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Rigged Random Car Extravaganza: Rockstar Games Special!

Mark Verstappen

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Come and join us on Wednesday 20th of October at 8 PM British time for the Rigged Random Car Extravaganza: Rockstar Games Special! After accidentally driving the forgotten Seven-70 last week I thought it was only fitting (and time) to see what wacky, fast, slow, stupid cars the game will give us again.

After a meet up in free roam at the tennis courts on Vespucci Beach we will launch into a playlist of races where you will only know what car we will be racing each race when we get to the car selection screen. 

Each class is determined by a random number generator. After this when we are in the car selection screen i will press the 'random car' button and we will all have to drive this car for that race.

We will run GTA races so we can spawn in cars for those who were not able to get to the stock variant in time.

  • Verstappen
  • Dave
  • Mulder
  • Warriors

Post malone as usual y'all...

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