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MMSC - Multi MotorSport Championship

6 weeks championship starting on 22nd of November at 21:00 UTC, hosted by @zmurko

Part of Sunday Racing League, but with a separate thread just for this championship



Find your inner Jamie Whincup, Dale Earnhardt (Jr.), Timo/Tommy Makinen or Giancarlo Fisichella if you need to and join us for a 6 week Multi Motorsport Championship, consisting of 5 different categories with various race settings. Whatever your preffered race settings, you'll find something to enjoy in 5 different racing categories, but you'll have to endure it all in 30 races held over 6 weeks. 15 contact and 15 non-contact.

5 racing categories:
- GT
- V8 Supercars
- Rally
- Classic rally

GT and V8 cars will race on the same tracks, GT with non-contact, V8 with contact.
Rally and classic rally will mostly race on the same tracks (except 1), rally with non-contact, classic rally will have 3 non-contact and 3 contact races depending on the track.
Nascar will have 5 oval tracks and a road course on an oval with catchup and slipstream turned ON.

What you will need is 5 custom cars, one for each discipline. Most of them you probably already have.

1. One of 5 GT cars: Jester racecar, Massacro racecar, Schlagen GT, 8F Drafter or Elegy Retro Custom (regular Jester&Massacro also allowed, but they don't have an option to apply a racing livery)
2. Bravado Sprunk Buffalo for the V8 races
3. One of 4 Rally cars: GB200, Omnis, Tropos or Comet Safari
4. Annis Savestra or Vapid Retinue for the Classic rally races
5. Declasse Hotring Sabre for NASCAR races.

Each week we'll start with a non-contact GT race, move onto contact V8 race, then switch to rally races and finally we'll battle it out on a weekly oval track.

Racing calendar

Date GT (NC) V8 Rally (NC) Classic Rally NASCAR
22nd November Downtown Dash Kortz Center Circuit McKenzie Raceway High Octane Rally (NC) Indianapolis
29th November Kortz Center Circuit Downtown Dash High Octane Rally McKenzie Raceway Martinsville
6th December David Bowie Speedway Laguna Park Seed Rally A Rally Experience (NC) American Mile
13th December Gold Coast 600 David Bowie Speedway Redwood Sparks RX Unsound Methods Pocano
20th December Laguna Park Gold Coast 600 A Rally Experience Seed Rally (NC) Texas
January 2021 H Mt Panorama H H Daytona road course

There will be a break for a snow filled SRL PL (most likely after 5 weeks), so the final week will happen on a first snowless Sunday after that.
There will be a vote each week for GT & V8 tracks that will be used. Last week all 4 non-NASCAR races will use the same hill track (voted by participants).
Rally tracks and NASCAR tracks have already been selected. If R* allowed it, we would be racing the same track in the same week (GT&V8 one and Rally one), but since we can only put a job once in the PL, we have to shuffle the calendar a little. So instead of only having to "learn" 2 tracks each week, you'll have to practice 4 of them now, but use the knowledge in the following week. Left turning on curved straights expertise is obviously also required for the NASCAR part of the championship.

Starting procedure for each category:
- GT: everyone drives into host's car and we go on 30s
- V8: reverse starting grid using finishing positions from the GT race
- Rally: everyone drives into host's car and we go on 30s
- Classic Rally: in 3 non-contact races everyone drives into host's car and we go on 30s; in 3 contact races we'll do a reverse starting grid using finishing positions from the Rally race
- NASCAR: we start normally on GO

Championship scoring:
Only your best 5 races in each category will count towards your final score. We will use R*'s PL scoring system (for 16+ players). At the end we'll have winners in each category and a championship winner with most points from all 5 categories combined (your worst results from each category wont count towards your total).


As usual, clean racing is expected in contact races.

3 options for first and second week's tracks for GT/V8:

GT track (A1)
A Rockford Int. Raceway by LancerEvoWRC
B the Vapid Vault by Kidovey
C Downtown Dash by no_snacks

V8 track (A2)
A Montreal F1 Circuit by no_snacks
B Laguna Park by jbcarfreek
C Kortz Center Circuit by Junior-Chubb


Please sing up below and cast a vote for both tracks. Championship is open to VANS and Pistonheads too.

