something. I have a working PL to set this one race up and also try out a fresh new track.

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20 hours ago, zmurko said:

 @Protocawl, were you perhaps succesful in creating a PL with the jobs in correct order?

Nope, no luck for me either. R* seems to be adamant about setting these particular jobs in a very particular shuffled order every single time, no matter if it's a new PL or just an edited old PL or whether there are any extra jobs in the mix or not.

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Looks like there's no calendar entry for SRL. Is that intentional or just something that was overlooked (or postponed due to the imminent turning of the clocks)?

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1 hour ago, Protocawl said:

Looks like there's no calendar entry for SRL. Is that intentional or just something that was overlooked (or postponed due to the imminent turning of the clocks)?

I think it was just overlooked, as this thread was created well in advance and when I finally posted the details for the first one, forgot all about the calendar. Thanks for reminding me.

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