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Hall's Angels


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Played this last weekend with the crew.  Was quite fun.  Nice using some different weapons.  Match was very close.  I think I saved the video of the match and will upload and link here when I get a chance.

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Since pete is obviously getting old and forgot  to upload the match, I'll do it instead of him. :P

Ignore my awful skills, as I have never been that great at TDMs, but since not playing them at all over the last year or so, I'm even worse. :lol:

Anyway, nice map @Banketelli, new weapons make it fresh. Here's the match from today's Endurance Extravaganza:


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Nice location, good prop work makes it a lot less empty than normal.

Little bit of rooftop access, definitely not too much.

The mini SMG is a strange one. Mine always sounds different to other players, so I was constantly grabbing pickups in hope that one of them was different :D

Reminds me of the R* map, Wrath. Although that's set a little bit further away.

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