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Nice map, had a lot of fun playing this.


I like the weapons choices for the size of the map, good cover and a nice amount of room to move around.

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felt a bit lost trying to find ppl, with almost all the spawns being on the roofs but i liked it non the less


liked all the health/armour pickups, can take a hit or 2 and not have to count urself out just bc ur stuck at half health :D and never a shortage of bullets

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Looks neat.


I notice on RSC there's a code for a vehicle that isn't displayed "properly". Sneak something in there?

: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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It was funny seeing people driving around in the trucks!  I don't think it had a good test with there being so few of us on quite a large map but I think it would be a cracking TDM with a full lobby, like the guys have already said.

I was expecting one of your usual mental maps but this one was quite sensible!  :lol:

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Thanks for all the feedback!

Maybe I could place a few of the spawns closer to the center of the map, dont want it to be hard to find people.


Not sure about vehicle not being displayed properly, but as DC said, there is a black´nd Liberator and also a red'ish Sovereign in place.

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