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1979 Rallye De Paleto January 6th 20:30GMT 21:30CET PS4


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3 hours ago, omarcomin71 said:

I have to say the inner Russian in me is getting excited for today’s event.  
With Cherenkov as my sponsor I just may have to break out the vodka before I buckle up. 😁


I've done the same, unfortunatly my local offy was fresh out of Jakey's Lager, so I've had to make do with some Stella

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4 minutes ago, Mark Verstappen said:

@CatManDozawhat an absolute cockwomble your team manager is that he didn't give a free supply! What a lollygagger!

absolutly, everyones knows you drive better after a slab of beer


50% Cat 50% Man 110% Bellend

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a good meet up to start the evening off, some might say Lager, Vodka and Burgers is the perfect end to a night.....



Shared a sunset cruise with my second favourite Dutchman


Non Contact put paid to many photo ops, but plenty of time to play around on my own



If you're going to overtake your dad, do it the right way!!!!


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Thanks to everyone who came along to the 1979 Rallye De Paleto! 

It was as frustrating as it was long, just like a real rally, but you all gave it the enthusiasm whilst silmulataneoulsy showing it the utter contempt that it deserved.

The results are below.  

Congrats to @zmurkoproving once and for all what we all knew, that the Burger Shot Stallion is the best rally car in the game. Two stage wins and most points overall.

2nd place  @Lannwho (although tied on points with Stap) takes the spot thanks to two stage wins in the Savestra.

3rd for @Mark Verstappenwhose Zion managed to finish on the podium on all 3 stages. 

4th for @DavidCore89who managed 2 podiums with the underpowered 190z

5th for @mulder  An impressive run one SS3 got him all the way from last to just 5 seconds off the lead.




@Protocawlspent the customary amount of the event on two wheels as dictated by the Michelli GT

@djw180finished every event in the points and showed that the old Retinue still has more to give by fending off the more modern MkII

@Asladget a special award for managing to commentate whilst racing. A good effort in the often lonely Fagaloa.

The event where everyone was in equal machinery, racing the support vans around Paleto Bay, was majestically won by @CatManDoza.  He did this by not being in equal machinery.

@Pauliewould have undoubtedly done better had his team remembered to bring his race prepped Club.  Instead he had to drive around in something borrowed of the local parking attendant.

@omarcomin71almost certainly should have drunk less, or perhaps more of the Cherenkov before the event.  The blood alcohol level imbalance was symbolic of the cars 50/50 livery and it's 50/50 handling.

Apologies to @Beezwho had to prove over and over again that while the Comet Safari is fast in a straight line it doesn't like going round corners and would rather just roll over.

Finally an honourable mention to @Warriors-Tenfor being completely dishonourable.

Below is a video of SS1, showing what the event was all about. The Issi and the Stallion battle it our for most of the stage whilst attempting to fend off the hoards of faster cars near the end.  I'd meant to take a video of each stage but either forgot or started at the back in a Nebula and never saw anyone.


So in place of those videos here's a highlight reel of the whole event.  Watch closely and you will see the Comet of @Beez, the Retinue MkII of @CatManDoza, Mulders No.4 Tropos Rallye and @Paulie and his BF Club amongst others.  




There will be another Rallye De Paleto at some point in the future once you've all forgotten how annoying this one was. It will most likely be on the same stages but everyone will be encouraged to take a different car and there'll be a few more included such as the Brioso 300 and maybe the Weevil.  I'll tweak a couple of the timings, most notably on the all tarmac spectator stage 4 which was a bit last minute and not tested properly.  

So thanks again and see you all again soon!

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I really gotta stop unconsciously narrating everything I do lmao


Was a good night though I really enjoyed it 😁

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No, I didn't misspell Salad 

Vauxhall Corsa D (dead)

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