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About This Crew

Santa Muerte Gang es una crew creada por ShelbyGR-1 a finales de 2018. Realizamos listas de partidas centradas en el combate o eventos mixtos los domingos por la noche en la zona europea.

  1. What's new in this crew
  2. We are glad to announce the partnership between Content Creators Crew (GCCC) and Santa Muerte Gang (STMT). Sharing the pursuit of excellence, STMT and GCCC will collaborate on a monthly event. Since now, the STMT tag gives you free access to the amazing weekly events hosted GCCC. You can also submit your maps to be tested at GCCC events. On the other hand, GCCC members are welcome to join our main events in GTA, as well as our special events in Red Dead Online and Gran Turismo Sport. Originally written by Shelby
  3. VALL_es


    It was victory for STMT with a final result of 9-3. Pretty intense H2H and very difficult at some points, but we finally make it. Here you have the statistics updated.
  4. VALL_es


    Golden Gun will stream the H2H. Link will be posted once the live streaming starts.
  5. Crew: X ThePublicEnemies MM/DD/YY: 02/07/2021 Details: mixed playlist of races, KOTH and TDMS. Links:
  6. VALL_es

    GT Sport | Goodbye 2020

    That last lap was f*cking intense.
  7. We're saying goodbye to this sh*tty year with a GT Sport race. Here you have the details: Day: 12/27/2020 Time: 21:00 UK Track: Circuit de la Sarthe Group: Gr.1 (Gr.C for a better experience :D) Fuel consumption: x5 Details: 25/30 min to put your best time + 30 min race. Add me if you want to join.
  8. STMT participated in some crew battles, and you can see the results here. Updated 2/7/2021 BALANCE: 4-0-0 (W-T-L) 4/28/2019 Rival: Domestic Battery (XDBX) Result: won (8-2) Link/s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODXW65cTaRk (missing some jobs) 9/29/2019 Rival: Domestic Battery (XDBX) Result: won (9-1) Link/s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFKqwxtpg1Q https://www.twitch.tv/protocawl/video/494191960 7/13/2020 Rival: PS4 Content Creators (GCCC) Result: won (6-0)
  9. Extracted from FUNDAMENTAL PILLARS. CREW BATTLES Be respectful with the other crew: don't kill them in the prelobby or after the crew battle. Always play fair (follow the crew rules and everything will be okay). Don't rage quit! Even if the other team is breaking the rules, don't leave the playlist: that's a team leader decision. We can play different kinds of crew battles (that's something that the crew leader has to talk about with the other team), but there are some fundamental pillars for us: Each crew selects half of the jobs that we'll play in the crew ba
  10. FUNDALMENTAL PILLARS As it was said in the past, everybody has the opportunity to join STMT just sending a message to the commissioners (VALL_es, fresow, PENNYWISE_91, Vito_Wolf_28 or Marsicana) or to the leader (ShelbyGR-1). Once you join STMT, you must follow several rules. CREW RULES Respect crew mates. If you have any problem with a crew member, talk to the leader/commissioners. No modded accounts that involve an important advantage against other people (faster cars, god mode...). We play hard, but we play fair. Money glitches are allowed, but be careful: R* is bannin
  11. VALL_es


    In the end it was a victory for us! Here you can see the streams:
  12. Playlist coming soon
  13. Racing event repeated each last Thrusday of the month. Every event has a different theme, so you have to be ready (if necessary) with the car needed. Sometimes it isn't necessary to buy any car (if it is too expensive). Only crew members can score points for the ranking, but it isn't necessary to be in the crew to participate: you can join as a guest. 10 first positions score points (10, 9, 8, ... , 2, 1); those points will be important, because there is a ranking for each country and for the drivers. For each country it only counts the points of the 2 best drivers of each co
  14. Ranking updated after LeMans, Moto GP and NASCAR. Theme July: motocross (Sanchez or Manchez, still to be determined). Send PM if you want to be in.
  15. Just a reminder of this
  16. Hello everyone, As always, we will play this event the last Thrusday of the month, and this time we are racing on a historic circuit. We'll race the 24h of LeMans in this track. 35 laps, non-contact, 20:30 UK. A good lap time would be 1:40.x**-1:42.x** (and if you dominate kerb boost and brake boost you can reach 1:35.x**-1:36.x**). Normally in combat events there are most of the times enough places for those who want to join, but this time is a bit different. In our race events there are 25-30 players, so if you really want to try it I highly recommend you to send a private message
  17. Send friend request to Shelby if you want to join the event. It will be a mixed playlist, don't expect too much blood.
  18. Racing themed event repeated once a month. Last month we did some street racing, but expect other kinds of races in future events. Here you can see some pics & promos of our last event.
  19. Shelby GR

    Oktoberfest | 10/06/2019 | RDO

    Some moments of Oktoberfest Event
  20. Santa Muerte Gang was born on 10/11/2018. October is very special for us, so we will be playing some special events this month. This is the first one.
  21. Shelby GR

    STMT vs XDBX (Pt. II) | GTAO

    Our highlights 😂
  22. Shelby GR

    STMT vs XDBX (Pt. II) | GTAO

    Knowing Fabinho, sure he stoped shooting to dance too 😂
  23. Lann

    STMT vs XDBX (Pt. II) | GTAO

    A pleasure, this is our highlights, video from @ConGamePro 💙
  24. VALL_es

    STMT vs XDBX (Pt. II) | GTAO

    The H2H finished with a new victory for STMT, the second in a row, with a score of 9-1. Even the difference is big, every activity was tough and XDBX shouldn't be ashamed about this score. They did their best and fought every activity until the end. As a STMT member, I think the victories are as big as your rival is, and this victory will be difficult to beat, because XDBX is one of the most mature crews and one of the best crews there. That said, here you have the scores: Here you can find our perspective: Many thanks to everyone. Thanks to all STMT members for