Final Playlist for each week will be published on every Thursday night / Friday morning every week.

Any question, suggestions or if I have forgotten about something, please don't hesitate to ask.


Edited by zmurko
Updated calendar
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# Driver GT V8 Rally Classic R. Nascar TOTAL
1 mulder69 118 112 140 113 129 612
2 SKYDAVE 106 119 113 117 108 563
3 Protocawl 94 140 101 118 84 537
4 DavidCore89 122 82 88 126 97 515
5 GTP_Fido_le_muet 93 116 86 96 97 488
6 zmurko 99 80 85 92 91 447
7 lann3fors 87 78 108 91 77 441
8 TheFox2000unit 78 70 64 62 64 338
9 ajbns87 48 44 45 45 72 254
10 RammsteinDUDE 47 42 44 27 38 198
11 Con-9mm 12 21 22 18 24 97
12 Spinnaker1981 0 11 30 22 30 93
13 Deesai 8 8 22 21 22 81
14 Schumi6581 0 0 0 14 44 58
15 TOX1C_SUNS3T 10 14 8 11 13 56
16 omarcomin71 9 16 9 7 9 50
17 tiander 7 6 0 0 0 13
18 ETHEREAL_NYC 0 7 0 0 0 7

GT Top 3:

1. @DavidCore89, Dinka Jester Racecar, 122pts
2. @mulder, Benefactor Schlagen GT, 118pts
3. @SkyeDave, Dewbauchee Massacro Racecar, 106pts

V8 Top 3 (Bravado Sprunk Buffalo):

1. @Protocawl, 140pts
2. @SkyeDave, 119pts
3. @Fido_le_muet, 116pts

Rally Top 3:

1. @mulder, Lampadati Tropos Rally, 140pts
2. @SkyeDave, Vapid GB200, 113pts
3. @Lann, Vapid GB200, 108pts

Classic Rally Top 3:

1. @DavidCore89, Vapid Retinue, 126pts
2. @Protocawl, Vapid Retinue, 118pts
3. @SkyeDave, Vapid Retinue, 117pts

Nascar Top 3 (Declasse Hotring Sabre):

1. @mulder, 129pts
2. @SkyeDave, 108pts
3. @DavidCore89, 97pts

WEEK 1 Results:







WEEK 2 Results:







Week 3 Results:







Week 4 Results:







Week 5 Results:







Week 6 Results:








Edited by zmurko
Week 6 results
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No rush with the voting really, still 10 days until the tracks are decided for first week.

But I do actually have a question/suggestion.

Would majority perhaps prefer to start this earlier on Sundays? I know @Banketelli can't join this late, because he needs his beauty sleep, @Schumi6581 usually starts yawning around halfway through, so if needed we could move this to an earlier start time, maybe 20:00 UTC (9 PM CET, 3 PM EST, ...). Not sure if everyone is actually able to start early (putting kids to bed, household chores, etc). Let me know. I'll do my best to keep this to 90-100mins long each week.


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I could start earlier but not too earlier. 

30 mins earlier would be just perfect but I don't mind either way really. 

Edited by Fido_le_muet
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I'm in!  This looks right up my street! I can do whatever time suits.  As far as track voting goes I'm not sure in the first one but let it be known that I'm definitely voting for @JuniorChubbKortz Centre track just in case he's watching.

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Good news for anyone that might still be missing a car for the Classic rally part of the championship, Retinue is on sale this week, costing only around $370k.

And in case anyone doesn't have the Sprunk Buffalo or Hotring Sabre, but would like to join, you don't neccesarly need to buy them, as you'll be able to borrow these two from someone else in the races, only 2 categories where it'll be possible to do so.

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MMSC racing categories series 1/5


Grand Touring (from the Italian Gran Turismo) racing is the most common form of sports car racing, and is found all over the world, in both international and national series.


