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S U N D A Y   R A C I N G   L E A G U E

Every Sunday at 20:00 UTC, hosted by zmurko.

Look for event details for each week in next post.


Racing calendar:





25th: Sports Classics Duels


1st: No SRL because of a H2H already scheduled.

8th: "Mega Multicrew Multiclass Endurance Extravaganza Event"

15th: Open Mixed PL

22nd: MMSC 1/6

29th: MMSC 2/6


6th: MMSC 3/6

13th: MMSC 4/6

20th: MMSC 5/6

27th: reserved for a potential snow event


January 2021

3rd: MMSC Finals (6/6)

10th: Tier drop PL

24th: Pfister vs Grotti duel

31st: Endurance race

February 2021

7th: Original muscles

14th: Little giants PL

21st: Japan PL

28th: Rally PL

March 2021

Multiclass Non-contact championship

April 2021 and onwards to be revealed later. GT, One-make, Manufacturers championships, Country themed PL, relay racing and more ...


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Sunday, 21st of February at 21:00 UTC (9PM UK, 10PM CET)

This upcoming Sunday we're travelling to the land of the rising sun and experiencing products of their automotive industry and racing tracks, so it's time for a



Names like Dinka, Karin, Annis and Maibatsu are well established among the racing community and we'll surely see why. Not everything planned will go through, as I had problems finding suitable tracks with japanese name/theme/location, but still 8 interesting races planned.

You only need 2 cars for the non-contact races planned, you will be able to borrow everything else, so everyone can join.

Races planned:

1. ETR1
2. Penumbra FF
3. Jester Classic
4. Sugoi
5. Futo
6. Elegy RH8 & Sultan Classic
7. Non-contact race in a Savestra or 190z (depending on which one most own)
8. Non-contact race with one of these 2 cars:
   - Elegy Retro Custom & Jester (Racecar) (only need one of them)






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New event details
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Sports Classics Duels

25th of October at 20:00 UTC

We'll use a wide variety of Sports Classics through the evening, mostly having just 2 going against each other in a single race.

You don't have to own any specific cars, but it helps if you have a good selection of custom Sports Classics. If you don't, don't worry, one will be provided for you. Planned duels:

Turismo Classic vs Cheetah

Sw i nger vs Torero

Savestra vs Retinue

Casco vs Monroe

Infernus Classic vs Stirling GT vs Retinue Mk II

one make Rapid GT Classic race




MMMEEE, Mega Multicrew Multiclass Endurance Extravaganza Event

8th of November 2020 at 21:00 UTC

Manufacturers and cars


Car Manufacturer Class Tier Drivers
S80RR Annis Supers GT1 @Con & @djw180
Thrax Truffade Supers GT1 @RammsteinDUDE
Itali GTO Grotti Sports GT1 @Fido_le_muet & @Schumi6581
RE-7B Annis Supers GT1  
Paragon R Enus Sports GT2 @Spinnaker1981
Jugular Ocelot Sports GT2  
Itali GTB Custom Progen Supers GT2 @Lann
Schlagen GT Benefactor Sports GT2 @Protocawl
Novak Lampadati SUVs GT3 @mulder & @CatManDoza
Rebla GTS Ubermacht SUVs GT3 @DavidCore89
Lynx Ocelot Sports GT3 @SkyeDave
Sprunk Buffalo Bravado Sports GT3 @zmurko*


Car Manufacturer Class Tier Drivers
Comet Retro Custom Pfister Sports GT1 @SkyeDave
Sentinel Classic Ubermacht Sports GT1 @CatManDoza
Rapid GT Classic Dewbauchee Sports Classics GT1 @mulder
Jester Classic Dinka Sports GT1 @djw180
Savestra Annis Sports Classics GT2  
Zion Classic Ubermacht Sports Classics GT2 @zmurko*
Impaler Declasse Muscle GT2 @Lann
Retinue Vapid Sports Classics GT2 @DavidCore89 & @Schumi6581
GT500 Grotti Sports Classics GT3 @Spinnaker1981 & @Fido_le_muet
Mamba Declasse Sports Classics GT3 @Protocawl
Gauntlet Classic Bravado Muscle GT3 @Con
Michelli GT Lampadati Sports Classics GT3 @RammsteinDUDE

Racing track:

Le Chaparral 24h

Starting procedure (Le Mans start):

Cars in both races will be parked diagonally on the start/finish line and drivers will start on foot across the track. On the explosion set by the organizers, drivers will run across the track, get in their cars, start the engines and set off, trying not to run over any of the drivers still on foot or crash into other cars fighting for a good start of the race.

