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Hi Lann,


A bit late in replying, but we did this in last week's Funky Fridays. It didn't seem to work as intended, but I think that was due to the attacking teams making mistakes each time. e.g. someone, no names unless they want to admit it :), blew themselves up by detonating the bombs too early, someone else, me, couldn't figure out how to detonate them and then got shot down. The attacking sides then seemed to run out of containers and tankers to use as bombs. On the defending side they could have done with more sniper rifles to use as not everyone got one. But I guess that's a problem with the limited number of weapons you can place.


As far as I was concerned the defending side won the two opening rounds, although the game decided otherwise and our side won 2-0. I'm sure we did not win the round we were attacking, but maybe a defender got killed right in the last few seconds.


Is the half-wrecked bus there so that defenders can get out of their compound? That's what happened anyway. Although it did not seem to make much difference. When we were attacking one of the defenders got out fairly quickly and could easily have killed most of us whilst we were concentrating on laying the sticky bombs. Fortunately someone shot them first.


It was good to give it a go and I would like to try again and hopefully make a better attempt at it. I guess this might also be one where the extra props for the PS4 make a very big difference.

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