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Just noticed today that I have over 20 jobs already published so far, so why not put them all together and sort them a bit. They are all 16 player jobs except one (Eine Kortze Runde).




These are mostly vehicular gauntlets or a bit of obstacle courses, some more, some less annoying, but fun in their own way. All lap races best done as non-contact. Probably sorted from least to most annoying.


Beach Cruising (RSC Link) (XDBX Approved)

Weapons for GTA racing available.


Projects Cruising (RSC Link)


Lester's Run (RSC Link(XDBX Approved)


Bus Ride Downtown (RSC Link)


Frat Party (RSC Link)

Weapons for GTA racing available.


Shopping Spree (RSC Link)


Threading the Needle (RSC Link)

Annoying track for stock Pantos between containers at the port.




4 tracks looping around Grapeseed tarmac roads in different directions with some overlapping stretches and few turns featured twice in the same lap, so expect some minor compromises with CP placement. Listed from shortest (~1:10) to longest (~3:30).

Common forum thread for all 4 races


Grapeseeed's Figure of 8 (RSC Link) (Job of the week 20/8/14)

Sports by default, Non-contact & Standard


Grapeseeed's Small Pretzel (RSC Link)

Sports by default, Non-contact only


Grapeseeed's Big Pretzel (RSC Link)

Supers by default, Non-contact & Standard


Grapeseeed's Mega Pretzel (RSC Link)

Supers by default, Non-contact only




Everything else, classic racing tracks, off-road races and experiments.


Mirror Park CCC (RSC Link) (Job of the week 27/8/14)

A compact lap race by default around Mirror park, but really enjoyable with Sports too. Feltzer anyone? Non-contact. Weapons for GTA racing available.


The Getaway (RSC Link)

My first job, a point to point race that features some underground tunnels, riding the tracks, dirt roads and tarmac roads.


Scouring the Harmony (RSC Link)

A van (truck) race by default, a hommage to Scouring the projects.


Wrong Turn (RSC Link), 30 players

An RV point to point race (turn custom vehicles off), best done with standard settings and slipstream ON and with a little bumper to bumper action.


Wind It Up (RSC Link)

Zig-zag between the windmill farm for off-road vehicles, still not happy with it, so may change a little.


Matusware's Challenge (RSC Link)

The worldwide famous 99lap race featured in Matusware 13h+ Panto challenge. Basically a loop around the island on the highway.


St. Fiacre Bifta Memorial (RSC Link)

Go-kart style Bifta race.


Loop the Observatory (RSC Link)

Motorcycle race on twisty roads around the observatory. Other classed also available.


Maze Bank Arena Circuit (RSC Link)

Driving around various parking lots around Maze Bank arena.


City Hall Circuit (RSC Link)

Short lap on wide avenues in the heart of LS, suitable for all classes.


Speed Bay (RSC Link)

A Paleto Bay circuit for just about any class.


LS Tour (RSC Link)

Long lap race around Los Santos.


Port Circuit (RSC Link)

A fast circuit at the docks for fast cars.


Hairpins and Chicanes (RSC Link)

Track made of 4 hairpin turns and 2 chicanes. GTA Weapons available for extra fun.


24h of Grapeseed (RSC Link)

Endurance race. Run as a GTA race with no weapons to access the pit lane.


Grapeseed Rally SS (RSC Link)

Short on-road, off-road lap for compacts and few other selected vehicles.


24h of Great Chaparral (RSC Link)

Endurance race. Run as a GTA race with no weapons to access the pit lane.


24h Of East LS (RSC Link)

Endurance race. Run as a GTA race with no weapons to access the pit lane.


24h Of Del Perro (RSC Link)

Endurance race. Run as a GTA race with no weapons to access the pit lane.


Isle of San Andreas TT (RSC Link)

Another Endurance race, for motorcycles by default. Run as a GTA race with no weapons to access the pit lane.


*NEW* Radio 2 Radio (RSC Link)

Twisty P2P race for any class.


*NEW* Chumash 2 Chumash (RSC Link)

Figure of 8 through both Chumash towns.





Chopper Tail (RSC Link)

Route from the mission with the same name for dune buggies.


Jailhouse Off-Road Rock (RSC LInk)

An off-road track for stock Injection and stock Blazer on dirt tracks near the prison.


Off-Road Far Out LOOP (RSC Link)

An off-road track for stock Injection and stock Blazer above the Redwood Lights Track.


Up'n'down In The Mud series

Common forum thread for all tracks

Rainy short uphill and downhill tracks using several river/stream beds around the map.

