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  1. Dodge

    Air Raid

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/dodgeservice/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/ Lazers vs Ground Troops
  2. JustHatched

    Armored Cross

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/Tr8jKC-LuEi49AndU-IuSA Tank LTS, but the path you take may make the difference in winning and losing.
  3. Operation Nightfall 2 team LTS for 6-30 players Time limit per round: 8 min Starting weapon: Pistol Weapon pickups: RPGs, Miniguns, Assault Rifles Vehicles: Valkyries (without cannons), Sanchezes, Manchezes A group of rebels have set up numerous weaponized outposts on Mt. Chiliad and thus have gained complete control over the area, especially over all air traffic. The U.S.A.F. has sent out a team of Spec Ops pilots to deal with the situation in the cover of night.
  4. adsyfindlay

    Fall Faggio, Fall

    Fall Faggio, Fall Take your might machine down a treacherous path, who is mightiest? Who will fall? Lets find out.... (Went for simple hope it works as planned, functional but may make some tweaks as feedback comes back, inspired by Lime's "Faggio Coaster" ) Locked weapons: Knuckle duster RSC Link: http://rsg.ms/d673470
  5. adsyfindlay

    Flower Sumo

    Flower Sumo Description: A flower has grown in the middle of los santos airport, the gardeners have been sent to find out that has caused this. Unfortunately they are competing gardeners and the flower is hungry.... (Grenades at the bottom in case you don't die when you are falling down after being eliminated. A remake of the classic adversary mode but for 30 players.) RSC Link: http://rsg.ms/ffbf17c
  6. Skorpion

    Demolition Bowl

    DEMOLITION BOWL Max. Players: 16 Number of Teams: 2 Default Rounds: 1 Maximum Round Time: 7m:00s Time of Day: Noon Weather: Clear Weapons: Forced Published: 20 January 2017 Last Update: 21 February 2017 DESCRIPTION You've been given a marksman pistol, 3 bullets, and a choice of vehicles. Now get in there and kill someone! OVERVIEW Everyone starts with a Marksman Pistol, 3 bullets, and a choice vehicles (Sandking, Dune Buggie, Buccaneer, Issi, and Banshee) to enter the arena with. Once you enter, you'll have no way to get a new vehicle, so survival is just as important as destroying the opposition. Although it's possible to shoot the enemy from the starting platforms, it's not recommended since it's long range and you only have 3 bullets. Bookmark Job _ See more of my creations _
  7. MrBump360

    Maze Bank bust

    Howdy all, I made this job some time ago and it had some problems, now with the appearance of the Sumo Adversary Mode and it's apparent popularity I decided to go back and stick some more work into this Job. I improved the "on Ramps" and selected more fun vehicles ( supers) for the Job. It's basically the Sumo idea, push your opponents off the "world". There is a huge ring track around the top of the Maze Bank in mid air. You drive around it trying to get your opponents to fall off it. As you can't place spawn points on your midair creations I was forced to start the teams on top of the surrounding buildings. This brought me to the idea of the naughty bankers from the Maze bank (start Team 1) being busted by the zealous do gooders from the FIB ( start Team 2) Drive up the Ramps and jump onto the Ring, let battle commence. No weapons ( forced Pertrol Can ) Vehicles are available, 14 Supercars per Team and one 6 Wheeler "Boss Car" per Team. Description Selling the Hoover Dam to the Chinese was the last straw. The FIB has come take out the Beancounters. Knock em off to win. Stay in the cars. here is the Link to the Job: http://rsg.ms/9848ac3
  8. lIIlCompleXlIIl

    King of the Hill

    Fell into a randoms LTS yesterday. It was pretty fun, but I think I have upgraded it. Use your Shafter to push the other teams cars off the bridge sides! Holds 16 players. The one I did yesterday was only 5v5 and it seemed like the area was pretty small, so that was the first upgrade i did.... BIGGER AREA FOR BUMPER CARS! Let me know what ya think! KING OF THE HILL by lIIlCompleXlIIl
  9. Lann


    http://rsg.ms/e131288 Sticky bomb pick-ups are places at the containers, to make them easy to find. The yellow tanks are heavy but make more damage when dropped. There should be regular cars around to use as well, but the heavy trucks cant be lifted. My initial thought was to place containers to pick up, but no placed containers could be lifted. All and any feedback is much appreciated.
  10. RSC Link Video from PS4, but similar.
  11. Created for the Monsters and Missiles event Two part mission. Part One. Race across the river to the fort and choose your aircraft. Part Two. Shoot the enemy out of the sky. Entry lamps are lit up. http://rsg.ms/a032667
  12. SeymorScagneti

    Get To Da Choppa LTS

    Buzzards vs Savages in Blaine County http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/seymor_scagneti/games/gtav/jobs/job/3S3cOAkq90OuKbkmB3_mAQ
  13. Earth, Wind & FIRE!!! Rhino tank LTS at the windfarm. Each player starts with some RPG's and a Rhino tank. There are more RPG pick-ups located at the base of most windmills. Insurgents are also scattered around the map in case you need to get back to base for a fresh tank. Two rounds set to 7 minutes each, but they'll generally be over before then. RSC Link. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/KWMdi71L_0anOqv0pONbkQ
  14. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/AEQ5yft0AUKlWFC12Stt-g An LTS where both teams can choose to go in the technical or the Annihilator. there is a small sand fort in the middle of the map for some better weapons and a bit of cover.
  15. Fired up the PS3 for Pb's small lobby playlist. Once in here ready to post i can see that this idea been used before, since this is smaller i will still post it. Its morning and the sun is rising. One last enemy chopper to take down on the eastern shores of Los Santos. http://rsg.ms/88e2993
  16. Not sure how this'll play out R* link All feedback welcome
  17. Not sure how this one will play out, could be over in seconds..... R* link Feedback welcome
  18. DefaultBling

    Sand Storm

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/deafaultbling/games/gtav/jobs/job/AViZMvSip0yHcYRtcYfKtg?platformId=null War themed. Assault rifles, pistols, MGs and vests. Some patriots if you dare. Plenty of cover and range. I made this map with the intent of creating something smart, a stripe with cover and ways to flank the enemy, so please test if you like and don't hold on the words.
  19. R* link Feedback welcome
  20. Each team has a choice, 3 per technical (driver/gunner/grenade chucker) - strong in attack, but potentially 3 deaths at once. Go solo - drive your own technical while chucking grenades (yeah, good luck with that). 2 per technical - the happy medium. As your technical teammates die, you have the choice of carrying on alone, or trying to get to a teammate in another technical and manning their gun. Shit man, this could actually work. R* link Feedback, as ever, welcomed and encouraged.
  21. SeymorScagneti

    LomBank LTS

    Pistol, combat pistol, sticky bomb, Sanchez LomBank LTS
  22. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/p6FVQRbqgkOveXc4zv5UmA PLAYERS 2 to 16 TEAMS 2 GAME MODE Last Team Standing RATING DESCRIPTION Chopper battle requiring teamwork
  23. SeymorScagneti

    Valkyrie LTS

    Valkyrie LTS
  24. Del Perro vs Vespucci LTS
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