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Spinn the wheel - a creators event.


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7 hours ago, omarcomin71 said:

OK we’ll go ahead with what we have in this weeks Two Bros playlist. If anyone would like to host this event they are certainly welcomed. 
I have links from @PretendWereDead @Beez @djw180 @Jjss924 @Skorpion

Anyone else? @Dodge @RammsteinDUDE @Con @Banketelli @TheFox2000unit?

@Lannand @Schumi6581 are your jobs ready to play? 

Yes, will post link asap.

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Well unfortunately a couple of our creators can’t make it today. This may give a few others more time as well. 
so postponed for now.
Two Bros will be our normal mix playlist. And when I say normal I mean EXPLOSIVE! 🙂

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Don't wait for me next week. I'm usually out during the day, and I only made it today because we are all sick. I'm going to try to make it though.

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This will take place this Saturday! 
During our normal Two Bros time. 
RSVP here: https://www.rockstarsocialclub.net/calendar/event/56-two-brothers-playlist/

Another shout out to @Dodge@Con@RammsteinDUDE @Banketelli @TheFox2000unitAny chance you’ll have something in the next day?  
At this point we have 7 jobs. We can always extent the playlist by increasing the time of each job.  
I’m really looking forward to this. Thank you in advance to @Lannfor creating the event. 🙂

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6 hours ago, TheFox2000unit said:

Yes, I have a sh*t race that you will all hate. 😅

I will send a link tonight 

I look forward to it 🙂


@omarcomin71if you need to extend jobs, take score limit off mine. It has 10min time limit but pretty sure will take less than 5 with the scores. I've considered removing score limit as default, but want to see how it plays with a decent sized group first.

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