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Some moments of our drunkest event in Red Dead Online

Prost! 🍻 
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Time Trials 2019 - Round 10 - Xero Shores Showdown
Something else with some interesting characteristics this week, a tight and twisty run around Sandy Shores in the ultra tail happy Karin Futo to keep us entertained, the track is another one of JuniorChubbs, so all complaints can be directed to him.



Fully modified Karin Futo.



Sunday 17th November 2019 (Midnight UK time).


Submission can be by PM here or by sending a PSN message to doubleg213



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Time Trials 2019 - Round 07 - Laguna Park
Fully modified Sentinel Classic only. 



Sunday 8th September 2019 (Midnight UK time).

Submission can be by PM here or by sending a PSN message to doubleg213





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Teh Grate 1v1 Tournament (Racing)
Show you have got what it takes to take on anyone in a race with in the Teh Grate 1v1 Tournament.

This tournament will pit racers against each other in a 1v1 scenario racing in GTA Online.

The tournament will be set up in a 1v1 Elimination style . Any number can participate but time is running out so get involved ASAP!

Check out the Rules and Knock Out format below...

Message TehGix on PSN to get involved or ask @chuckyrlaw on here for more information.

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Post in The Van Society (mature gamers PS4)
Van Society July update...

Regular Event Winners

Heatwave Race Night: Winner BKMoto

Exorbitant Tonrado Night: Winner Verstappen

Movie Night: Winner Mulder

Recruitment Drive: Winner Alsad

Lampadati Cup: Winner TBA

The Van Society MVP

We also held our first VANS MVP Night. a Mixed playlist to find the Crews MVP.

Well done to DubG for winning and becoming the current title holder of the VANS MVP.

GTAV Time Trials

July gave us the results for Round 05 of the GTAV Time Trials. Well done to BKMoto for posting the fastest lap.

Full Results here: http://www.doublegmotorsport.com/gta/tt/2019/rd05results.pdf 

Pics and Vids

Get involved...

If you want to get involved just post below...

Post in Post pic of your new stuff.
I was looking for a classic Volvo 240 blue when I tried this color ( #3399cc). Not the one I am going to use for my Volvo, but I think I will stick with it on the Truffade Thrax I won.




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Ubermacht Zion Classic
Done a bit of messing about with the Zion on PC. Just done this to show the cosmetic mods available like the liveries etc.

Video will be a bit rubbish, as it's not something that I've done before. 
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Karin Kuruma Cup - CANCELLED
Friday 23rd August 8PM UK

This could be a bit chaotic but hey we're going to give it a go anyway.

Event format will be a mixture of regular racing where we will just race as normal, a structured rally cross event (actually running heats, then finals etc.) and a mini rally. The usual racing rules will apply, see the pinned thread in this section for clarity if you are unsure.

The car used must be the regular Karin Kuruma, not the armoured version.
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Post in The Van Society (mature gamers PS4)
Van Society June update...

Regular Event Winners

Rigged Random Car Extravaganza

Top Gear Class War - Muscle: winner Imponte Ruiner

Mystery Car June: Fusilade - winner Mulder69

Gran Turismo Sport VANS v FEAR

We also had another GTS Crew Race Night against our friends at FEAR. Well done to FEAR coming out on top for the second time in a row.

VANS 163 v FEAR 167

GTAV Time Trials

May gave us the results for Round 04 of the GTAV Time Trials. Well done to Manny_AKA_Yolo for posting the fastest lap.

GTAV Time Trials Round 04 Results

Get involved...

If you want to get involved just post below...
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Time Trials 2019 - Round 06 - Zancudochamps
From having to fight and battle just to keep the car in a straight line never mind on all four wheels in round 5 we move to the other end of the spectrum this time around.


Either the Elegy Retro or Elegy RH8 are allowed.


Sunday 18th August 2019.





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Casino DLC
It looks like the Casino in GTA will finally be opening soon...


Really looking forward to this to breathe some new life into the game.

Also prepared for R* to completely c*ck it up too!
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Post in Time Trials 2019 - Round 05 - Joshua Road West
One week left to get those times in...

Post in 2Bros Playlist - Every Saturday
From last night

You can tell @Protocawl already hit his breaks while I am enjoying the music knowing I have great breaks on my Massacro. One second later Proto suffers from trespassing my racingline.  

Thanks all for joining, I had some great battles with @Schumi6581 and one with @Dead-Demon that he might not be aware of since I was behind him all the time.
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Time Trials 2019 - Round 05 - Joshua Road West
Switching to some Rallycross for this round, we could have had something nice and stable like the Tropos but there is no challenge in getting that around quickly. So we shall run with the Kuruma instead, the track is very simple but has some fairly brutal bumps that will need to be tamed in the Kuruma, which lets face it is extremely easy to flip.