Eligible cars for the championship:

Dewbauchee Massacro Racecar, RWD


Dinka Jester Racecar, AWD


Obey 8F Drafter, AWD


Benefactor Schlagen GT, RWD, Downforce car


Annis Elegy Retro Custom, AWD


Regular Jester & Massacro are also eligible, just know that they don't have a racing livery available, so your car will look out of place. 😉

Race settings:

Non-contact, around 6-8mins long, Noon, (mostly) current weather.

Starting procedure:

Everyone drives into host's car on the start line and we go on 0:30s.


A mixture of 3 closed city circuits, 2 purposely built stunt pieces racing tracks and a track on real roads through the hills. 3 different options to vote from each week.

Edited by zmurko
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It has come to my attention that Elegy Retro Custom does have racing liveries available (I must have looked at a wrong car most likely when checking), so it is fully eligible for the GT category of the championship if anyone would like to pick that car instead of the 4 other cars. (thanks @SkyeDave)

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MMSC racing category series 2/5


The (V8) Supercars Championship is a touring car racing category in Australia and run as an International Series under Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) regulations. 
The vehicles used in the series are loosely based on road-going cars. Cars are custom made using a control chassis, with only certain body panels being common between the road cars and race cars. To ensure parity between each make of car, many control components are used. All cars currently use a 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine, but since 2017 have had the option of using 4 and 6 cylinder engines, as well as turbochargers.


Eligible car for the championship:

Bravado Sprunk Buffalo, RWD V8


Race settings

GTA mode (for borrowing cars, no weapons to be used!), 10-12mins long, Noon, Clear weather, Catchup&Slipstream OFF

Starting procedure

We will be using a reverse starting grid, based on finishing positions from the GT race. Wait at the start, so we can arrange the grid. I'll be calling out drivers from pole position to the last place, please make your way to your grid spot when called out. I'll call out a starting time when we're done arranging the grid.


Same tracks will be used as in GT category (except one), just in a slightly different order, so a mixture of 3 closed city circuits, one of them a recreation/reimagination of a real life track used in the Supercars championship (Goldcoast 600), 2 purposely built stunt pieces racing tracks and the recreation of the famous Mt Panorama circuit for the final week. 3 different options to vote from each week.

Other notes:

You don't necessarly need to own the car, as you'll be able to borrow one at the start of each race. Close racing is expected, as the tracks are designed to encourage it, so you can expect some slight contact, therefore some caution and patience is advised, especially through tighter spots (watch out for the famous Goldcoast chicanes).

Edited by zmurko
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MMSC racing category series 3/5


Rally is a form of motorsport that takes place on public or private roads with modified production or specially built road-legal cars. It is distinguished by not running on a circuit, but instead in a point-to-point format in which participants and their co-drivers drive between set control points (special stages), leaving at regular intervals from one or more start points.



Eligible cars for the championship:

Vapid GB200, AWD


Lampadati Tropos Rallye, RWD


Obey Omnis, AWD


Pfister Comet Safari, AWD



Race settings:

Non-contact, around 6-8mins long, 5x Noon and 1 night race, Current weather.

Starting procedure:

Everyone drives into host's car on the start line and we go on 0:30s.


Mixed surface tracks on real roads across Blaine County. 2 tarmac stages, 2 (mostly) dirt stages and 2 mixed surface stages.


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2 days left to vote for the tracks for GT & V8 categories!

Right now, we have 9 drivers signed up, with 1 vote for Rockford Int. Raceway and 1 vote for Downtown Dash for GT track and 3 votes for Kortz Center Circuit for V8 track.


3 options for first and second week's tracks for GT/V8:

GT track (A1)
A Rockford Int. Raceway by LancerEvoWRC
B the Vapid Vault by Kidovey
C Downtown Dash by no_snacks

V8 track (A2)
A Montreal F1 Circuit by no_snacks
B Laguna Park by jbcarfreek
C Kortz Center Circuit by Junior-Chubb


If you haven't already signed up for the championship or voted for the tracks, please sing up below and/or cast a vote for both tracks.
Championship is open to VANS and Pistonheads too.

Edited by zmurko
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