Race procedure:

Everyone is required to take one mandatory pit stop during each race.

A courtesy blue flag rule will be applied for lapping slower cars, please use your horn/voice to alert the driver you're about to lap when closing in. They are not required to let you through immediately (as they might be fighting for a position with someone else), but they are also not allowed to actively defend their position. Basically, don't be a jerk and hold up faster cars and let them pass as safely as possible as soon as possible.                     
What are the participants expected to do before and during the event:
- pick one of the modern cars and one of the retro/classic cars from the above list of eligible cars provided by manufacturers, pick an alternative as well in case someone can't afford a new car and doesn't own any of the remaining cars
- you must apply a racing livery with a visible racing number on these 2 cars and have them fully upgraded and ready to race with (all cars have that option)
- you will only be competing against other cars in your chosen tier, so pick the tier/car you feel most comfortable in
- you can race in different tiers in each race

- you are not allowed to respawn during an actual race, but try to make it back on track wihout respawning. If there's no way of doing that (or if you actually die and respawn in the wrong car), please make it to the start finish/line and hopefully there will still be cars parked there and you can change your car for a different one (this should simulate a serious mechanical breakdown during an endurance event and costing you time in the process)



Open Mixed PL

15th of November at 21:00 UTC, hosted by @zmurko

3 non-contact races, 4 clean contact races and a dirty, everything goes, Hotring race. Pick any car you want in every race, except the Rally race and Hotring Sabre race obviously.

AGES Rally Championship, Non-contact, Rally cars, no Issi Sport!, 5 laps
Grapeseed GP, Muscle, 5 laps
LS River Raceway, Compacts, 6 laps
Pisswasser Mountain, Sports Classics, 2 laps
West Mirror GP, SUVs, 6 laps
KiDo Raceway, Supers, Non-contact, 4 laps
Loop the Observatory, SportsNon-contact, 2 laps
Lago Zancudo Speedway, Hotring Sabre, Dirty race, 15 laps

All that will be required is that top 3 places from previous race move to the back of the grid and we go on 0:30s, except in non-contact races, where we just go.


Sunday, 10th of January at 21:00 UTC (9PM UK, 10PM CET)

Tier Drop PL

How it works?

We all start in best of the class cars in the first race.

In the next race, everyone who finished in top half in the first race moves a tier down and uses a slighty slower car.

In the next race, again, everyone who finished in top half in the second race moves a tier down and uses a slighty slower car than in previous race.

We continue with this in every race after, so anyone that finishes in top half moves a tier down in the next race, all the way until the end of the playlist.

At some point we should in theory be all on the same pace, after our fastest drivers move enough tiers down to a slow enough car for their skill level.

What cars will we be using?

We'll be racing in Sports Classics all night, so here is a complete breakdown of tiers we'll be following:

First tier (S1)

Grotti Turismo Classic
Grotti Chettah Classic

Second tier (S2)

Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic

Third tier (A)

Pegassi Infernus Classic
Vapid Retinue MkII
Benefactor Stirling GT
Ocelot sw*nger
Pegassi Torero

Fourth tier (B1)

Lampadati Viseris

Fifth tier (B2)

Annis Savestra
Vapid Retinue
Ubermacht Zion Classic
Lampadati Pigalle
Truffade Z-Type

Sixth tier (C)

Karin 190z
Lampadati Casco
Pegassi Monroe
Invetero Coquette Classic

Seventh tier (D)

Lampadati Michelli GT
Declasse Mamba
Grotti Stinger GT
Grotti GT500
RUNE Cheburek
Dewbauchee JB 700

Eighth tier (E)

Vulcar Nebula Turbo
Vapid Peyote Custom
Albany Franken Stange
Albany Roosevelt (Valor)
or anything slower from tiers F, G or H

I've used tiers breakdown by Mr. Brofi as a reference, but split 2 of them up so we don't need to dive into the horrible tiers of F, G or H. Therefore the worst you can be driving next Sunday in the last race (by finishing in top half in every race) is a Vulcar Nebula.

