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Rooftop Derby


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Be the last driver left to "win". Eliminated players may get into fights on the dock


This DM is set up to play 2 to 4 teams.

Starting on the roof, everyone is expected to forgo fighting and choose a vehicle to begin.

Once everyone has chosen a vehicle the demolition derby can begin, the catch here, is to be the last team (and then driver if time permits) standing!

Anyone who is eliminated can swim to the end of the dock where there is a ladder, once there they can choose whether to get their rage out on another driver.




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thanks, our crew seems to love the demo derbies and knocking ppl out of the arenas so i thoguht this would be good. i'v only had 1 test to make some tweeks off of, was only 3 ppl tho, hard to get ppl to join random stuff lol. 


i'm making another one with bulldozers!

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I could not figure out how to get up to the roof? Did anyone else last night? It ended up just being a melee deathmatch. I was bummed because it sounded so fun in the description.


This is one of those instances where it would really be a benefit if I did a pre-run on jobs but I usually don't have the time to do that.


Edit: Just read last night's shoutbox comment. Now I see that if it was set to TDM we would have spawned on the roof instead of on the ground?

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yes, this derby is set up different than most as its more of an elimination one, the only way to ensure that players could not rejoin after being knocked off the roof was to make it start with teams and respawn elsewhere, the melee fighting is just an extra so people weren't bored after being knocked off


sorry again about the confusion


EDIT: i just read the OP on this and realized i forgot to change it after my first test of this where i had to make drastic changes, it used to have helis so ppl could watch from above but they just ended up being decapitating machines

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