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4 to 16 players

1 to 2 Teams

Forced: Combat Pistol

Pick Ups: Pump shotgun, pistol, SMG, assault rifles and grenades


Tips: Cars blow up, watch out when close to one.

         Spawn points are all over the map, your back is NOT safe.

         Two spawn points are on the roof and it's fairly easy to climb there, death from above is a thing.

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This is crazy and it works.


I like the way that the rifles and grenades are in the very middle of the map, this way it's not easy to get them without getting shot up and you cannot pick them up each time you respawn due to them not being placed near typical respawn points near the outside of the map.


It has a lot to offer in rooftops, gardens and plenty of cover.


Weapons choices were perfect.


Loved blowing up the cars with grenades, got quite a few people that way too  :).


IMO this was one of the best maps in the testing PL, good job!


This map doesn't try to be something that it is not, it's not over-thought and it's not over-complicated, it's exactly what it says in the title... a RIOT.



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