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Templar Hotel


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A map centered around the Templar Hotel downtown. A area with many different levels, but still a simple layout with the biggest guns available to pick up in the central part. A few spawns are located so that you need to use the parachute if you want to leave, if not just make use of the sniper rifle. I did place a few annihilators in the outskirts, just in case you want to try your luck. 

This map needs at least 10 players, i would think closer to 20 (or even 30) would make use of the map the best way.


RSC: http://rsg.ms/d441e60

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Did some changes to this map, removed all parachutes, moved the spawnpoints closer, created a central base/fort.

Got a unedited (got to learn that sometime) video of the area, taken from the testing gameplay.


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