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Earth, Wind and FIRE! - Vehicle DM


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Although this is technically a capture, it's designed to play out like a vehicle TDM.

Hope it's ok to post in the TDM section.  ;)


Earth, Wind and FIRE!  TDM


A capture that plays out like a vehicle TDM.


Players start with the Rhino tank, and will re-spawn in a fresh one.


This is my first capture, and it's actually designed to fail.  :lol:

Unless you cheat, the capture object is impossible to collect, so don't even bother with it.

Just shoot the shit outta the other team.


The winning team will be decided by the final kill count.

Although, unlike a standard DM, the kill count is not displayed until the timer runs out, so you wont know who's winning until the end.


Each player starts with a Rhino tank and some RPG's.  There are grenade launchers and more RPG's scattered about the map.

The weapon pick-ups are located at the base of most windmills, so you wont need to go searching the countryside for them.

Several HVY Insurgents are also available in case you need to ditch your burning tank and make a run back to base for a fresh one.




RSC Link.  http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/PcLDwuAR7EKQmz5RVnr1Wg


Settings are set to 

  • Noon - Clear
  • 10 minutes (this cannot be changed by the host)
  • Forced weapons
  • 2 teams
  • Traffic & wanted levels off

As this is an experimental capture/DM, any feedback (good or bad) is welcome and encouraged.  

This job has been tested with other crew members, and everything seems to work fine, but If you notice something that doesn't work or is unbalanced, please let me know in this thread or with a PM.  Thank you.

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