I have at least 1 car from every tier, so if there's a case that everyone who should be in a certain tier doesnt have any of the cars from that tier, I'll join them and spawn cars for all of them, but hopefully at least 1 driver in each tier will have a custom car from that tier.

Race procedure:

We'll wait at every start and make sure everyone has a custom car to use from a tier they're supposed to be racing with, so make sure to let us know if you don't have a custom car at any point to choose from, so someone will spawn one for you. Then we'll arrange a grid by letting slower tiers in front and faster tiers at the back and go on a sticky bomb explosion.

Tracks we'll be using (not necessarly in this order):

The Great Castle of Seeds by dnbwarrior13

Hazel Run by Fachuro

Blue Lagoon GP by dnbwarrior13

OI' 68 Grand Prix by Brady_Imawesome

Ad Legata by threejr3

West Mirror GP 2020 by soccerballin

Gordodrome 2019 by jbcarfreek

Chasing Ghosts by dirty4749


This upcoming Sunday on SRL (24th of January 2021):


mlHRpef.png Grotti vs Pfister xzY7jYw.png



We will once and for all decide which is better, a Ferrari or a Porsche. As it turns out, there's 3 sets of each manufacturers cars that are pretty close together on pace, which we will take full advantage of. The showdown will be in 3 tiers.


Grotti Turismo R vs Pfister Comet RS


Grotti Cheetah vs Pfister 811 or Pfister Neon


Grotti Turismo Classic, Grotti Cheetah Classic or Grotti Carbonizzare vs Pfister Comet or Pfister Comet Retro Custom

Sign up for a Manufacturer (Grotti or Pfister) and have a custom car from each tier ready to race with on Sunday. We will aim to have the same number of drivers for each manufacturer. I'll assign myself last in case there's a need to balance the teams.

You will be collecting points for your chosen manufacturer and at the end of the night a winner will be declared, manufacturer that collects most points.



Sunday, 31st of January at 21:00 UTC (9PM UK, 10PM CET)

7th Anniversary Endurance race

This upcoming week, we are celebrating 7th anniversary of Domestic Battery and have historical playlists held throughout the week and it will be the same for SRL as well.

We will re-create what was I believe my first themed racing event I've ever hosted, an endurance race that happened almost 6 years ago in February 2015. I couldn't find any written proof of the event (probably got lost during the transfer), but there is a topic about the track used in the event (with a little history written in there):


The original track is gone as well (layout photo is still present in the track's topic), as I have renovated it in 2017, but there is a list of participants mentioned in there:

@DeaD_GooN (winner), @Dodge (2nd place), @Onrefne (3rd), @Fido_le_muet, @Banketelli, @Nejcm17, @silenttigercd, @Torrid, @chawallace66, @ssracingn2, @Beez, @Gooner@skip_rat and myself.

Cars used in 2015 if I remember correctly were:  9F, Surrano, Comet, Carbonizzare, Alpha, Sultan, Banshee, Coquette and even a Furore GT (by brave silenttigercd).

There was a performance gap present (Goon won in an overpowered 9F), so we will split them up in two tiers (GT1 and GT2) and add some of the cars added since then to expand the choice.

Cars available for the race:



Bestia GTS
Specter (& Custom)
Penumbra FF





Sentinel Classic
Jester Classic

(GT3: Furore GT)

Pick a car, sign a sponsor (any GTA company/brand/business), paint your car to match your sponsor's colour scheme, make it pretty and race ready, sign up with a photo of your car (and sponsor) and show up on Sunday at 8:40-8:45 PM UTC for a group photo at the You Tool megastore near the highway close to Grapeseed.


