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The Great Los Santos Vehicular Treasure Hunt - Sunday 24th September


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Come join the Great Los Santos vehicle hunt on Sunday the 24th of September at 9PM (UK time).  

This one-night-only freeroam event will see 2 or 3 teams (depending on numbers) compete to find and deliver a number of vehicles from the list below, with each vehicle worth different amounts of points.  There will be a one hour timer and the team with the most points at the end wins.

Vehicle List:

1 Point:

Los Santos PD Police Car

Blaine County PD Police Car


Fire Truck


Rainbow Set - 1 point each for a vehicle in every colour of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).  5 bonus points for a full set (indigo and violet may be hard so I'll take two purple vehicles)

3 Points:

A Boat

Barracks Military Transport 


Journey Mobile Home (the dirty one)

Truck with Trailer (articulated)


Garbage Truck

Taco Truck - 5 points if the sign is still on the roof

Quad Bike

Dirt Bike

Super Bike


Any Vehicle with a dead prostitute in the passenger seat - 3 points each deliver as many as you want/can

5 Points:

Pink Limo



Police Boat



Construction Vehicles (cement mixer, dozer etc) - 5 points each but no two of the same type

You can also earn 5 points for claiming a bounty on an enemy player.  If you survive a bounty set on you, you will also earn 5 points.


Outside of the designated safe zone at the delivery point you will be allowed to attack other car hunters, but can only use the basic pistol and the atomizer.  

Outside of the designated safe zone at the delivery point you can steal vehicles from enemy team(s).

You cannot set or claim bounties on someone in the same team as you.

You cannot use personal vehicles at any time.

Unless otherwise stated in the list deliver only one of each vehicle type.

You cannot call Lester to remove wanted levels or cops turn blind eye.

You can call muggers and mercenaries on enemy hunters (if you guys don't I will).

Don't deliver a vehicle with a wanted level, I want the delivery zone to be fairly chaos free.

And that's about it.  Let me know if you're interested 🙂 

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