The fully modified Karin Kuruma is the only vehicle allowed for this round.



Sunday 21st July at Midnight (GMT).



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GTA V Race Club News and Updates Thread
Greetings, this is the spot to discuss Race Club events.

The first rule of Race Club is that you do not talk about Race Club.

The second rule of Race Club is, actually you should probably ignore rule 1 or no one will join.

Like the Time Trials for various reasons, I ended up not running these during 2018 (my total event count was 3 or 4 including VANS events down from 50 or so per year previously).

Race Club events will dovetail with the Time Trials to hopefully give added value should you need to buy a car for the Time Trials, hopefully, you should end up in profit.

This will mostly be one-off events, however, I do have intentions for some ongoing championships which will take place over a number of weeks.

The focus is on contact racing with clean driving expected and enforced. With lag, over-exuberance and drivers sometimes not being used to each other (i.e. anyone who has raced with me regularly knows to expect I will be sideways where I shouldn't) accidents will happen but we'd like to keep them to a minimum. Repeat offenders will ultimately end up kicked or not invited in future. 

I shall post a basic rules list as a pinned thread, unless it is otherwise stated in an event thread it is assumed that those rules will apply. 

More to follow in the near future!
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UNDERWORLD Special Event - GTA Online
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How much longer do you see yourself playing GTAO?
Most of us around here have been playing GTAO for a long time, later this year will mark 6 years for me and I have been thinking about how much longer do I want to invest my time to GTA. Granted, I only load the game for crew events (mostly) and I do still enjoy messing in the creator but I kinda want to get my mind set to "retire" from GTAO at some point in this year.


Whats your thoughts?
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Time Trials 2019 - Round 04 - Kortz Center
Bit of an experimental round this, as I am always trying to avoid tracks where it's going to turn into a curb boosting lottery I've avoided more stunty tracks.

So, for this round, we will be running @JuniorChubbs Kortz Center track, which is locked to the handling flags based Supers from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos update. 

The track is locked to customs off so that you have no expense incurred for this experiment. If it works we'll do more of the same in future, if not we'll move on and never speak of it again.

The following stock (non-bought, unmodified) vehicles are allowed. The track is locked to these vehicles so you shouldn't be able to use a modified one anyway unless R* do something silly in the interim.





Sunday 9th Jun at Midnight (GMT).





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Will you be  day 1 buyer if the rumors are correct?
Let's assume the rumors of a PS5 launch of 2020 with GTA6 being launched at the same time with 1 month PS5 exclusive, would you be a day 1 buyer? I'm sure the price tag will be high


If the PS5 launches without GTA6 I would not be a day 1 of the console. If it does launch with GTA6 then I will likely be a day 1 buyer.

Rumor chat around is hopeful GTA6 will be on PS4 as well, I doubt it will be.
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Date and Time: Friday 17th May 2000 (BST) / 1900 (UTC)

The Racing Rules will be applied for all races with the exception of a possible Demo Derby type race and there will be a couple of less serious races which may have an inevitable contact element. But still try and respect those around you.

My patented rotating grid will be in operation so that everyone gets a chance to start at the front.

Any questions or queries feel free to ask.

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Game rumors have been spreading recently and some are saying that R* has a big announcement to make at E3. Some say it is part 6 while the rest say Bully 2.

The game itself is rumored to include multiple maps that the players can travel between.  Game will not be available on the current PS and Xbox systems due to them not having the capability of running it.

Wonder if this is wishful thinking or truth?
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Supercup Season 3 Trailer
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Time Trials 2019 - Round 03 - Paleto GT
Not what I originally had planned to run, but due to various factors I've not been as prepared as I would normally be, so this round is a bit of change on my original plans.


The only allowed car is the Lampadati Felon which is available from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $90k or, it also spawns a hell of a lot in free roam so I am sure you can pick one up for free if you must.

The car will also be used in a Race Club night, which I still need to plan with the change on what I originally intended. This should be the 10th ideally. 

Note: The Felon GT is significantly slower than the regular Felon, feel free to run it, but you will suffer badly time wise.

Sunday 18th May 2019 at Midnight (GMT) and (UTC).


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Red dead vs GTA
Which is better red dead or gta ?
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Post your screenshots.
Share your screenshots from the game! They could be of anything. Story mode or Online. 

I'll start off with a few scenery pictures.

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