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"Bicycles? Hell no! Use your favourite compact car instead and follow the cycle path. Just don't let the sand slow you down."






Compact race on and around the Vespucci and Del Perro Beach. 2-3 laps is optimal (standard lap is just under 3 minutes or around there), non-contact advised, but not compulsory, looks best in the morning. I also left utility vehicle class in if anyone likes a goofy race with golf carts or lawnmovers (1-2 laps max advised in this case or it might take a while).



Video, courtesy of Danielle:


Thanks Dani! :)


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This could be chaotic if non contact isn't turned on lol good track for compacts though!

Imagine supers in this track?..

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Forgot to post it, but this was recently updated, some of it because of the verification process and suggestions from the verification team and some additional things I thought could be done better.

- Added couple of CPs

- Slightly moved some of them so they are more visible when approaching them from around the corner

- I also added GTA weapons, so it can now be run as a GTA race

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