This upcoming Sunday on SRL we're going back to basics, as it's time for:


Remember 2014? Perhaps even the most popular crew car class? Remember when spoilers didn't do anything? When we didn't know or didn't care of Broughy's testing efforts? When we picked a car we liked and raced with it and it was somehow competitive? When you could steal a car off the street and upgrade it for cheap? Or when there were no stunt props, but lamp posts covered with concrete barriers or tire stacks? You don't?!

Well, let me assure you, it will all come back to you when you hop into one of these cars:

Vapid Dominator

Imponte Ruiner

Declasse Sabre Turbo

Imponte Phoenix

Bravado Gauntlet

Albany Bucaneer

Declasse Vigero

And join us on some of the old school crew tracks that include plenty of dirt roads to challenge your skills of driving an unstable overpowered muscle car against others.

Have at least one of the listed cars ready to race (as there will be at least 1 non-contact race in the PL), but you are free to have and use as many of them as you like and switch between them from race to race. Maybe even ask to borrow some if you'd like to experience them all again, but don't own them anymore.

Only requirement is that if you use a Dominator or a Ruiner, they don't have a spoiler applied to make them balanced with other cars on the list. So if you own these two cars, please remove the spoiler before the PL on Sunday.

Fun fact: Imponte Phoenix is still one of the few cars you can't buy on any of the websites, but have to steal it off the streets. Grand Theft Auto is the name of the game afterall.

I'll post the playlist in the next couple of days. (unless you want it to remain a surprise?)

See you all on Sunday!


Sunday, 14th of February at 21:00 UTC (9PM UK, 10PM CET)

This upcoming Sunday we're going to worship the best cars in the game, as it's time for


Yes, that's right, we're racing compacts. So lose some weight before Sunday, practice some Yoga, as you'll need to spend quite some time squeezed into a small tin can, hunched over a steering wheel that you're hugging with your knees, while you freak over a speed you're going down the highway, merely inches away from the road and instant death.

All you need is one competitive Compact, which is obviously a Club, a classic by the name of Issi Classic and one from the legendary pair of top of the class compacts that ruled San Andreas roads for years before the class was ruined once again by a car we shall not mention. Everything else can and will be provided for you if you don't own any other compacts (may Thor strike you down for not owning every single Compact there is though!).

What you really need:

Issi Classic
Panto or a Rhapsody
love for compact cars

We will use every single compact car there is and then some, except for the car we shall not mention.

There will be some non-contact races and plenty of contact races on suitable tracks, so come and join us this Sunday for some regular racing fun. See you all on Sunday at our regular spot at our regular time.


Seed Rally
Macau Grand Prix
A Rally Experience
City Hall Circuit
Laguna Park
American Mile
Lester's Run
Kortz Center Circuit
3 city tracks (need to be tested still)


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Added past event
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Next week ... restart of the Sunday Racing League!

Perhaps a little more laid back this time (we ARE getting older), but nonetheless still all kinds of racing oriented events, bigger, better and more varied than ever before. Thank you R* for the zillion new cars added since last SRL and an improved creator as well.

It'll be a mix of casual and semi-serious events, contact and some non-contact races, solo and team oriented events, with cars of every class, manufacturer, price, speed, shape or colour. Hopefully a little bit of everything for everyone and with racers of different skills, coming from different crews as well.

We'll follow a respectable racing etiquette by racing clean, apologizing for our mistakes, giving back unfairly gained positions and having fun while doing it too. Remember, it's about enjoying ourselves and not all about winning.

Hope to see as many of you as possible on the grid every Sunday at 20:00 UTC (for now) starting next week.

It'll be a smooth transition from the Tier Racing Championship, as we will be doing a similar event, but with a twist (or two). Details will be posted tomorrow.



P.S. I'll post the racing calendar in the first post of this topic, with next weeks event details in the 2nd post. 3rd post should then be used as an archive for past events.

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5 hours ago, Spinnaker1981 said:

Can this be advertised to other crews? I believe CORE and JAZZ might be interested in this. 

