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CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE (until I'm done editing the job)


"Meh, who can figure out which word is forbidden... Just go, kill, capture, deliver..."  - had a nice long description written, only to be entirely wiped out by R* genius word filter. No obvious banned words, so couldn't be arsed to play around with it, or even just type it again. :angry:





2-16 players, best played with a full lobby of course. I really don't advice this to be played with 6 only for example, as there wont really be any interaction with the other team and it'll just turn into a race.
Capture vehicle: Fieldmaster
Forced weapon: Pump Shotgun
Pickups: Assault Shotgun, Assault Rifle, 1 Sniper Rifle, Combat Pistol
Respawn vehicle: Blazer
Target score: 4
Time limit: 15 mins (set to 1 round)
It's a GTA capture.
Filedmasters are guarded by a medium accuracy hillbillies with pump shotguns (they respawn 3 times, might change that to unlimited even), so just an annoyance. They provide some entertainment if you leave them alone when they respawn, as they'll shoot at you when you drive by later using the same routes. I had fun running them over with the fieldmaster when I tested it in the creator.  :lol:
Distances to all capture vehicles (which are scattered all around the Grapeseed area) are different for both teams, but all of them put together are pretty similar, so I'm hoping its balanced enough, otherwise, I'll have to adjust the bases a little or add some obstacles for one of the teams.
Fieldmasters are pretty slow and the distances to the bases are pretty long, so you'll probably need some sort of protection from your team when you're delivering one, since you're an easy target for someone with an Assault Rifle/Shotgun.
Oh, try not to use all of the vehicles at your base at the start, as you'll probably need one once you deliver a Fieldmaster (though traffic is set to light, so you can try and grab a car off the street).
Only feature I'm really not sure about is the respawn areas, not really sure where would be best to put those. They are both placed not far from Assault shotgun pickups on the NE and W side of the map at the moment.
I'd like everyone to get back into action relatively quick (still be able to catch up with someone delivering a Fieldmaster once you respawn for example), but away from the bases and not on the actual delivery routes.
Feedback is more than welcome of course.
Enoy it (or not)!
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Ran this in Beez PL. It looked like it was was going to be long and drawn out. Probably use the timer instead of Tractors delivered. 


But 90 seconds later we win with all 4 tractors collected. I'm not sure whether anyone died or not. Just went very quickly. Not sure what to fix as I did not get a chance to see the whole map at all. I drove to a tractor, and drove it back. By the time I was ready to get going again, we had them all. 


I'll need to try it again to see where the disconnect is. 


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Thanks for the feedback Dodge..


Based on your experience, I could probably reduce the number of tractor locations (less available capture vehicles) to force more team vs team "interaction" and/or increase the number of points needed to win.



But on the other hand, perhaps the other team had no clue what to do, needed a bit more time to get going or whatever and it was just a cruise to the finish line for your team.


I'll most likely eliminate few tractor locations, so both teams will be going to the same spots. Looks like it's just too spread out and would probably actually only work with a massive lobby of 20+ (PS4).

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