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This was an intense TDM.  I liked having the sniper rifles around, but never had a chance to snipe a single person.  Thankfully you had the carbine rifles around.  :)

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Yeah, not much sniping really, I wasnt really comfortable using one, as enemies were pretty close.


I think we switched rooftops couple of times with another team and that was interesting, spawning on the same rooftop as enemies and surprising them, then taking over that rooftop.

I was on a really good team (Banketelli!), so it was enjoyable for me. I did see few people spawning on the other roof though, but I waited for them to at least start running into cover before shooting.

So I would look into every spawn point and make sure it's out of the line of fire from most directions.

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Needs a lot of work.


There is no way to guarantee teams spawn near each other on this map despite teams sticking together as much as possible, for that reason spawn killing was huge problem, 90% of my kills came that way.


Unlike Onrefne's Twix Factory - players on the towers are too close together and that is the cause of the spawn killing and eventually all teams became mixed up.


I wanted to like this, I really did, but as I said above - it needs a lot of work if you want it to play in a fair way and as intended.


I did try to reply to you in the lobby when you said this was 14 players, it isn't, but R* limited it due to another map in the PL being 14.


It's a great idea and you do seem to come up with some very unconventional jobs and that's cool but this does need a re-think before it will work.


Although I don't make DM's, I have played a lot of them (1000+), my feedback isn't supposed to seem heavily critical but I'm aware that it does seem that way sometimes.


I like to think that I'm just being honest in an attempt to help the creator know of any issues, I know most people in the tester PL do not give their true opinion or they may say "it was good", IMO that isn't enough to go on.

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I have to agree with DC. I like the idea but the spawn killing ruined it for me. I wish there was a way so that only one team could be on one roof at a time.

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Thanks alot for all the feedback. 

And I must say I do appreciate honest feedback, no way to improve without it.


The intention was a sniper fight, the simple spawn issue makes that impossible. Also the props would need to be re-done even if the spawn would work.



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Ran this today in the Shenanigans PL...lots of spawn killing...not a whole lot of room for movement...not sure this works as a TDM...with limited space available...these areas might be ideal for an LTS...or make it a smaller TDM, 6-8 players.

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