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The War of the Roses


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Team one starts with the capture vehicle, team 2 has to try and intercept it. (No idea if it'll work as well as it does in my head)

Here's the R* link if you'd like to try it.

All feedback welcome.

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Had this in my playlist, fun but very quick. We did one round cuz I wasn't sure how it would play out, seems ok but went so fast I can't point out any flaws. Might consider having 3 vehicles to capture instead of 1.

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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We done this in the PL yesterday, and I really enjoyed it.

I did notice, one team has to cross a bridge to deliver the van, while the other team can approach any way they want to. The team crossing the bridge also has a van at their base which can block the bridge making it a massive disadvantage for that team.

Other than that, this is a great capture and a lot of fun. I especially like the use of shotguns instead of SMGs. Adds to the challenge without mking it too difficult.

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