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S U N D A Y   R A C I N G   L E A G U E

Every Sunday at 20:00 UTC, hosted by zmurko.

Look for event details for each week in next post.


Racing calendar:


25th: MCTC


1st: No SRL because of a H2H already scheduled.

8th: "Mega Multicrew Multiclass Endurance Extravaganza Event"

15th: MMSC 1/6

22nd: MMSC 2/6

29th: MMSC 3/6


6th: MMSC 4/6

13th: MMSC 5/6

20th: MMSC 6/6

27th: reserved for a potential snow event

January 2021 and onwards to be revealed later. Rally, GT, One-make, Manufacturers championships, Country themed PL, relay racing and more ...


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Updated schedule
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Next week ... restart of the Sunday Racing League!

Perhaps a little more laid back this time (we ARE getting older), but nonetheless still all kinds of racing oriented events, bigger, better and more varied than ever before. Thank you R* for the zillion new cars added since last SRL and an improved creator as well.

It'll be a mix of casual and semi-serious events, contact and some non-contact races, solo and team oriented events, with cars of every class, manufacturer, price, speed, shape or colour. Hopefully a little bit of everything for everyone and with racers of different skills, coming from different crews as well.

We'll follow a respectable racing etiquette by racing clean, apologizing for our mistakes, giving back unfairly gained positions and having fun while doing it too. Remember, it's about enjoying ourselves and not all about winning.

Hope to see as many of you as possible on the grid every Sunday at 20:00 UTC (for now) starting next week.

It'll be a smooth transition from the Tier Racing Championship, as we will be doing a similar event, but with a twist (or two). Details will be posted tomorrow.



P.S. I'll post the racing calendar in the first post of this topic, with next weeks event details in the 2nd post. 3rd post should then be used as an archive for past events.

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5 hours ago, Spinnaker1981 said:

Can this be advertised to other crews? I believe CORE and JAZZ might be interested in this. 

Perhaps the event on 8th of November as first week is for usual suspects only. If that goes well, then I'll open the 6 week championship to crews outside this forum.

But anyone coming to any event must be able to follow instructions over the mic and read event details beforehand, as many events will require specific cars and different starting procedures.

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Still don't really get it how you can race two different classes despite your explanation. I might just have to see it once I guess. 

And I pick the Infernus Classic as my car.

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8 minutes ago, RammsteinDUDE said:

Still don't really get it how you can race two different classes despite your explanation. I might just have to see it once I guess. 

And I pick the Infernus Classic as my car.


Cars left at the side of the track (and being watched / in someone's view to prevent them from despawning) remain there even in the next race if it's in the same area. So if we do a race in Sports and leave some cars on the side of the track, those cars will still be there to use in the next race in the same area regardless of the car class chosen for that race. There's a Brofi video explaining the method in the spoiler in the event details post.

I'll thorougly test this with someone tonight and make sure it (still) works properly.

In case it's a mess, we'll  just do 3 races in Sports and 3 in Sports Classics and use each other's teammates cars if we don't own both cars from the pair.

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2 minutes ago, zmurko said:

It is on sale this week, I bought one yesterday.

Free coffee? There might be free Sprunk, not sure about the coffee. 😝

Okay, I shall finance my own free coffee. Oh the Locust is on sale? Thats pretty sweet! Unless you were DYING to use yours, I can pick something else. I dont care. Im just showing up for the free coffee. 

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