Perhaps the event on 8th of November as first week is for usual suspects only. If that goes well, then I'll open the 6 week championship to crews outside this forum.

But anyone coming to any event must be able to follow instructions over the mic and read event details beforehand, as many events will require specific cars and different starting procedures.

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Still don't really get it how you can race two different classes despite your explanation. I might just have to see it once I guess. 

And I pick the Infernus Classic as my car.

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8 minutes ago, RammsteinDUDE said:

Still don't really get it how you can race two different classes despite your explanation. I might just have to see it once I guess. 

And I pick the Infernus Classic as my car.


Cars left at the side of the track (and being watched / in someone's view to prevent them from despawning) remain there even in the next race if it's in the same area. So if we do a race in Sports and leave some cars on the side of the track, those cars will still be there to use in the next race in the same area regardless of the car class chosen for that race. There's a Brofi video explaining the method in the spoiler in the event details post.

I'll thorougly test this with someone tonight and make sure it (still) works properly.

In case it's a mess, we'll  just do 3 races in Sports and 3 in Sports Classics and use each other's teammates cars if we don't own both cars from the pair.

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2 minutes ago, zmurko said:

It is on sale this week, I bought one yesterday.

Free coffee? There might be free Sprunk, not sure about the coffee. 😝

Okay, I shall finance my own free coffee. Oh the Locust is on sale? Thats pretty sweet! Unless you were DYING to use yours, I can pick something else. I dont care. Im just showing up for the free coffee. 

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Still quite a few cars available to pick for Sunday's playlist.

Cheetah Classic

Stirling GT

Retinue Mk II



Sentinel Classic

I'll pick last.


P.S. At the moment it's gonna be a huge struggle making this event happen, as I'm having serious issues putting jobs in order in PLs. I'm pretty sure we're gonna have to split the PL in either 2, 3 or even 6 parts, but even that is apparently too big of a challenge for R*. Hoping for some kind of a solution until Sunday, otherwise we'll abandon mixing classes this week and just run 3 Sports and 3 Sports Classics races and borrow each other's cars if necessary. 😐

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Silly me, we can do a crew racers wide paging post in case someone has missed that SRL is back, Beep-Beep  😄


@Dodge, @djw180, @Beez, @Protocawl, @pete_95973, @Sinister, @Crawford1872, @omarcomin71, @no_snacks, @Skorpion, @The_Lady_A, @Potato, @BryannosaurusRex, @Schumi6581, @kernalhogan, @PretendWereDead, @XuTek6651, @Dead-Demon

and a few Vansters if they want to come along: @mulder, @Paulie, @JuniorChubb, @Mythaga, @CatManDoza, @doubleg213, @Warriors-Ten

This Sunday:


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10 hours ago, zmurko said:

Still quite a few cars available to pick for Sunday's playlist.

Cheetah Classic

Stirling GT

Retinue Mk II



Sentinel Classic

I'll pick last.


P.S. At the moment it's gonna be a huge struggle making this event happen, as I'm having serious issues putting jobs in order in PLs. I'm pretty sure we're gonna have to split the PL in either 2, 3 or even 6 parts, but even that is apparently too big of a challenge for R*. Hoping for some kind of a solution until Sunday, otherwise we'll abandon mixing classes this week and just run 3 Sports and 3 Sports Classics races and borrow each other's cars if necessary. 😐

Retinue mk2 please

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After creating around 10 setup jobs for different tracks and 15-20 PLs, I've finally managed to find 4 tracks that can be put in PLs with their corresponding setup jobs and stay in the correct order. 😧

So now we have two options (atm):

A: Run 4 2-job PLs and using the multiclass method, also slightly increasing lap count. Running 4 separate PLs breaks up the lobby, but atm its the only way to ensure we can use the multiclass method.


B: Run one PL with all 6 of planned tracks, but using a traditional single class in each race.

So what would everyone prefer?


I have one more idea to try and get all 6 tracks in the PL with corresponding setup track, but I'm not having high hopes of succeeding and it'll require some more track research. @Protocawl, were you perhaps succesful in creating a PL with the jobs in correct order?

Edited by zmurko
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