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Trucker's Delight


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Trucker's Delight





RSC Link:





Old Mr. Clinton's scrapyard has gone bankrupt. Rivalling trucking companies Earl Cleatus 'n Sons and Billy-Bob Mae 'n Brothers have both set their sights on a few shiny trucks that were left there. Help the truckers to get the goodies before the others do!



The map:



The battlefield:





GTA Capture

28 players

2 teams

Combat Pistol as main weapon + 2 shotguns + 1 sniper rifle

Few health packs, no armor

NPC's guarding the premises: defensive, accurate with pistol and respawning

No wanted levels or emergency services

Team vehicles: Hexer and Daemon

Capture vehicles: 5 trucks

Target: 10 min or first team to get 3 trucks

1 round


Feedback would be much appreciated !

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I've played this twice now, both times had 10-14 players.


I think the delivery count should be increased to at least 5.


I'd also move the weapons, spread them out so they aren't near the trucks and it increases the chances of players being low on ammo.


Just my opinion but I'd tone down the AP pistol to a combat pistol, it makes kills less frequent and possibly a closer battle.


It's currently easy to camp near a truck and weapon spawn and just kill the enemies while your teammates deliver some trucks, maybe respawning actors to defend the trucks would work here.


It has potential, but I like to see captures either go the full 10 minutes or allow a very close battle for the win.

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Thanks for the feedback DC, much appreciated !!!


I only played this for the first time yesterday and I completely agree with your comments.  The AP is far too overpowered for this small area, so that will be changed to the combat pistol and I'll remove/replace some of the ammo. Number of captured trucks need to be upped indeed, as the capture was over way too soon.  I was a bit reluctant to use actors as I had no idea how that would work out in such a small area, but it looks like some could be useful to slow things down a bit.


Something I have also noticed is that the team I was in had troubles getting to the hot zone in time. I've tested it numerous times and the time to get to the hot zone from either starting point should be the same, provided certain routes are followed.  Think I'm going to add some barriers and what not to sort of 'guide' the team to the hot zone. Not sure how it was like on 'the other side'.


I had also included a sniper point in an elevated area on the side of the hot zone. Not sure if I'm going to leave that in or not.  Don't think it was used at all, but maybe that was because the capture was over too soon.


Got some work to do :)




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AP pistol replaced by Combat Pistol

Less ammo available and in more open spots

NPC's guarding the facility now

Some extra props to guide red team to hot zone

Some extra props to force manoeuvres with one of the trucks. Previously it was possible to drive it out of the hot zone in one go

5 trucks to be captured instead of 3




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