RSC  Links:

Up'n'down In The Mud

Up'n'down In The Mud II

Up'n'down In The Mud III

Up'n'down In The Mud IV

Up'n'down In The Mud V


River Run (RSC Link)

Sandking track going upstream on the Zancudo river


The Great Offroad Trip (RSC Link)

Explore some offbeaten tracks with the Sandking.


*NEW* Under the Freeway (RSC Link)

Urban off-roading in stock Karin Rebels.


*NEW* Coast To Coast (RSC Link)

From Alamo Sea to west coast over Mt. Chilliad.


*NEW* Dusty Circuit (RSC Link)

A long lap on dirt roads for all classes.


*NEW* Choo-Choo! (RSC Link)

Lap on the railroad tracks. GTA weapons available.





Eine Kortze Runde (RSC Link)

Just an experiment with some uphill & downhill turning and hairpin driving practise. Weapons for GTA racing available (bicycles or Daemon available).

GTA Race for golf carts all over the golf course.
GTA Race for Slamvan, Clownvan or Cheetah, also works as a standard race for Slamvan.
GTA Race for the Roosevelt on the wide avenues of LS.
Tight course for Compacts, Sedans, Muscle cars and Feltzer, Bifta & Caddy. Also works as a non-contact race.



Sunday Uphill Ride (RSC Link)

Scorcher trail.


Sunday Downhill Ride (RSC Link)

Scorcher trail.


Velo Cycling (RSC Link)

Standard lap race for bicycles with slipstream on. Available as GTA race too (Motorcycles/Sanchez also an option).




A bit of an experiment too, though I already enjoy (most of) them. Might do some changes to them if I get any feedback.

Common forum thread for all 5 races


Alamo Sea Water GP (RSC Link)

Speeder & Jetmax lap race.


Paleto Bay Water GP (RSC Link)

Speeder & Jetmax lap race.


Land Act Reservoir Cruise (RSC Link)

Lap race for Squalo, Suntrap and Tropic boats.


Lake Vinewood Water Kart (RSC Link)

A gokart style water lap race for Seasharks.


LS Canals Marathon (RSC Link)

Point to point race for Dinghys through LS canals and storm drains, very narrow and challenging in some places





XDBX Ironman Thriatlon (RSC Link)

Weekly crew challenge. Cycle, swim and run to the finish line.


Z's Cannoball Run (RSC Link)

Cannonball type race.


XDBX Penthatlon (RSC Link)

Weekly crew challenge. Drive, fly, parachute, swim and run to the finish line.




Enjoy them (or not)!

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Bumper Cars (RSC Link)

First featured in the Panto Party! event.


RV Demolition Derby (RSC Link)

Features Campers, Journeys and Surfers. Got the idea for the location & ramps from Hannabis and his Industrial Demo Derby. Thanks!


Classic Car Show (RSC Link)

Features some Sports Classics.


Truckers Paradise (RSC Link)

Big rigs DD.



Battle Of 2 Ridges (RSC Link)

Slow paced sniper TDM.


Lunch Break (RSC Link)

Small map Pistol TDM for 2-6 players.


Air Snipe (RSC Link)

Sniper only TDM.


Rancho Rumble (RSC Link)

Team deathmatch for 4-16 players.


Arcadius Trifecta (RSC Link)

Team deathmatch for 3 teams, 6-12 players


The Two Towers (RSC Link)

Rooftop battle with grenade launchers on top of IAA and FIB towers, 4-16 players.


Death Gorge (RSC Link)

Fight it out below the dam. Team deathmatch for 2-8 players.





Gladiator Arena (RSC Link)

Really close quarters sawed-off shotguns bloodbath.




Battle between two prison yards.
Tank LTS at the horse track.
An Insurgent LTS at the horse track (Horsetank remake).
Hold capture.
GTA Capture.
GTA Capture
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- Tractor Wars, a GTA Capture


new tracks:

- Threading the Needle

- Isle of San Andreas TT

- Under the Freeway

- Radio 2 Radio

- Chumash 2 Chumash

- Coast To Coast

- Dusty Circuit

- Choo-Choo!


other (older) missing stuff:

- Z's Cannoball Run

- XDBX Ironman Thriatlon

- XDBX Penthatlon

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- following jobs have been updated to allow 30 players: Breaking Bad, Sunday Uphill Ride, Sunday Downhill Ride, LS Canals Marathon, Paleto Bay Water GP, Alamo Sea Water GP, Lester's Run and Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn doesn't have its own thread, but on top of expanding the grid to allow 30 players, I've also updated the available vehicles: Camper and Journey in Vans class and Dune in off-road class, please turn customs off.


I need to update this entire thread, as some RSC links are outdated and some jobs are missing, but I'll get to this when I can be bothered. :D


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