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Rooftop Rumble 2


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Rooftop Rumble 2




2-16 players




This rooftop battle takes place after the package been delivered and Martin left the scene (probably playing golf), fight to control the rooftops on Madrazos block.


There are 12 locations on top of the houses in Madrazos neighborhood set up suitable for taking down your opponents, you have a carbine and can easily pick up a sniper rifle. 


From each spot you will see several, if not all other spots, so take cover and be fast on the trigger once you put your head up.


If you are to leave the roof you will have a difficult time seeing your opponents, unless you find a way up on their roof, not sure its even a way.



It is designed to be a game where you just stay in one spot scoping out your opponents.

I have been trying out the locations of all these flat roofs in these hills, mostly as Akuma or Sanches races jumping down to the city.


The name might be provocative, but its suitable.



Any feedback or suggested improvements are very welcome!







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I added a prefix to this, all jobs listed as X of the week will get a prefix for that week.

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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This was good, I enjoy sniping. LN got me a with the rifle a few times while I was distracted so there's benefits for those who don't like to snipe as much :)

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I had fun with this.  I'm better with the rifle as opposed to the sniper, so I took that route.  Didn't work out so bad, but we still lost. ;)

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Good TDM. I also took the Carbine route, and went to the ground. I agree that more Carbine pickups would be a plus. Fun map either way.


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