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We had this in Friday's PL. It's a neat roof-top for sure. I have a T/Dm here that is sort of a roof top battle between this side and the one next to it. Few suggestions:


- 16 people is far too many IMO. I think this would be better suited as a 4-8 or 10. There's just not enough area to move around in.

- Far too many Assault rifles. I think the weaponry needs to be severely toned down: Micro SMGs and Pistols, a low powered shotgun here and there.

- The sole grenade is a bit of a killjoy IMO. I think it'd be better suited to have some Tear Gas instead because this map promotes a lot of being stationary, that would force a move. Maybe 1 on either side's starting point and 1 in the middle for 3.

- If you fall off the roof-top, you're kind of screwed. There IS a way back up top but you have to be very careful and I'm thinking 9 out of 10 people will have no idea how to do it. Maybe include some construction fences around the perimeter to enclose the match (you can). Obviously there's some places you can't but for the most part I think this will help. And of course leaving the one section open to get back up there in case you do fall.

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