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Grove Street Raid


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RSC Link


Simple, intended to work as a TDM with a simple added objective.

Each team have a base at the opposite ends of the street. A few gangmembers hang out but have lowest possible accuracy.

Pistols only. Raid.  

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Played this tonight 3 vs 3.

Its a Raid Capture and its worth mentioning as a host.

Works alot like a TDM, as intended.

One thing that needs to be changed is the spawn areas. The ones killed defending their base respawns right back in the same area, making it hard (unless you are LimeGreenLegend) to make out of there alive.

Spawn issue FIXED.

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*Boris from Goldeneye voice* I am INVINCIBLE!

This is a great map, feels like being in the middle of a gang war. Moving the spawn points to a back yard of one of the houses, or somewhere just out of the way would help the spawn trap problem, apart from that very fun :)

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