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Once again Lann comes up with a brilliant Idea.


Love the "rush hour" team or traffic chaos whatever you will call it, and was just waiting for one of the cars to blow up and start a chain reaction, that sadly never happened though :lol:

Next time I play this I will concentrate on blowing up a car instead of killing my enemies ;)


Well spaced out pickups, the way you put them gets the attention to where you want the action to happen, and people needs to get down to the road to get their ammo, except that one rifle that was on the 2nd or third "floor" not sure where it was since I never saw it. 

I'm not sure if that single pickup is a good or bad one, probably a bit of both maybe, depends on how you see it, could help someone camp there and it could help someone flank, either way I have no problems with it :)


Didn't have any spawn issues either.


Well done Lann, and keep coming wit these ideas of yours :)

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This one was interesting, different from anything I've played so far, but I think it works very well. I too was surprised that none of the cars blew up. :lol:


Lot's of different angles to watch out for too with those baconies and galleries.


I reckon this one wouldnt be so fun with less people, with 14 we had almost all angles covered and as soon as someone popped out of the cover you had 3 or 4 guns going at them, it looked pretty cool.


Good job lann!

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Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated!


I will look into any weapons not placed on the street.

With the rifles I figured the cars could blow up and I tried to place them far apart so that the chain reaction would not spread to all the cars.


Did any traffic drive into the street, or was it just the placed cars that was on the street? 

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There was some traffic but most peds ran off before getting close.  It's not like the cars were all bunching up in the middle turning it into utter chaos.


Never a moment's rest in this map, plenty of cover, but you also had to keep a constant eye out for enemies on the balconies and on ground level. One wrong move and your head gets blown off. We did it with 14 yesterday evening and that might be just a little bit too many players.




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Played it last night with 10 people and traffic on. In the beginning, when everyone was on the street, it really reminded me of that shoot-out scene from the film. Damn, that was awesome! :) The traffic was a bit dangerous at times, with the NPCs getting scared and speeding right past you on the street, but don't think any of us got hit by them. I wish all the action took place on ground level, but I know why it doesn't and why it wouldn't probably work that way. Also, 10-12 players is probably enough for this, any more could cause a 5 second life-span after respawn. :lol: Anyway, great job, love it!

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