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GTA: Beach of a Landing


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Created for the Co-op Capture Event, this job is meant to play out as a "mission race" between two teams that will not interact with each other. It's a combination of my two favourite Rockstar missions; "Titan of a Job" and "Landing Gear".

  • Teams are equipped with Armoured Cognoscenti 55s, SNS Pistols, and Bullpup Rifles. 
  • The soldiers have Insurgent Pickups, MGs, and a Heavy Sniper.
  • Wanted Levels are on. (Might play with this to adjust difficulty.)
  • Each team has to execute a very tough not so tough landing on the beach to deliver a package. Scoping out the landing zone or having a navigator is recommended. 
  • If the Titan is destroyed it will re-spawn back near it's original location.

Any suggestions or criticisms are much appreciated.

EDIT - If playing as the city team, near LSIA, do not follow your GPS. The Titan is located in a hangar inside the airport.

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I've played this from both points of view, seems very balanced in terms of the amount of time to take off and land, I successfully landed both times and I think the LSIA team has a bit more room (or at least the visibiliy of it is better) to land than the Sandy Shores team, but not by much. I do think the LSIA team has an advantage with NPC's, you can drive thru them and get to the back of the hanger then all their bullets are funneled into the building opening where as the Sandy NPC's have free range to move around and you are shooting in multiple directions.

It's fun and I like it alot, it plays fine but if you wanted to tune it a bit these are my observations

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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