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Battle Of 2 Ridges


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"Local history enthusiasts have gathered again to do their annual re-enactment of the famous battle of two ridges. Join the fun and fight like your grandads did. But oh no, someones angry wife has replaced blanks with real bullets without anyone noticing until it's too late and everyone's dead. Slow paced sniper TDM, still in testing phase."




Team deathmatch


Forced weapons: Heavy Sniper


Available pickups: Sawed-Off Shotgun, RPG



This is going to be tested during today's T/DM Testing PL, where I'll be looking for this feedback:


- does it even play the way it's supposed to (sniping each other from opposite mountain ridges, something like WWI warfare in the Alps)
- does respawning work the way it's supposed to (keeeping both teams on each ridge)
- do the covers work as intended, few completely "safe" and some offering a tiny chance of getting sniped
- are there still possibly some respawn points exposed to enemy fire (I hope I placed them all out of enemy sight, but could have missed few)
It's quite a distance between both ridges, so you can't see each other unless you use your scope (also exposing yourself by doing so) and even then you probably need to be a good enough marksman to kill anyone behind covers. Hopefully it's not too difficult.
There are 2 sawed-off shotguns in the valley if someone wants to play Rambo and go behind enemy lines and there's an RPG on top of the hill if you can make it up there alive, but you'll have to shoot blind with ii too, because it's far enough that you don't see players without a scope. You do see some of the covers, so you at least know in which direction to fire rockets. A rocket is probably spotted soon enough to move out of its way too, hopefully.
One team's ridge is a bit longer and they will probably be more spread out than the other team, not sure how much of an advantage that is though.
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I like this Z despite the fact that you don't spawn on the same side, but weirdly we did for the 1st 5 mins but not for the second. 


The high fencing barriers may have to be changed as you couldn't snipe from cover, you had to stand back into the open to shoot.  Others may not have found this a problem but I know me and Xyon did.


I love a snipe deathmatch so would love for this to work somehow.  Maybe some hand weapons and extra cover would allow for close combat when spawning on the same side.  I had to beat Matus to death with my fists!  :lol:

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Yes I agree on the hand weapons to fight those that spawn behind enemy lines for the close combat. Pistols (urgh) or sawn offs would be tidy.

Good Map. :)

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Yeah, a bit more cover and some hand weapons would be great. Not much to add other than that I enjoyed it and didn't experience any spawning issues. Always good with some sniping. 

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'm still angry I couldnt actually play it myself.


More cover you say? Haha, I actually thought I have overdone it with available cover, but I'll gladly add some more.

Were you able to snipe people behind sandbags on the other side? Or any other cover?

Did anyone go for either the RPG on top of the hill or shotguns in the valley?


I'll definitely look for some tips how to force the spawning on each side, as I really want everyone to stay on their own ridge.

I actually think I know where the issue is, I'll see if I can find a way out.

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